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Stark's Story: Sinnoh Saga by Notebook-of-Lynzee Stark's Story: Sinnoh Saga :iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 29
Chapter 29:  Magical Assistant
The splash of white that made its way across the rapidlly dwindling light was something that was rarely seen without a trainer to accompany it... But, even though he could hear his friend’s calls, trying to get him to return, he couldn’t... He had... Important buisness to attend to...
The entire mobile carnival had been stalled for awhile, before something had revitalized it, and started it moving again. Now they were on the edge of mossdeep, and soon, they’d all be taking a boat across the sea to play their show in the region newest to the pokemon league...
But River didn’t pay any heed to that... It wasn’t his concern where this simple little sideshow collection went... He had bigger fish to fry... He quickly slipped into one of the tents, which was empty, since the last show of the night was about to start, and after that, they’d pack up... The thick canvas blocked all light except what little sunset filtered th
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 1 0
Bright orange and red fill the skies overhead, capturing the attention of a trainer wandering along the grassy hill below. The red, fiery coloring facinating him as nearly anything red does and distracting him from what he was supposed to be doing... He’s ‘gently’ reminded, however, as the tall red sawsbuck behind him headbutts the trainer with summery green horns. The trainer shrieks softly but  is snapped out of his daydreaming, giving a quiet, embarrassed giggle before dashing the rest of the way up the hill. He was supposed to be meeting his creator, the author Lynzee for another development session but had stalled at the sight of the sunset... The beautiful red sunset... Another headbutt, harder this time, bring him back once again just as he crests the hill...
And lets him notice that not Lynzee was sitting there, but a flaaffy, a pair of reading glasses perched on the edge of her snout, and a large piece of paper in her hooves. She was staring up at him cu
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 28
Chapter 28:  Explosive Results
“Dammit...” Jackson growls just before he’s forced to dodge for the sixth time. He grunts when he hits the ground, listening to the loud explosion centered where he had just been standing. The rocket springs back to his feet, panting softly as he glares up at his opponent... Number 8. An older man wearing an aviator jacket, an old-fashined pilot’s helmet and mirrored goggles. Apparently, he’d been a bomber in one of the wars... and had used the knowledge gained from that to craft a sizable store of dynamite he was now using against Jackson. “All’s fair in war!” he replies in a thick english accent, tossing another full stick of explosive at Jackson. He manages to dodge again and on top of that remain standing as he mutters, “That’s true... Anything goes in this game.” he grins, bracing should he need to move again. “I say, he’s catching on at last. A bit late, it seems, but
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 27
Chapter 27: Obsidian Love
“...And that is how Pokerus simultaniously hurts and helps a pokemon...” the teacher was saying. One student, sitting near the back, reaching up and gently scratched about the eyepatch that sat firm against her now empty eye socket, before she returned to jotting down notes. Biology was one of her favorite classes... It helped her understand some of the more intricet details of what went on in the breeding shop, so she enjoyed it... But as she just jotted down the way a pokemon contracts the odd and unexplained disese known as pokerus, the teacher received a visitor... One of the principle’s aids... He took her message, then looked up and said, “Eleanor Lee?”
Eleanor’s pencil snapped... Not just the tip, either... She pressed hard enough so that the entire pencil was cleft in two... She looked up a tad nervously, a slight pout of fear on her face showing her oversized canines... Last time this had happened... She was being i
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 26
Chapter 26: Fallen Legends
Zory returns home to her mountaintop home, instntly curling up on her soft bed to begin sobbing quietly. What Mewtwo had done to her was terrifying. Even though she could feel her womb alive with activity once again and it felt wonderful... the situation had shocked the life legend to tears. On top of that... how would she tell... She bolts up, having heard the soft shuffling movements of something moving through the cave...
That soft something being an young lucario... Actually, someone carrying a young lucario. Dialo gently pushed aside the carcess aside to see for a moment before he continued pushing, then set the meal down gently. He then set himself down, panting quietly to himself as he regained his footing...
Dialo was old... Around 27 years old. Even for an ice pokemon, who usually had long lifespans, that was old. And he could feel it in his bones. The only reason he’d been able to capture this meal for himself, (not Zory, as she refused to eat
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 25
Chapter 25: 9
The quiet ‘shick’ of the door is the only real sound in the lab as Jackson wanders through. There was the dull hum of the various machines and computers but nothing much for activity noise. He has his hands in his pockets, one of which bulges with a squarish lump that was really the only reason he’d come to this lab. He’s in the front room, faced with a large terminal instead of a receptionist..
Figures with such a high-tech place like this...
A small duskull on his shoulder is all that accompnied him at the moment, as it looked around carefully and curiously. He seemed about to speak when the terminal suddenly sparked to life with an odd moth symbol, and a soft voice that said, “Welcome visitor. Please state the reason of your visitation of Hemmerson Labratorys.”
“I’d just like a few minutes with Dr. Link.” he replies, keeping his hands held in his pocket as he stares at the screen.
“Do you have an appointment?
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 1 0
LnL: PJ3 24
Chapter 24:  What Niece?
The first day, Celeste was happier then anything. She had played with a few stray pokemon, drank from a cool stream, and had the time of her life... But that quickly changed with the rapid falling fo the night, where... Things, came out. Things interested in her rarity... In more then one way...
She’d gotten her first view of humans... The ones she’d seen seemed to be... Greedy, mean, evil things... And now, it was the second day, and she merely ran... She thought of playing with the pokemon she saw along the way but... First, she needed a place to be safe. That much she knew... And on earth, there was only one place she thought she might be safe...
Her father had often told her of her uncle... Well, he’d never explicetly described him as such, but he had implied. And besides that, she KNEW she had an aunt on earth... And what was more, using her weak psychic abilitys, she could sense that her aunt was near...
And sure enough, as she trot
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 23
Chapter 23: Psychic Blocked
“Arceeeeee!!!!” the frightened voice rang out again, as the cage rattled hard... “LET ME OOOOUUUTTTT!!!”  
Mewtwo ignored the cries of the Mew Doll attacking the cage behind him. He had employed one of the humans, the youngest one, to help with her, but proving inefficient, she was now merely a labratory assisstant to Mewtwo. Really, he just wanted to make sure the adult humans didn’t try anything funny, which was why he kept their child so close..
The cloned legend floated over to the cage and gently pulled the weak psychic copy over to him, drawing a bit more blood into a makeshift syringe before he returned to his work bench, smirking just slightly... It brought him a measure of satsifaction that there was another Mew “clone”, and one that was far weaker then he. It was almost like he was finally over his more immature sister...  
The thoughts were quickly pushed from his head as he heard the Mew doll be
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 22
Episode 22: Number 10
"Fang. My coat." the low, slightly rough sounding voice calls. It belongs to a man clad in a black uniform, his back turned to show the long blonde ponytail still hanging down his back. He'd decided against cutting it... Wanting it as a reminder of his journey to here, the length a plain visualization of the number of years he's been on the run with his partner and pokemon. He's going through a small bag set on the kitchen counter, making sure he had everything, "Fang." he calls, still harsher at the delay of his pokemon. Fang was the name he'd given his growlithe, for the way one of his teeth pokes from his mouth oddly.
The soft yelp of the growlithe rang out as Zarian gasped and snapped, "Dammit you little pup... GAH! Get bent!!!" the sounds of the scuffle were soon stopped as Sara came out, carrying Jackson's folded coat in one arm and the growlithe in the other... "You've got a little singe, love... Nothing too big though, it will wash out..." she said, holdin
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 4
LnL: PJ3 21
Episode 21:  Plans over Potatoes
The berating was long and tiring for both parties... Violet never yelled, and in fact, she stayed quiet calm, (albeit teeth clenched calm), throughout the entire thing. Virella was the first target. She was scolded heavily for using magic she had not mastered, and sentenced to replacing everything that had been broken and that wasn't irriplaceable.
Then she was handed off to her father to take another scolding before she was sent up to her room for the night. An embaressing situation for a twenty some year old, but she didn't fight it. It was warrented...
And then Arthur was brought on the choping block. Violet didn't say much to him, except a rather harsh lecture about how one should not try to take shortcuts they haven't explored, before Arthur was sent to his basement room and tasked with peeling a few potatoes. A few being a large barrel full. Of course, that was not all he had to do. He had to use his claws to do so...
Yes, Violet followe
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 20
Episode 20: The Witch's Apprentice
Violet coughed loudly as she mounted the final steps of the basement stairs. Her shoulders and arms were smattered with dust, and she hated to think what her hat must have looked like... "The storehouses are getting rather... Icky." she said, as she gently set the crate she'd brought up down. It was full of old soda bottled, which were tightly corked, and contained different colored liquids...
A head emerged from amongst the bottles, a tiny misdreavus head. The little ghost hopped out of them and floated over to Violet, tugging her dress gently. This caused Violet to stop dusting off her arms and gen- tly reach down to pick her up... "What's up, sweety...?"
The ghost whispered gently in her ear, and Violet smiled gently... "Ah... You want to see your sister, hm...? Ohh... That's actually not a bad idea... Arthur could use a little refersher course in what herbs do what..." she leaned down to gently set the now bubbly female ghost down, "Go tell Mr. Me
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 19
Episode 19: Psychic Developments
The mood in the breeder's shop over the next few weeks is tense... Espeon has been hiding from Umbreon, not even letting her a fleeting glimpse of the newborn eevee kit. She likely wouldn't have had such luck in avoiding the increasingly angered Umbreon has it not been for the strange illness the darker Lee sister seemed to have. Symptoms like nausea and fatigue suggested a simple flu but other, stranger, occurances suggested something else. Things would randomly begin to move and shake, sometimes even flying across the room when she'd become angered. Or she'd be able to hear the thoughts of those around her but then suddenly not... It confused and frustrated her. Extremely so... As the battered and scarred gardizard was hearing about at the moment...
"Mum use to talk about that..." muttered the crossbreed. She was laying on a bed, her face still paled, and her body still recovering, but pleasingly, her eyes were alert, and she sat up without much troub
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
Mature content
LnL: PJ3 18 :iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 17
Episode 17:  Carnival of Rust
"Yer lucky I could get you out here mister. Usualy they is movin so much that no one but the locals they camps in front of know where they are. That's how they oppy-rate, see? Between you'n me see, I think that they might be doin some things that ain't exactly under the law, you know what I'm sayin?"
The rusty old pickup wasn't exactly the best place for a conversation, what with the fact that the engine made a loud and extremely annoying coughing sound, the pale dirt and dust of the wasteland they were driving over was so full of ruts that they bounced about like crazy, and that the old prospector hermit wasn't exactly the most perfect in his diction, but he insisted on speaking anyways as he drove the man in the shiny new white coat out towards their destination...
He also seem to be giving infrequent glances to the little becloaked pokemon sitting on the man's lap, but he was more interested in, "why a pretty boy like you is wantin to go out i
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0
LnL: PJ3 16
Episode 16:  Thorn Inside
They were blindfolded, so as to disorient them. They were being carried on the back of a huge beast, what felt like a lizard of some sort... Its wings, (or if it didn't have them, its very thin and leather like arms), were wrapped about them, holding them tightly as it carried them through the place that smelled like hundreds of pokemon. Thousands maybe, but a human nose was far too weak to know the difference...
Callie, Marcia, and Thorn were all wrapped up tight with coarse ropes, and their blindfolds restricted their view to shadows and blobs of light. Fortunatly, or perhaps unfortunatly, their ride didn't last long, as they were soon dumped onto a hard, but extremely smooth stone floor... Then their blindfolds were removed as though they had been attachted to strings and the strings had been yanked...
After their visions cleared, they were able to take in the strange scene... It was like a labratory, but very primitive. Rough machines whirred and
:iconnotebook-of-lynzee:Notebook-of-Lynzee 0 0

some of its all mine ((as much as fan art can be anyway)) and some of it is collaboration with other artists but none of it is stolen ^_~

other forms of artness are contained in a separate account
also on my FA…
and if you want, my account

Random Favourites

Darkness revealed
“its been two days since we left Celadon, and were to far away from Treasure-town.” Blayn was forced to rest by Ukari in the veil of the nearby forest. “I’m telling you were wasting time.” Blayn let out a low growl to show his contempt of waiting in a forest.
“if we over stress ourselves well be useless when Alex needs us,” Ukari looked up at the pale moon. “Sides I’m exhausted.” Ukari moved past Blayn and lied down beneath one of the large trees. “unless you want to go alone.” Ukari gave a little taunting look.
“women,” Blayn simply collapsed on the ground seeing no other way around or out of the situation.
“Good boy,” Ukari normally very polite found teasing her friend one of her favorite pass times while they were on Team AuraRescue. “Well head out in the morning.”
“What ever.” Blayn didn’t try to hide the fact he was upset at having to lie in wait for morning.
“this should
:iconpantherboy:pantherboy 1 1
Design Meme by MISTOEATFRUITCAKE Design Meme :iconmistoeatfruitcake:MISTOEATFRUITCAKE 55 26 Contentment by WingmansJudgement Contentment :iconwingmansjudgement:WingmansJudgement 1 3
A Night on Sunset Hill
"What's up? Your up late tonight, aren't you?"
"Yeah... My brain keeps going over all the stuff we have planned..."
"Hm? Well, that hasn't kept you from sleep before..."
The green furred feline sauntered up to her usual spot, gracefully sitting down and slipping her glasses over her face as she stretched her paw out in front of her gently and began to groom herself... "I know... I guess I'm just an antsy kitty tonight. Go figure..."
"Well, that gives me a chance to talk to you. At least that is good, huh?" The small flaaffy said, grinning as she rocked back and forth where she sat for a moment, her thoughtful face easily visible by the small lantern she'd set nearby, along with her own flickering tailight. Violet always stayed up much later then her Espeon friend to get her work done. Even now, a heavybound leather book lay in front of her, her recently gained reading glasses hanging around her neck...
Lynzee grinned softly and nodded as she laid down and yawned slightly... "So what ar
:iconineedtogivebirth:Ineedtogivebirth 1 3
Leave the Food alone
You don't trust the food at all. There was no way you could put that into your body. If it was simply you, you would have easily made the choice to do so without a thought, but you also had LW to think of. And if you somehow died or got poisoned, they would no doubt take him away from you. So you simply shoved the food away, just as LW twitched and yawned, his long fangs glimmering for a moment before he opened his eyes a bit and stared up at you, his tounge poking out once to lick his lips as you began to feed him with what little you had...
After a few hours, a human came in and took the food away, replacing it with another bowl. This food smelled completely normal, so you dug in right away, eagerly eating the entire bowl as you gave a sigh of relief...
You and Little Warrior soon get something of a routine going; train, eat, sleep. Simple as that. The days go by slowly. Occasionally, you are taken out and made to fight another pokemon or simply studied, before you are replaced in yo
:iconineedtogivebirth:Ineedtogivebirth 1 4
Keith Poses for Fangirl Fanart by Twokinds Keith Poses for Fangirl Fanart :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,415 369 He Sparkles.  Just lol. by TheVooDooFish He Sparkles. Just lol. :iconthevoodoofish:TheVooDooFish 457 411 Aggressive by Twokinds Aggressive :icontwokinds:Twokinds 2,062 728 +..Lost Memory..+ by draykathedragon +..Lost Memory..+ :icondraykathedragon:draykathedragon 26 16
Darkrai's Words
Cresselia: Why..?
Darkrai: ....You just dont understand Cresselia...without us...people cant imagine images projected from the brain...
Cresselia: What!? I dont understand!!
Darkai: ...Without one can dream...nightmares would corrupt the mind..making people live in fear...without one can have nightmares...people would live in state of happiness, always thinking they can do anything...
Cresselia: .....I still dont...
Darkrai: You were always naive...Ill explain it more thoroughly so you can understand...nightmares...images of anything bad that could happen...these images are what scare the human race...dreams...images of anything good that could happen...these images are what keep people in a state of peace...these elements are what keep humans running like normal...
Cresselia: But why must we fight!?
Darkrai: It is our destiny to fight each other in a never ending battle...
Cresselia: But what if one of us were killed!?
Darkrai: I already explained it...if I wer
:icon2seriuz:2seriuz 44 333
Welcome to My Adventure
Welcome, traveller in life. I thank you for coming here to take the time to see me. You are a wonderful person for doing so...
Here, since you've taken the time to quietly slow down and meet me, I will let you share in the wonders of pregnancy and birth, which are some of my favorite subject matter for writing, and for drawing. It is a complex and deep subject that may be a bit scary for some, but for one such as me, it's more exciting and happy, like a roller coaster. Here, you will take the body of a Pokemon and go through your last week of pregnancy. Your choice affect everything, even what happens to your child, ultimatly. Those who don't want such a responsibiliy should stop right here.
Now, for those of you that decided to stick around, it's time for you to choose your path and begin...
=Will you play as a Flaaffy? Quiet and shy and fending for herself in the  wilderness while she protects her swollen belly? If so, choose the link in the  description entitled
:iconineedtogivebirth:Ineedtogivebirth 9 3
Leaf snake,Tsutaaja by Elsdrake Leaf snake,Tsutaaja :iconelsdrake:Elsdrake 68 32 Okami - refusing to fall by Grypwolf Okami - refusing to fall :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 14,534 1,398 Grim Tales p1_2 by bleedman Grim Tales p1_2 :iconbleedman:bleedman 1,958 518 Musclehead Fight Retcon 2 by Twokinds Musclehead Fight Retcon 2 :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,383 574
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