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Relic Hunter - Faust by notecardPasta Relic Hunter - Faust by notecardPasta
Name: Faust Grenko

Age: Unknown

Pronouns: They/He

Design Maker: notecardPasta

Artist: notecardPasta


Species: Imp

Personality: Sarcastic, lazy at heart and sly. Faust honestly only hires other Relic Hunters during October because he doesn't wanna do all the work himself, and besides, he can't let all these Relics activate on their own! He's a natural at hunting at this point, fearlessly exploring any abandoned area and tossing relics into his caravan almost recklessly. He handles them with his cloak, which apparently has a neutral enchantment that keeps them from activating while he's moving them. 

Abilities/Talents: Due to his natural affinity to magic, Faust can locate and identify Relics with the best of 'em. He also has unlocked an interesting process where he can merge Relics together, earning him higher quality yields. He claims that he can sense the rarity of a Relic before it is even activated. When it's off-season, he makes a living from appraising relics and assigning them values -- for a fee, of course. 

Tracker:   Relic Hunter TrackerHunters:
Name of Hunter: Faust Grenko
Registry Sheet:  
Event Entries:
Total Relics Gathered: 0
Total Amount of Tokens Gathered:  0
Current Amount of Tokens: 


I'm happy to announce that registration is finally open for Relic Hunters! And with a Halloween event coming up, who better to be the first Hunter than our new October host, Faust. 
Faust is an NPC that will be handling any October Events, so you should be seeing him soon and again in the future! I...really love him and I hope you guys do too! 

Visit Here to learn about Registration and to get your form: Relic Hunter Registration Sheet by notecardPasta

CassAttack9 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2018  Student General Artist
Faust seems cool… especially with his sentient DrStrange-ish cape and barbed wire snek
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