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So it started out with some comic books. Suddenly had some inspiration to draw something, something BIG. Decided to do a 2 full size page splash of batman doing something.

So I went to a friend. He goes by NNY. I ask him for ideas and he says to me, he says, "I was thinking that nothing would stop Batman... not even space." So I drew Batman hanging onto the wing of a supposed-to-be space ship. This required Batman to be wearing some awesome Astro gear.

The space ship idea didn't last long due to my urge to draw my rendition of Batman, without the space suit. I ended up drawing some crazy details, looking up muscles ALL OVER GOOGLE, and didn't want to cover them up with another outfit. So I left him as he was and changed it to a regular private plane.

I say private plane because if it were a normal plane, that'd be a REALLY tiny wing or a REALLY giant Batman.

Anyways, I got that part all down, even drawing the TEDIOUS TEDIOUS cracks in the glass. But I still needed to fill an empty corner with something. NNY and I originally planned to put an alien drug trafficker on the inside with a frightened expression that mimicked that episode of The Twilight Zone where that guy was seeing a monster on the wing of the plane he was on. So I asked who that alien should be, thinking it should be someone familiar, and not a random generic alien. We decided on Bolphunga, an enemy of the Green Lanterns. Then I undecided that.

I was at a loss. I had a naked baldy head that looked a lot like Lex Luthor waiting to be decorated into whoever. Then NNY had another great idea:


After many YEAs and AWESOMEs, I drew out Waldo. I used my own head to model his expression, then added WHITE PEOPLE features. I had a hard time figuring out how to draw the arm and hand.

Then along comes another friend named Binjovi. This man taught me some CRAZY techniques. I found some stock image of the exact hand pose I wanted and built off that. Then googled up a picture of Waldo, to get the details just right, followed by more googling for plane wings and windows (can you tell the window is super large? Because fuck that, I put too much work in Batman, I'm not going to cover him up). After a lot of small editing and showing Binjovi, I began to color.

Now, my coloring job is WEAK. I know. I probably should've even left it cel shaded. But it's okay for now. I'm extremely happy with the results.

Everything -EVERYTHING- was drawn with a mouse. My tablet didn't seem to work well with this one, and I didn't want to bother with pencils and papers and scanners, so I just went into Photoshop and opened a new project. I still have the lineart, but it doesn't show the clouds that I learned to draw from awesome tutorials all over the internet.

I probably have a million more things to say, but I forgot them all. Stay tuned for the SEQUEL: BATMAN KNOWS WHERE IN THE WORLD CARMEN SANDIEGO IS.

edit: did a cel shaded version of waldo, looks much better

edit2: full, unwatermarked version is downloadable, why not
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Batman's had it with your bullshit Waldo!