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That went down like a lead balloon

By NoteS28
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Thought my sketch book was lacking some ineffable husbands
and thought it was also time to put the watercolors to use again after neglecting them for a year or two YwY
P content with how this turned out!

No stealing please by Metadream Banner: Not Allowed - General by pjuk 
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For some reason I love that foot sticking out it's just so sweet

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Aww gosh haha, that makes me happy to know! <3

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I Just!!!! Think they're NeaT!!!
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this is so cute thank you for making this
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Aw my pleasure <3
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:D i just finished the show and the book and!!!! wow.
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oop- I've finished the show, I'm only now starting the book ;v;
Have you read the newly released book or the older one?
I'm paranoid that I'm missing out on something as I have the newer one ;A;
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i read the newer one, i think - it has the tv poster as the cover but i didn't know there were two versions???

also (sort of inspired by yours): Party at the End of the World by thebossdragoness  
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Ahhh yesss that's the one I'm reading at the moment!!
There are several, the original was published in 1990, there's a script book,
and some other newer ones but I'm only going by the cover at that point ;u;
I saw an original hard cover book at the store with Crowley's Bentley and it's
a lot thicker than the tv based one and I was torn on which I should get ;A;

!!!!! that looks awesome!!
I love it!! <333
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oh wow, i had no idea there were multiple versions,,,, i just read the first one that i found?? anyway, the newer edition of the book is actually really similar to the tv series and i was really happy about that, considering some major plot and character changes that have occurred with other stories in the past. maybe the older version is not so similar, but i really don't know lmao

also thank you so much!! i was worried that the orange/red and green wouldn't work so well but i just kept slapping filters on it until it looked all right ;A;
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Haha yeah I got overwhelmed with the choices lmao
ah I see! I'm reading it in hopes that there's some extra little bits
that the mini series left out. New drawing ideas 'v'

Aw it looks amazing dude!
Thank you for showing me!! x
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Absolutely adorable work!:heart:
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Thank you!! <33
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