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Chapter 1: Meetings

Callie skips toward a large patch of tall grass, her bayleef following close behind her, "This looks like a good spot, right Marilyn?" she calls back to the pokémon.
Flaaffy looked up at the sound of the voice. A human?  She stalked closer, storing the Pecha berry she had been eating for later...
The bayleef nods, smiling at her trainer as she follows Callie into the grass.  Callie crouches low, searching for new pokémon amongst the waving stalks.
Flaaffy got a bit closer.  She had never seen a human before... Not this close.  They weren't so scary...
Callie notices a pink pokémon through the grass, "Is that...?" she parts the grass further, grinning ear to ear, "A Flaaffy!"
Flaaffy jumped in surprise, backing away as the human notices her.
Callie brings her hand up to her mouth instantly, forgetting that wild pokémon were more skittish than trained ones, "I'll try catching it." she speaks, softer this time, bringing a poke ball from her belt.  She lets it roll onto the ground, releasing a bright green espeon from the ball.
Flaaffy put a hand up to shield her eyes as the Espeon is released. It was a day for firsts. She'd never seen an Espeon before either. She had heard they were purple, but she supposed she heard wrong. Flaaffy stared at the majestic pokémon.
"Eon!" the green cat pokémon mewls.
"Ok Espe, use attract." Callie commands, pointing to the Flaaffy.  She watched as the Espeon's eyes glow, and a pinkish energy swallows her.
What was she trying to do?  Flaaffy didn't feel any different when the energy disappeared.
"It didn't work?" Callie seems confused before sticking her tongue out in a cute expression, "I bet it's a girl flaaffy."
"Speon." Espe smiles, rolling her eyes at her trainer. Silly human...
Flaaffy wanted to get away and watch from a safe distance. But she couldn't with them right there... What I wouldn't give to have 'Run Away' right now...  She took a step forward, watching carefully...
"Um...try psychic." Callie issues the next command, eyes bright with excitement.  Espe looks between her trainer and the flaaffy.  She could tell that the flaaffy wanted to run but couldn't disappoint her trainer.  But then, an idea crosses the psychic-type's mind.  Her gem begins to glow with purple energy, to all seeming like she was charging up for an attack. But suddenly, she faints, lying still on the ground.
Flaaffy jumped, cocking her head in surprise. What did I do to the Espeon? she wondered... She walked forward to examine her more closely.
The espeon cracks one eye open as the flaaffy approaches.  She was acting in order to give a chance for escape.
Callie kneels beside her pokémon, scooping her up, "Are you ok, Espe?  Did I forget to heal you last time?" she places her ear to the espeon's chest, hugging the pokémon close.
It was obvious that the Flaaffy was young and naive. She stared up at the Espeon, wondering if it was something she did.
"I guess it's your turn, Marilyn." Callie mutters, seeming confused and a little sad.  The bayleef steps forward, towering over the flaaffy, "Vine Whip." Callie commands.
Flaaffy shrank back. It must have been something I did. Why else would the human be so mad? She stepped back, putting some distance between her and the bayleef.
Marilyn sends two long vines toward the fleeing pokémon, trying to bind her.
Flaaffy tripped as one wraps around her leg, the other around her waist. She let out a Growl... "Flaaaaaafy!"
"Eeeeff..." Marilyn grimaces at the growl, loosening her grip on the vines slightly.  Callie pulls a black and yellow striped capture ball from her pocket, preparing to throw it at the distracted pokémon.
The Flaaffy hit the Bayleef with a tackle as she was pulled closer to her, oblivious to the human, just trying to get away.
"Body slam." Callie commands, an answer to the flaaffy's tackle attack.  She's starting to get that gleam in her eyes again.  Marilyn skids from the force of the tackle, using it to spring toward the flaaffy with her own attack.
Flaaffy cried out as she got knocked down. Her wool let off a spark and paralyzed the bayleef as she tried to stand weakly.
"Eeeff...." Marilyn cringes in pain.  Callie takes the opportunity to throw the capture ball at the flaaffy, hoping for a successful capture and a new friend.
Flaaffy feels something hit her body, and suddenly all she sees is darkness. She tried to push on the walls of her confinement and escape, but she felt too weak.
Callie watches the ball shake on the ground where the flaaffy had been.  Soon, the soft ping noise she'd been listening for sounds, signaling a capture, "Yay!" Callie shouts, pumping her fists in the air before scooping up the ball, "I got a flaaffy!  Go me!" she grins hyperly.
Flaaffy felt like she was in a cage. She can see her surroundings, and the ball feels roomy and comfortable, but a cage is a cage.
"Bay bay." Marilyn calls, moving rather stiffly.
"Oh, right.  Good job!" Callie smiles, holding up Marilyn's poke ball and recalling the bayleef.
Espe rises from the spot on the ground where Callie had laid her, "Speon?" she asks, noticing the ball.
Flaaffy wiggled from within her pokéball. The Espeon was okay??
"Woah." Callie recoils from the shaking ball, dropping it.
Espe approaches the ball, pressing the button with her nose in order to let the newly caught flaaffy out of the ball.  She blinks as she appears, looking around. What had happened? She sees the Espeon, and cocks her head curiously...
Espe smiles at the flaaffy, "Welcome to the team." she purrs in poke lingo.
"To the team? What does that mean?" Flaaffy asked, a bit confused, and still weak.
"You'll find out soon enough." she replies, gently nudging the flaaffy toward Callie.  She turns, and looks up at her.
"Now I'm pretty sure I had" Callie grins, pulling a potion from her bag and kneeling down before the flaaffy, "I need you to hold still for me, kay?"
Flaaffy stared at the potion, "Flaaffy?"
"It'll make you feel better." Callie adds, spraying a little of the medicine into the flaaffy's wool, "See?"
The medicine stung a bit, but it did revitalize her.  She rubbed her sore spots as they went away.  She looked up at the trainer.  She seemed kind, if she wanted to heal her wounds.
Callie smiles, spraying the rest of the potion into the flaaffy's wounds, gradually healing most of the major and painful looking ones.
Flaaffy squirmed a bit, as it really began to sting, but it makes her feel better in the end. She looks her healed body, over and smile slightly as a way of saying thanks.

Full title is... Life and Love: Pokemon Journeys

i have permission to repost this and i was one of the creating parties so its my art too :3

this is the first chapter of the first section of the adventures of Espe and Flaaffy as told by :iconineedtogivebirth: and i ^^
((go check out her gallery too ;3 ))

Next :pointr:
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