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'Gas'tronomy Queen (Patreon) by notETZ
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ETZ Commission Guideline 2016 by notETZ ETZ Commission Guideline 2016 :iconnotetz:notETZ 26 9 Shrinking in Thigh-land (Patreon) by notETZ
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Shrinking in Thigh-land (Patreon) :iconnotetz:notETZ 306 7

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Jenny Size: The Millimeter by CaddyIsRaddy
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Ocean View by BoomGTS
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Predator or Prey?
Lucy was wandering through the woods, sniffing at the air. She had caught scent of some kind of animal... Perhaps a jack rabbit? She couldn't tell. Neither did she care. She was more or less the top predator around, and she always had room for a meal. The black furred wolf skulked through the brush, making sure to follow from down wind to keep herself from being smelled.
Continuing along the trail, Lucy found the scent was far more intense than it should have been. At this point, she should have seen some kind of movement, and yet everything was just eerily still, save for the gentle breeze that stirred the leaves every so often.
Once coming upon a clearing, she stood stalk still. She had found the source. And it was standing before her. Well, standing wasn't the right word. Towering worked far better. The titanic rabbit merely smirked down upon the wolf, bending over to pinch her up between her thumb and index finger. Even if her feet weren't locked to the ground, Lucy could never hav
:iconlucy-ferryn-dyalvol:Lucy-Ferryn-DYalvol 7 0
Mature content
The Feast of Inari :iconlucy-ferryn-dyalvol:Lucy-Ferryn-DYalvol 6 2
Move Tutor - Surf
It was an amazing concept. A trainer had set up a booth just outside the northern exit of the Viridian Forest, promising to teach Surf to any water Pokémon, free of charge! This would prove to be quite promising, as it would give new trainers an upper hand against Pewter City's gym leader, Brock. The only catch? Well...
Green sat behind her booth, a smug grin on her face, a glass of ice water set right in front of her. It looked as if there weren't going to be any other trainers coming through today. “Heh... Guess I better check up on my students...” She dipped her finger into the water, swirling it around. A few specks were floating in the cold liquid, being spun about. Upon closer inspection, the specks were trainers and their  Pokémon. “Alright, students. Here's your final exam,” She began, picking up the glass, tilting it left and right. “If you can manage to stay in the glass by the time I finish my drink, you'll grow back to normal. If
:iconlucy-ferryn-dyalvol:Lucy-Ferryn-DYalvol 12 1
Mature content
Bait and Switch :iconemmagear:EmmaGear 20 3
Coming of Age by EmmaGear
Mature content
Coming of Age :iconemmagear:EmmaGear 62 4
Etz by plinkochip
Mature content
Etz :iconplinkochip:plinkochip 7 2


notETZ has started a donation pool!
2,511 / 2,400
Just curious how much my work can cost for you guys.
And how many point can I raise by doing stuff.

'May' spend on Premium Membership once it reach the goal.

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There is a change in patreon reward and stuff because I've been informed that raffle is not allowed as reward for patreon

Here is the new reward tier.

For 1 USD/month

you'll get access to my Patreon gallery which I'll upload a Patreon exclusive alternated version of some stuff I made.

For 5 USD/month

Apart from first tier, You'll get..
sketch and sneak-peek of the work I made both Commission, non-commission and some on-going project.

For 10 USD/month

Apart from first two tiers, you'll also...
• get the PSD version of my works, which is also the highest resolution ones, about 2-3 times as big as what I usually post.

For 20 USD/month

Apart from first other tiers, you'll...
• be eligible to join in Sketch Request List which I'll try to make at least 2 of them monthly. No random chance and raffle anymore, the request will just goes down the list one-by-one. And each person in this tier can make one request at a time. (can make another request after yours is finished)

That's all of the update, thanks for your time, become patron at

Stay tuned!



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