On Motivation and My New Years Resolution

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This is more to remind myself for when I loose motivation

Last quarter of 2018 was when I started to actually care about doing art.
One of the things I struggled with that year was motivation. There were days where I would dread having to draw. But there was one word of advice that stuck with me, which helped me stick to my goal of drawing daily. That art, like most skills (such as coding or wood working or tailoring etc) is something that you need to practice. It's not some magical talent people are born with (though some people do have an affinity for it). Most people have to train that skill over years or even decades. There was one quote that stuck out to me. Eventhough I don't remember it exact word for word, it went something like this:
"The master has failed more times than you have tried."
Another piece of helpful advice was that motivation is a farce. If you thought of art as something you needed to have the perfect mindset for you wouldn't get anywhere. Art was something you had to do everyday to get better at it. Even if you didn't feel like drawing that day. That leads me to the perfect segway to my...

I have 3 goals I've set for myself. Number one is a bit obvious from the previous section.

- Draw More

Pretty self explanatory. The ideal goal would be everyday, but I don't want to beat myself up for missing a day or two so I'm aiming for 5 days a week. Leaving myself some days for rest if I feel like it. I'll also try to do at least one art study every week.
- Learn Japanese
This was something I tried to do last year too. But I had the same problem with motivation. This year I'll try to take it more seriously. The only progress I made last year was learning the two alphabets. This year I bought Genki I&II (with their workbooks) and hopefull get to a toddler's level of japanese by the end of the year. Shouldn't be too hard, right?... right?
Positive Mental Attitude. This was something I actually did a lot better than I thought I would last year. (that might partly be due to my SO) I hope to keep it up this year. Forget all the bad stuff that happens this year. The good stuff almost always outweighs the bad.

Thanks to anyone actually reading this lol and have a happy new year!
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Aw era, I believe u can achieve yo goals boi Good Luck  
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