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Commission: Spacefaring MILFs :iconnotabot999:notabot999 55 1
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Commission: Jean Cadwallader's Pregnant Belly 4 :iconnotabot999:notabot999 35 1
Broadcast: Chapter 62 - Breakthrough
Jaimee was still breathing hard after her impromptu boxing workout on the fashion runway so her adrenaline let her waddle faster than usual over to Hannah, as her sister Lena guided her from behind. "What do you need me for?" Jaimee asked, stopping when she saw Hannah pinching her sinuses in frustration and Nadia crossing her arms and stewing with anger. "What?"
"Can you, like, get these two to talk?" Lena asked with an exasperated sigh, gesturing between her mother and Hannah. "I can't talk to this primadonna redhead but you know her. Facilitate, moderate, whatever."
"These designs are ridiculous! When I heard this was a maternity fashion show, I thought you would have form-fitting dresses, nice blouses, pants and skirts that fit. Look at this one!" Nadia said, pointing at Sophie as she prepared to go on stage. The purple-haired barista had on a glittering top made with metallic pieces that formed a mail over her belly, with the gaps just big enough that her bright, smooth belly could
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 26 2
Mature content
Mayternity 2018: Best Genes in the Galaxy :iconnotabot999:notabot999 153 11
Broadcast: Chapter 60 - And We're Live, Again!
"Thomas, you there?" Grant said. Thomas could pick it up in his earpiece but at that moment, you could set off a roman candle next to him and he would not flinch. He was gawking, eyes wide open, at his former coworker Kirstie naked on stage with a large pregnant belly, in the throes of an orgasm. His jaw would have been hanging slack but after the past month or so of seeing preposterously large pregnant women all over the city and in various states of undress, he'd learned to control himself at least that much.
"Thomas, we go live in five, talk to me," Grant repeated. Thomas saw still watching as Kirstie, now revealed to the gathered audience in all her round, fertile, nude glory, scrambled to run to the back and hide. She stumbled a few steps when she tried to run with Harry still inside of her but after a pained yelp from the tall redhead, the two organized themselves and got out of view.
"Thomas!" Grant finally shouted.
"Huahh! Yep, we're all here!" Thomas said, his heart beat racin
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 34 0
Commission: Jean Cadwallader's Pregnant Belly 3
Jean Cadwallader was laying in bed, stroking her belly and grinning from ear to ear because she knew she had just hit the full term mark with this particular Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly. This was her fifth time with one of the artificial pregnant bellies that were so popular around the world and she was lucky enough to order six of them in quick succession since it was her family that created this fake pregnancy product with a lot of input from Jean on how it would work and what aspects of pregnancy it ought to simulate. While it was a plastic belly with motorized artificial fetuses inside, it connected to her nervous system and internal anatomy in a complex way so it felt as real as her own skin and when it would come time to give birth to these motorized babies inside of her, she would push them out of her own birth canal.
This was pregnancy number five for Jean and this time, on her order form, she had asked very specifically to have six fetuses. So now that she was at full t
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 34 3
Commission: Jean Cadwallader's Pregnant Belly 2
Jean Cadwallader let out a light grunt and shifted deeper into her gamer chair. It was advertised as an ergonomic way for people to sit while they were playing video games but this chair was not designed with a pregnant woman in mind, let alone a pregnant woman who was eight months pregnant with six fetuses. Sure, these fetuses were all artificial and she could only feel them kicking inside of her belly because they each had a tiny motor built into them that mimicked the movements and behaviors of unborn children but they were still as heavy as real fetuses in a real pregnancy and just because they were all powered by a motor did not mean that their kicks hurt any less, particularly when they hit Jean in her bladder or especially in her cervix. Kicks to her cervix hurt the worst of all.
One hand cupped the front of her swollen belly as she dropped her hips some more and spread her thighs widely. This was all to make way for her massive pregnant stomach. Not only were the fetuses not re
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 34 0
Commission: Jean Cadwallader's Pregnant Belly 1
Jean Cadwallader was excited to unpack her fifth Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly. Her family had invented this device to simulate pregnancy and it had erupted in popularity since then, with just about everyone ordering and wearing a pretend pregnant belly to feel what it was like to grow and carry a baby, or often babies, for as little as 40 weeks or as much as three years. Jean in particular liked to wear pretend pregnant bellies that created an exaggerated or in her view enhanced pregnancy experience. For her first ever pretend pregnant belly, she made it more or less standard to a pregnant woman's real world experiences. But now that she was on her fifth of six pre ordered Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Bellies, Jean was all about the extremes.
It was Jean who guided her family to create these devices due to her own significant pregnancy fetish. Her family were all brilliant engineers and inventors but they were short on ideas and did not know what to invent that the world would wa
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 46 0
Mature content
Commission: The Experiment :iconnotabot999:notabot999 114 9
Commission: Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly 6
Jean Akers was very excited with her new Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly. She had already gone through one phony pregnancy but she absolutely loved it and wanted to go back for more. Her friend Ginger was also using a new Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly so Jean knew she could not lag behind. As soon as it came in the mail, she tore it out of the box and wrapped it around her smooth, toned, sandy skin. She was half Japanese and part Scottish so her skin was always flawless and the pretend pregnant belly adapted to her skin complexion as its complex polymers melded with her waist.
No sooner had Jean wrapped the device around her waist did she feel it was now a part of her body. The nerve endings were connected and she could rub her stomach and feel like it was her own. Jean even felt the twinges of fullness and a strange bubbling inside of her stomach as the early pregnancy symptoms billowed through her body. But Jean did not mind. She loved every aspect of pregnancy and wanted it
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 48 0
Broadcast: Chapter 58 - Exclusive Rights
Hayley wrinkled her nose as Patricia Quinn rolled up her sleeve and dabbed a disinfectant swab on her inner arm. "Not a fan of needles?"
"I'm okay getting flu shots and stuff like that but getting my blood drawn always hurts more," Hayley said, petting her 16-baby belly with her free hand. "And that's just getting my fingers pricked. Now you want my whole arm."
"This will be over quickly. We don't need much," Patricia said, her own large belly close to Hayley's face. She had a purple shirt and a white lab coat but it was not enough to hide all of this roundness. "It'll hurt a lot more when your babies come."
"Good, something to look forward to," Hayley snorted before stopping herself. You're trying to do better, remember? She sighed and looked up at Patricia's face, managing to get past the vast slope of her belly. "Have you gone through that before?"
"I've got one daughter at home, she just turned three," Patricia said, her smile widening as she slipped the needle into Hayley's
:iconnotabot999:notabot999 37 1
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Commission: Random Looks 2 :iconnotabot999:notabot999 62 1
Mature content
Commission: Fertile Quest 3 Fertile Festival :iconnotabot999:notabot999 84 1
Mature content
Commission: Random Looks :iconnotabot999:notabot999 66 1
Mature content
Commission: Immersive Gameplay :iconnotabot999:notabot999 70 1
Mature content
Commission: Nine Months of Neopolitan :iconnotabot999:notabot999 102 4


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"Jane Kathway, captain's log," Jane said, pursing her thick, coral lips as she squatted down in her chair. "Oof, and speaking of 'logs.'" Every bridge in the Maternal Imperial Liaison Force had its command seat equipped with a thick, studded dildo to fit perfectly inside the woman sitting on it to stimulate her vagina (or butthole if she preferred) during travel. One of the many perks of being captain.

"We are approaching Inflagdel Prime to pick up, ooh fuck," Jane panted, her smooth, tanned face contorting as she pumped her massive hips up and down, taking the "captain's log" deeper inside of her, rubbing and pressing against different parts of her womanhood. While the dildo on the command seat was not unique, the seat itself was specially designed for her legendary ass, unrivaled in this part of the galaxy. It was firm and rounded and was three times as wide as the normal seats. And given how big most captains were in the fleet, that was really saying something.

"A little too excited, captain?" chuckled her chief security officer, Paula. She was standing at her station one floor above Jane, her own generous hips turned to the side so she could see her console past her massive pregnant stomach. Like Jane and every other woman in M.I.L.F., Paula was hugely pregnant; even with her height and build, the end of her belly was more than twice her arms length away. If Paula bent forward, her perfect sphere of a belly would touch the cold floor instantly. Each breast was the size of a yoga ball and if Paula tucked her chin, her vision would be totally blocked by her dark brown cleavage.

"Just want to rub one out before we meet the ambassador, otherwise I'll spend too much time on her and not enough on the mission," Jane said, her tight blonde curls starting to shake and slip out of her headband as she got closer to her orgasm. "A-anyway, log continues, we are picking up Ambassador O'Brien who is on assignment to Inflagdel to facilitate a treaty between the plantlike Borians and the insectoid Chtili. None of their species in my belly currently but by the end of this mission, who knows?"

"A veteran like you? I bet you lost count of the species you carried long ago," Paula laughed. Jane wasn't quite double Paula's belly size but she looked like she was gestating a small moon, bursting out of her dark black latex uniform and revealing lots of warm, tan, orange skin. Paula was dressed head to toe in the dark blue security uniform and its material was durable enough to contain her swollen form, for now.

Jane was too excited to respond, her plump rear loudly smacking her seat as she dripped down onto the floor from between her legs. "C-central command has not heard from the ambassador so we do not know her status so either this will be a simple pick-up o-or...or a r-resCUE MISSION OH FUCK!" Jane screamed and curled her toes and fingers as she hit her climax. Her massive pregnant belly twitched and shook as she bent her hips forward. The other bridge officers could see her unborn children – both surrogates for the Maternal Empire and the offspring of alliance planets as a sign of good faith and cooperation – kicking up a storm inside of her and Jane's hands moved to her spherical belly to stroke it lazily. "E-end of log..."

The doors opened and in rushed Lalani, M.I.L.F. medical cadet. She had on the bright yellow spandex uniform of a medical officer (yellow so they could be identified quickly in an emergency situation) and was filling it out quite nicely with her pregnant curves. As a cadet, she was smaller than the other more experienced officers with only two dozen unborn children in her belly but she was still colossal compared to most civilian preggos. Her mixture of different Asian ancestries also gave her glowing pale skin that got even brighter with her pregnancy and her short black hair was like polished obsidian. 

"I heard a shout!" Lalani said, hurrying to Jane's side and instantly touching her medical equipment to the captain's exposed, trembling pregnant belly. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?"

"She's fine," Paula chuckled. "She just had an orgasm."

"Oh," Lalani said, blushing brightly. As a young member of the fleet, she hadn't gotten used to the culture here yet.

"It's alright, most people are a bit startled when they hear me cum," Jane said, taking one hand and stroking it against Lalani's cheek. "Hopefully you can hear it up close and personal some day."

"Uhh," Lalani babbled, her blushing turning from a rosy hue to industrial dye red. "I-I'd like that too, c-cap'n."

"How is Dr. Miller?" Jane asked. "Still on bedrest?"

"Yep, she's still got a few weeks left to go," Lalani nodded. Dr. Miller, the ship's chief medical officer, was part of an imperial trial on fertility supplements and as a result was now too pregnant and too massive to even leave sick bay. "I'm looking after her personally."

"I don't know who's luckier: the doctor or you," Jane purred, tracing her hand down Lalani's cheek to her engorged chest, feeling her hand around the nipples. "Ooh, these udders feel full. Better go pump them or get a friend to drink them."

"Why?" Lalani squeaked.

"With no doctor, you're the next med officer in charge and you're coming with us," Paula said, pushing out her own chest and grinning. "You always want to milk yourself before an away mission. Makes you a lot more comfortable, trust me."

"Away mission?" Lalani squeaked again but Jane was already up and waddling on her feet, stroking her big belly with one hand while she was exposing her fat breasts with the other. Paula met up with her captain near the doorway, also taking out her heavy, dark breasts and they helped each tit into one another's mouths. The normally boisterous Paula softly moaned as she suckled Jane's breast while the captain had her thick lips wrapped around Paula's mocha nipple. Lalani watched wide-eyed as milk dribbled down from their mouths onto their huge pregnant bellies. The young medic's thighs slowly rubbed together and she cautiously reached down her belly, trying to reach her popped out navel to play with it.

"Hey cadet," the helm officer said, making Lalani flinch and almost leap. The officer grinned and pointed to a breast pump on the wall. "Might want to take that with you to the shuttle bay. Speeds things up."

"T-thanks," Lalani said, waddling as quickly as her enormous body could take her as she grabbed the pump and headed for the shuttle bay. Jane and Paula waddled after her, with one of Paula's hands grabbing a big piece of the captain's incredible ass.

"The rookie is in for one hell of a first mission," Paula purred, putting her now slightly-lighter breasts back into her uniform. "The ambassador is more of a slut than ever, last I heard."

"That'll be fun on the return back to base but I hope the Borians and the Chtili appreciate her friendly demeanor as much as we do," Jane said with a laugh.

Away missions in M.I.L.F. only ever took two or three fleet members since they were all so big that not many could fit in their shuttles. Even with just three of them, Jane and Paula were so big that Lalani was sandwiched between them, feeling their bellies, breasts, and butts pressing against her. "You're trembling, dear," Paula cooed to Lalani with a big smile, placing one hand on the cadet's generous chest to feel her heart racing. "Everything alright?"

"Just nervous before my first mission," Lalani gulped. Not every human outcropping in the Maternal Empire was like the Liaison Force and Lalani grew up in a conservative and restrained family. A family focus on practical careers such as medicine sent Lalani to medical school but a deep down fascination with pregnancy let her to M.I.L.F. Now, she was starting to feel that it was more than just a "fascination" and didn't know what would be in store for her next.

The shuttle landed at the agreed-upon neutral site where Ambassador O'Brien was supposed to be negotiating between the Borians and Chtili. But looking around, the three officers didn't see anyone or any buildings: it was just a wide open field with a crest of mountains in the far distance. Paula took out her tactical binoculars and looked around while Jane scrunched up her face, adjusting her glasses and tapping on her beauty mark just above her lips. "This is the spot we were given but...could she have moved that far?"

"I don't see any other structures or vehicles in the area and this whole spot is clear of any residual thermal signs. We're the only ship to land here in at least a week," Paula said, taking her binoculars down. "What are you thinking, captain?"

"Cap'n!" Lalani shouted, pointing at the ground. Jane looked down but her chest was so massive it hit her field of vision and her pregnant stomach made it even harder to see. She was so big, she couldn't even see her belly button anymore. But Jane quickly felt what she sensed was her medic's concern. Something slender was crawling up her legs and wrapping around her. Jane didn't know if it was a reptile or some other alien animal but her concerns went away when she felt the things moving up her thick thighs twist together and burst through her latex uniform, filling her pussy instantly.

"Oh! Oh yeah," Jane grunted, a wide smile spreading across her face. Her eyelids got heavy and she began stroking the top of her twitching belly as the thing coming out of the ground pumped in and out of her. "Paula, looks like we found the Borian ambassador..."

Lalani turned and saw Paula start to grin as well. Looking down, Lalani saw what was happening: vines were growing out of the grassy field and combining to form a plant phallus and then penetrating her. Paula let out a deep, erotic moan as the plants tore through her durable uniform and started to fuck her fast and hard. The two enormously swollen pregnant women churned their wide hips and bent their knees, inviting the plant cocks deeper into their fertile bodies again and again. Jane ripped off her headband and let her blond locks fall over her sultry face and drooled from her full lips. Paula's full body flexed and swung all around as she got pounded again and again by the vines.

Finally, both women let out a loud yelp and a light yellow cream burst from the tips of the vines, filling the women up and covering their thighs with this alien cum. "I love a nice welcoming party," Jane purred, giving her big belly a satisfied pat.

"What was that?" Lalani said, her voice high pitched as she almost reached an orgasm watching that scene unfold.

"Didn't you pay attention? The Borians are a plant-based species," Paula said in between deep, heavy breaths. "And it looks like they just gave us a few extra Borians to take home with us in our tummies."

"Not quite," a soft female voice said. The three women turned to watch a massive tent made of plants rise from the field. "Those were just pheromone spores – a good way to start an orgy but they don't have the material to impregnate. We'll get there, I'm sure."

From inside the tent, Jane and Paula saw a very familiar face: Dena O'Brien, the empire's curvy, fiery redhead ambassador. She had bright green eyes, red hair down to her ass, adorable freckles all over her face, and big red lips almost always in a smile if they weren't wrapped around someone's anatomy. But as fertile and swollen as she was known to get, Jane had never seen her like this. Dena's pregnant belly was big enough to fit a shuttle crew inside of it and it was still perfectly round, its soft pale form resting in the center of the large vine and leaf tent the Borian ambassador created. Resting on top of her tummy were two glorious and full tits, each as big as Lalani's own pregnant stomach, complete with huge pink nipples that had droplets of milk already forming. She was as naked as the babies she would be giving birth to and looked delighted to see them.

"Jane Kathway, you big space slut. I was hoping you'd be the one to pick me up," Dena giggled. "And Paula, looking fit and sexy as usual. Ooh, and a new face. She is so cute! Jane, you roleplay 'Dauphin Slave Girl' with her all the time I'll bet."

"I think she's a rookie in more than just M.I.L.F.," Jane laughed, giving Lalani a loving slap on the ass. "But I think that'll change this mission."

"I think so too," Lalani squeaked out, unable to take her eyes off of Dena and her wide, inviting, pregnant curves. 

"Hey, speaking of which, why didn't those vines go after Lalani? Doesn't seem fair to the poor girl," Paula said, crossing her arms under her heavy breasts.

"I think I can explain," cooed one of the other two women in the plant tent. This was clearly the representative for the Borians. She had luscious, smooth green skin and had long, slender arms and legs, one hugging Dena, the other cradling her bulging pregnant stomach. She matched Paula in belly size, the tightest part of her roundness near her belly button pulsating with an even brighter green color. Following her huge stomach up to her chest, each engorged breast had a few small pink flower petals covering her nipples, though there was still some areola showing. Her hair was the same pink color and upon closer inspection looked like it was made up of millions of tiny petals as well, stretching all the way down from her scalp to her feet. Around her chin and ears was a cluster of wide green leaves, all framing her adorable face and big, blinking pink eyes. "Nice to meet you, captain. I'm Tinna, ambassador to the Borian Grove."

"Very nice to meet you. Glad I got your name after we had our fun earlier," Jane purred, taking the yellow cream from the vines and rubbing it into her own tan stomach skin.

"When I send out my vines, they react to pheromones and body composition to find sexual partners and, well, I don't mean to be rude," Tinna said with a tiny smile as she looked over at Lalani. "But they don't react to virgins."

Paula had to stifle a laugh as Lalani blushed and looked away. M.I.L.F. members started off as surrogates and Lalani didn't have an opportunity to be impregnated by allied alien species yet. Being a virgin with a belly her size was certainly possible but in all their combined years, none of the human women had ever met a virgin wearing a M.I.L.F. uniform before.

"I can fix that," Dena giggled, shifting on her generous ass to face Lalani. She beckoned toward the swollen Asian woman with one finger. Lalani took a tiny step forward and Tinna lifted one hand. Instantly, vines came out of the ground and pushed Lalani into their embrace even faster. The vines wrapped around her ass and breasts and started to peel away her bright yellow uniform, stripping Lalani naked by the time she made it to Dena.

"Here, take this," Paula said, taking one small metallic wand off of her hip holster and tossing it to Lalani. The rookie caught it and hit a large black button on it. Before her eyes, the wand created a solid light projection of a thick dildo, making Lalani's eyes open wide in surprise.

"O-oh my," Lalani whispered. "That seems...too big."

"It'll fit," Dena giggled, gripping her twitching pregnant belly and lifting it to show Lalani her glistening, wet sex, with tufts of red hair around it. "Give it to me, cutie." Lalani thought about how long she'd suppressed these feeling about pregnant women and women in general. Now, the biggest, horniest pregnant woman she'd ever seen was nude in front of her, practically begging to take her virginity. With a squeal, Lalani thrust the dildo inside of Dena and continued to ram it in again and again. Dena let out a cry that sent shivers down all their backs and Lalani crawled into Dena's embrace.

"You're so hot," Lalani moaned.

"Thanks babe," Dena said, tickling her hands up Lalani's sensitive thighs and waiting to sink her fingers in any deeper. "You didn't drain these tits too much before leaving, I hope?"

"T-they still feel heavy," Lalani said as the redhead's fingers brushed against her labia lips. "Please, suck on them." Dena wrapped her ruby red lips around one of the young cadet's nipples and started to suck, spilling milk all over her big belly. At the same time, Dena stuck her fingers deep inside of Lalani's sex and curled them in and out, penetrating Lalani for the first time in her life. She let out a wailing squeal and buried her face in Dena's tits to muffle her voice, still pounding the dildo in and out of her. Eventually, Lalani's lips migrated over to Dena's nipples and she began to drink her milk as well.

"Your ambassador works fast. Just like she did with us," said the other alien woman there. She was an insectoid, with two pairs of arms stroking her colossal pale belly with thick muscle all over it. Around her hips and arms, there were some dark brown shingles of exoskeleton but her exposed pale skin was very soft to the touch. Her naked breasts had a mix of skin around her thick, swollen nipples and Jane and Paula could see dark veins forming over both her chest and pregnant belly. More than any of the rest of them, this woman looked ripe and ready to pop at a moment's notice. Compared to her intimidating insectoid physiology, she had a very refined and glamorous face, with large dark eyes that looked like they were filled with millions of compound eyes. Her hair was in huge thick black braids that fell all around her. 

She gave them a fanged smile and patted her stomach with one of her hands. "I'm Bxi, ambassador to the Chtili Hive. We appreciate the empire helping us come to an arrangement and we want to show our thanks." Bxi winked and traced a circle on her belly.

"It would be rude to refuse," Jane grinned, waddling into the insectoid's embrace and began to kiss her. Jane stripped out of her tattered black uniform and pulled out her own hard light dildo. "Dena ever use one of these on you?"

"Oh yes, and I have one of my own," Bxi said, pulling out a large curved phallic object. It was biological in nature and shifted in her hands. "This stores DNA from other alien races we encounter. It's how we impregnate one another."

"Looks like fun," Jane said as Bxi attached the bio-organic dildo to her hips and grunted as it expanded. It was, in effect, a double-ended dildo, penetrating Bxi as much as it penetrated her lovers. Jane gulped at its expanding size and stroked her tanned stomach quickly in anticipation. "Now, what position should we-"

Before she could finish her question, Bxi's eyes glowed and Jane felt herself floating in the air. She didn't feel weightless; her womb was far too heavy and excited for that. But Bxi was somehow using telekinesis to lift her naked pregnant body in the air, positioning her better for Bxi to get up and begin thrusting her bio-organic dildo inside.

"Why let them have all the fun?" Tinna asked with a big smile. "Now then, you still have milk in those titties of yours?"

"Plenty for you, babe," Paula said, shaking her breasts and removing the rest of her uniform. She undid her ponytail and let her long brown hair fall all over her dark, naked pregnant body. She pressed her huge belly against Tinna's and guided her breasts into the plant woman's mouth. Tinna purred and suckled and after gulping down a few mouthfuls, she spat some onto the soil. "What, not sweet enough?"

"Very sweet. I think it will mix well with my vines," Tinna said with a giggle. A crop of vines sprouted out of the milk puddle and got even larger and thicker than they had when Tinna fucked Jane and Paula. "This is the final ingredient for them to be able to impregnate." The vines coiled together and plunged into Paula's waiting pussy, making the strong security officer gasp and whinny like a horse. She could barely get to her solid light dildo in time as she felt the vines hit her back walls, but she got the device out as the vines lifted her into the air. Tinna turned her body to make room and Paula sunk the dildo deep inside of her. The flower child whined and more vines started to sprout from the ground.

Now, they were curling all over each woman there, fondling their breasts and finding their way into their waiting wet birth canals. Just as Lalani let out a massive cry as she got her first orgasm from another person, the vines filled her newly deflowered body and pumped in and out of her pregnant pussy. 

"Yes, fuck me harder!" Lalani squealed. "Knock me up all over again! Make me huge!"

Just as the vines were making their way into the captain, Bxi's bio-organic dildo burst and filled them both with the seed of several different men and women. Jane let out a grunt and clutched at her belly, rubbing the top and feeling this new fertile essence fill her body. "Whoo, those pheromones I got from Tinna earlier really lit me up down there!"

"You were so tight and soft," Bxi chirped, rubbing Jane's belly with all four hands. "And lucky for you, I have plenty of seed to make more dildos."

"Don't leave me out of it," Paula moaned, crawling over the writhing pile of naked preggos to get to the Chtili ambassador. "I haven't gotten double penetrated in weeks. Spill your seed inside of me!"

Bxi did as she was asked, attaching the next bio-organic dildo and lifting Paula into the air before thrusting this artificial cock inside of her over and over again, bouncing her hips off of Paula's fat ass.

And speaking of fat ass, Jane waddled her way over to Dena and pushed her rump into her old friend's face. "I haven't gotten a spank from you in a long time." Dena and Lalani both spanked Jane hard, making her incredible plump butt jiggle and shake. She looked like she was almost as pregnant in her ass as Lalani was in her entire belly. "Cadet, how about you give me and the ambassador some time to get reacquainted?"

Lalani, her eyelids heavy and her mind a blur from the sexual overload, nodded and crawled into Tinna's embrace, kissing the naked plant woman all over and smelling the petals around her nipples as Tinna's fertile vines kept pumping in and out of the Asian woman's pussy. Tinna started to squeeze on Lalani's nipples and spread more milk on their bellies and on the ground, making all of the vines swell up even more. Lalani let out a yelp as it stretched her virginal birth canal open even wider and she swung her hips to take it inside of her even more. "Oh yeah...this is why I joined M.I.L.F.!"

"You would make a good ambassador too," Tinna giggled, kissing Lalani on the lips with her milky mouth before suckling her some more.

"So this all you've been doing on your mission? Being a big ole slut?" Jane asked Dena before wrapping her lips around her breasts.

"It's the best diplomacy I know," Dena moaned. "The Borians and the Chtili are going to breed with one another and get even closer together. And of course, I promised them some nice fertile human breeding stock in return." Dena reached down and grasped Jane's arm, pushing her light dildo in deeper. "C'mon, you know I can take it harder than that."

"I know you can, I-WHOA!" Jane yelped, a sudden shift inside of her belly cutting off her words. It also made her arm spasm and shove the dildo in far deeper and Dena wailed, sticking her tongue out and feeling a strong orgasm. "What is happening inside there?"

"Me too!" Paula grunted, clutching her big brown belly with both hands. Lalani was whimpering and stroking her pregnant middle madly as she felt the same disturbance. Before their very eyes, their pregnant stomachs were expanding and swelling, the skin tightening even more than before.

"One fun things I've learned about both the Borians and the Chtili," Dena purred, wrapping both arms around Jane's belly and feeling it grow and shake under her fingers. "When they fuck, they can impregnate you as many times as they want, plus even more depending on how fertile you are." She gave Jane's belly a stiff pat and laughed. "And we all know how fertile you are, babe."

"Oof, I wasn't due for a new batch of babies for another two weeks," Jane said with a deep breath and a smirk. "To get even bigger ahead of schedule...I fucking love this planet!"

"Me too!" Lalani cried out, falling on her fattening ass and squealing with a climax as she felt her big belly grow. "I love being pregnant and I love pregnant women!"

"You woke up our cute little cadet," Paula laughed, letting Bxi's telekinesis lift the two of them so they could make out together. Bxi repositioned herself, bursting her dildo and shoving another one in. Bxi's big heavy belly rubbed against Paula's bare back as the two humans made out. Meanwhile, Tinna used her vines to wrap herself, Jane, and Dena together into one writhing fuck pit and penetrated them both deeply, leaking her alien plant seed inside of them with each orgasm. To reward her, Jane and Dena shoved both of their dildos inside of Tinna's dainty pussy and set their devices to their maximum settings.

"This is one of the best orgies I've ever been in!" Jane screamed, her belly growing to unprecedented sizes, even for her.

"My belly is so heavy, each time I cum it's like a volcano's erupting inside of me!" Paula screamed back, her eyes rolling back in her head. Her pregnant stomach was as big as their entire shuttle craft and each breast looked like a octomom's pregnant belly.

"You haven't seen nothin' yet!" Dena cackled, her pregnant belly still growing as more and more of Bxi and Tinna's babies were added to her womb. "Wait until we go back to their capital cities to celebrate the new treaty and...whooounff..."

Jane looked down to see the dripping vines pulling out of Dena's pussy. Her hand on the redhead's belly could feel just how tight and firm it had just gotten. Then, a splash of thick fluid came out between Dena's legs and spilled all over Jane and Tinna.

"Uh oh," Jane chuckled. "Lalani? We need your medic skills over here."

"Sorry cap'n! Hands tied right now," Lalani said, trembling all over. The captain turned to see Bxi back on the ground, her legs spread and her fanged mouth moaning loudly. Her insectoid labia was puckering and swollen and Lalani was waving her medical device over the large pale belly. "I've delivered babies before as part of basic training but I-I-I've never seen these species before. I dunno how to-"

"It's okay, they're coming fast!" Bxi cried out, letting out a huge cry that gradually changed into a moan. "Oof, and so am I~"

"The Chtili give orgasmic birth all the time," Dena grunted as her bare feet slapped the ground. "With me, it took a little practice to get there." She let out a moan and arched her back. Jane could see she was already close to crowning as one of her dozens of babies made their way through her swollen body.

"Um, Miss Bxi? I think you're close now," Lalani said, her erotic confidence fading away as she moved into medic mode. "Push!"

"Here they come!" Bxi bellowed, pushing two large, wet beings out. They were green balls covered in black scales but slowly uncurled to reveal they were also Chtili pregnant women, though not as big.

"That was a great ride," one of them said, holding onto her head and adjusting her eyes.

"Your babies can already talk?" Paula asked, now just as curious as she was horny.

"No, they're my drones...servants. I unbirthed them for the diplomatic mission," Bxi said. "They are getting too rowdy and horny in my belly so they're going to take over the 'negotiations' for me. Play nice, you two."

"No promises," one of them grinned, rubbing all four arms over Lalani. "Thanks for birthing us, sexy."

"We felt you from inside of her," the other one said, wrapping its arms around Lalani and giving her a small lick on the cheek. "You were a virgin a few hours ago, weren't you? We can show you all sorts of fun things to do with another pregnant woman. We can even unbirth you all inside of our bellies to get even more intimate..."

"Okay, let's take a quick intermission," Jane said as Tinna's vines curled around all of them. "Let's watch Dena here go through her orgasmic childbirth, with real babies this time."

"Gather around everyone," Dena grinned as she winced from another contraction. "If you've never seen a human give birth before, you are in for a real show."
Commission: Spacefaring MILFs
A team of pregnant officers traveling in space run into two alien species with a very similar outlook on pregnancy and intimacy.

Commissioned by an anonymous user.
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Finally, after three years of experiencing the biggest pregnancy of any woman in history, Jean Cadwallader hit the end of her thirty six month long gestation period. That duration of pregnancy would be medically and physically impossible if this has been a genuine pregnancy but Jean was using her family's novel invention, the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly. It connected with her skin and linked up her nerves, perfectly recreating the feeling of pregnancy, with options for the customer to customize and personalize the experience.

For Jean, she loved pregnancy and wanted to feel as much of it as she could, save actually getting knocked up in the traditional biological way. One day, absolutely, but for now, Jean stuck with the simulation that she helped her family to create. Plus, if she got pregnant the usual way, it was unlikely that she would end up with six babies that would stay inside of her womb for thirty six months. The Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly was not a real pregnancy, but that was okay. It was even realer than the real thing.

Now that she was at the end of her pregnancy, Jean had specified on her order form that she wanted a very intense and very visceral birth experience. Many women opted for a quick, smooth, and painless birth with the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly, pushing out the artificial and motorized fetuses from the belly out of their birth canals and then moving on with their life or, more often than not, ordering a new Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly right away.

But not Jean. She selected nine on a pain scale of one to ten, while also planning to do a lot of shouting and swearing during her labor and child birth. She had a binder with her birth plan all laid out, with different positions and outfits and costume changes built in. It would be tricky to pull off but luckily she had friends to help her out.

One of those friends, her girlfriend Dasha, was right there when Jean's belly dropped for the second time. It had already dropped once when Jean hit the twenty fourth month of her pregnancy but Jean also asked for it to drop a second time at the end of her pregnancy. It looked low before but now it was clear just how heavy her swollen womb was and how it pulled down on her poor, fragile body. Her light tan skin, with her mix of Native American and Scottish ancestry, strained and tightened as her pregnant middle hung low.

Dasha started to rub it in slow, wide circles as Jean let out a deep groan. "That was it, huh? The second belly drop?"

"It sure was," Jean said, her voice still low as a grin spread across her lips. "It is so intense. This pregnancy is something else. I can't even imagine what this child birth and labor is going to be like."

Dasha helped Jean to her feet and guided her girlfriend to waddle around their shared apartment. Dasha had given birth several months ago but already had a new Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly on. She was early into it so she just had a potbelly but thanks to her connection through her Cadwallader girlfriend, Dasha was able to get a six baby pregnancy, which was still a prototype. It would not be long until she was absolutely massive as well. As Jean swayed back and forth, her heavy, round body shaking and jiggling, Dasha pet her back and belly. "How long until the actual labor and contractions start up?"

"One hour until my water breaks, and then it will be showtime," Jean said with a smile, though her eyes quickly closed and winced. "Though it hurts plenty right now, to be honest."

"And how long is this labor going to be, babe?" Dasha asked, moving her hand lower down Jean's back to the base of her spine, where all the pressure would soon be building.

"Thirty seven hours," Jean chuckled. "I must be crazy!"

"No, you are a real life fertility goddess and you are perfect," Dasha said, planting a kiss on Jean's forehead and then her popped out belly button. "And if you want a long, painful, intense labor and child birth, then damn it, you are going to get it. Should I call your sister to come over?"

"I've got an hour. Let's wait a bit," Jean said with a smile and blush. "I just want you to hold me for now, okay?"

"Okay," Dasha cooed, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend and swaying with her.

Jean may have waited a bit too long to contact her half sister and her half sister's girlfriend because when Jean Akers and Ginger arrived, Jean Cadwallader was laying on her back on her bed, legs spread wide, swollen pregnant belly jutting high in the air, as Dasha was rushing to put pillows on Jean's back to give her the right leverage. Jean was dressed in a Sailor Moon outfit, with the little blue skirt, white shirt, pink ribbons, and even her brown hair was styled into the long pigtails of the titular character. And Jean was shouting loudly with each contractions.

"Just in time, I guess," Jean Akers laughed as she waddled into the bedroom. She and Ginger were several months pregnant with their latest Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Bellies and looked like women full term with twins, even though they both had many more babies inside then than that and had a lot of time left in their respective pregnancies. Jean Akers was part of the Cadwallader family but she also had Japanese heritage. Many people did not pick up that the two women were sisters but they both had something very obvious in common: their love for pregnant women and being pregnant themselves.

"Come over, help soothe her and coach her through things," Dasha said, her face covered in sweat as she hurried to and fro to take care of her laboring girlfriend. "She set the pain of the contractions to 'nine,' after all."

"Ooh, it hurts so FUCKING MUCH!" Jean Cadwallader bellowed as a contraction hit. Her pregnant belly was so big, everyone would actually see her muscles and skin tighten. "Whoo, that was intense. I'm so glad I picked this!"

Ginger blushed, having a crush on her girlfriend's half sister, and seeing her in this position did not get rid of that feeling. Still, she was in love with Jean Akers and could focus on the task at hand. "Keep pushing, Jean. You are doing great!"

"We're all here for you, sis," Jean Akers said, taking one of her half sister's hands and feeling how tightly Jean squeezed it.

"FUCK, HERE IT COMES!" Jean Cadwallder shouted, her face scrunching up as she gave one more big push. Dasha held onto her girlfriend and pet her long pigtails as the artificial, motorized fetus came out of her birth canal. Ginger caught the fake baby and showed it to its "mother."

"Just five left," Ginger said with a nervous smile.

"Whoo, I am ready for it," Jean panted, collapsing back into the bed. "We're going to be here for more than twenty four hours. If any of you don't want to stick around and help-"

"Oh, hush," Jean Akers smiled. "You would do the same for us. In fact, you have in the past. Now what is the next position and outfit in your birth plan?"

Up next was positioning Jean to give birth while on all fours. They had to get a lot of cushions and put them under and around Jean in a strategic way to keep her belly from just pushing against the floor and knocking the air out of her. That was not an easy task when Jean was full term pregnant with five babies and her body was still yet to adjust from being pregnant with six so she was absolutely massive. Luckily, they had time to get it right. With a thirty seven hour labor, there were six hours in between each birth. Well, six and four twenty fifths hours approximately, but Jean was only keeping track of that detail in her head and did not say it out loud. No point splitting hairs when she was being rocked by these enormous, strong contractions.

Speaking of which, Jean was gritting her teeth and grunting as Dasha and Jean Akers slipped off her Sailor Moon outfit and put a silk black maternity lingerie top on her instead. This was the next outfit Jean had requested for herself in her birth plan. Having outfit and costume changes between each birth was very important to her. If she was going to give birth, she was going to make it as fun and theatrical as she could.

"You're doing great," Dasha purred.

"It hurts so bad though. I might be in over my head," Jean whimpered.

"No, you are going to be fine. You just need something to distract you from the pain some," Jean Akers said, getting out a tablet computer and going onto YouTube. "I know what you will like. You always laughed at this as a little girl."

"No, I don't want to laugh. It'll hurt too much," Jean snickered before wincing and grabbing her belly. Jean Akers had pulled up a Three Stooges clip, specifically "Three Little Pirates." Jean watched the three comedians dress up in ridiculous outfits and pretend to be the Maharaja and couldn't help but laugh out loud, which made her wince and clutch her belly periodically.

"I think she likes it," Dasha said, kissing her girlfriend on the cheek. "And look at the time. Jean, you need to start pushing!"

As the video clip ended, Jean could feel the fetal head pushing against her cervix. "I can feel it. Oh boy, here goes," Jean grunted, gripping the ground and pushing her knees deep into the floor. She let out a huge, swearing scream as she pushed. Ginger was in position once again, staring at Jean's bare ass as she began to buck her hips to get ready for deliver. Ginger cautiously reached forward until she got the head and guided it out of Jean's body.

"I've got it," Ginger said. "One boy, one girl. That leaves two of each inside you, right?"

"That's right," Jean grunted, her face dripping with sweat. "Okay, four births left...I think I can do this."

Up next was another complicated birth position but it was Jean's favorite of all. She got back onto her bed but this time, she was on her knees and was facing the back wall. Both hands were against the wall and she was bracing her pregnant weight and intense contractions by pushing against the wall as hard as she could. Once again, Jean was wearing maternity lingerie but while the silk one was more for sleeping in, this was lingerie she put on when she wanted to feel extra sexy. It had a little black strap to cover her nipples but the teddy part was very transparent and her swollen, glowing pregnant stomach could be seen clearly.

To relax her again, Jean Akers showed her half sister a new Three Stooges video. This one was "Who Done It?" and Jean laughed once again at the capers and goofs of the stooges as they ran around trying to be private eyes. It helped Jean calm down enough to make it through the six or so hours until her next birth and push but she was still experiencing strong contractions and needed Dasha to hold her close.

"Oh shit, these are really strong," Jean moaned, her voice raising to a shout as another contraction hit. "I FEEL LIKE A REAL FUCKIN' PREGGO!"

"You already are," Dasha said, kissing Jean again. "It's time to push, big mama."

Jean nodded and turned back to the wall, pushing her arms against it as her muscles tightened and started pushing the artificial motorized fetuses inside her womb out of her body. Both Jean Akers and Ginger were there to help this time since Jean was in an awkward position at the front of the bed. As they got close and listened to the screaming contractions of Jean, Ginger blushed and Jean Akers saw her girlfriend's expression. Jean Akers put one hand on top of Ginger's and the two shared a smile until they saw Jean crowning.

"One more big push, sis," Jean Akers said as she cradled the fake baby's head in her hands. Jean screamed and pushed one last time, pushing the baby into her half sister's embrace. "Great job."

"Halfway there," Ginger said, trying to pat Jean on the back but accidentally patting her on the ass. "Oops, I, uh-"

"Thank you," Jean moaned, panting as she tried to catch her breath. "I can do it. With all of you here."

By the time Jean was in position for her fourth birth, it had been a full twenty four hours since this all started. Dasha, Jean Akers, and Ginger had gotten very little sleep but they were all focused on taking care of their heavily pregnant and laboring friend. They had little food too but they managed to run out and get Jean a McDonald's Quarter Pounder With Cheese and McFlurry when her cravings kicked in at 11:30 at night. She may have been in excruciating labor but she still got hungry.

For the fourth birth, Jean was in the same position as the first birth but instead of Sailor Moon, she was dressed as Chun Li from the Street Fighter series. But before Jean could start pushing, she motioned for Dasha.

"Dasha, get the video camera please," she said. Jean Akers looked confused but Ginger anticipated and answered her question.

"Jean has a series of YouTube videos where she talks about her pregnancy while dressed like Street Fighter characters," Ginger said.

"How do you know?" Jean Akers asked.

Ginger blushed. "I watch them...sometimes..."

Dasha got the camera and Jean smiled through her pain. "Hi everyone! I'm already three births into this six baby pregnancy so watch me do birth number four!" She then grunted and grabbed her bedsheets. "Oh fuck, this is a strong one! FUCK!"

"That is our cue," Jean Akers said as she and Ginger got ready to catch the baby. "Start pushing, sis!"

As she pushed, Dasha changed into an outfit like Cammy, also from Street Fighter, just as Jean had requested. With Dasha giving Jean words of encouragement, she got the baby out and had only two left.

The next birth position saw Jean on the edge of the bed, sitting up while she hugged her knees close to her body. This outfit was much more revealing than the last ones because Jean was dressed like Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell and had barely anything on to cover up her breasts, which made Ginger blush brightly (she averted her eyes whenever Jean changed clothes out of a sense of loyalty to Jean Akers).

Jean was breathing low and deep, nodding her sweaty head back and forth. Before giving birth, she watched "Disorder in the Court" by the Three Stooges on her sister's tablet. It was hilarious but Jean's contraction pain was too strong for her to be distracted now. "On the final stretch now," she grunted, feeling the contractions getting stronger and stronger as it got closer to time to push.

"I know, and you are doing amazing," Dasha said, rubbing her lover's big belly. "Ooh, feels really tight. Time to push?"

"I think so. Oof, damn, it hurts!" Jean said, her voice growing to a booming shout. "OH FUCK, THIS BABY IS A BIG ONE! TIME TO PUSH!"

"That's it sis, give it a big push!" Jean Akers said, petting her half sister's swollen belly as Jean tightened her muscles. Ginger was in position, ready to catch the next baby. Just as Jean had said, this artificial motorized baby was bigger than the previous four and it was giving Jean more a fight as she tried to push it out. But that was just what Jean wanted: pregnancy was not some simple process where you select how you want it to go and then get a belly in the mail. Pregnancy was full of unexpected moments and she was getting one now.

"OH FUCK! I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!" Jean shouted at the top of her lungs as she gave it one last big push. The fake baby came out and Ginger gasped at how big it was in her arms.

"Big boy," Ginger murmured, taking the plastic baby into her arms and getting ready to place it down with the others, where they would be returned to the Cadwallader company. "Should we warn them that they made one that is too big?"

"Oh no, it is a special surprise treat to have a labor that intense," Jean beamed, her hair in sweaty strands all over her face. "Now then, just one left. Time to change clothes again."

For the final outfit, it was one that was elaborate and Jean sewed it together herself. It was a perfect replica for the silken ruffled shirt and dress that Lili wore in Tekken 6, complete with a red ribbon around her collar. The completed outfit was so impressive, Jean had thought about wearing it to one of her conventions but she wanted to save it for this special child birth moment.

In this final birth, Jean laid down on the bed on her back but allowed Dasha, Jean Akers, and Ginger to take her legs in their own hands and hold them up. Then, Dasha got some stirrups that Jean had fashioned together herself. Jean only wanted to give birth at home with her friends and family but she wanted to try, just once, to see what it would be like to give birth in the same position as a woman would give birth in a hospital.

"Ready!" Jean Akers said loudly as Jean was fully dilated.

"OH FUCK, HERE IT COMES!" Jean screamed, shouting herself hoarse. She pushed incredibly hard while holding onto Dasha and soon the final baby, a girl, was born and Ginger took it in her arms.

"You did it!" Dasha said, tears welling up in her eyes.

"I did it," Jean said weakly, exhausted from thirty seven hours of child birth. "Now then...when can I get another pretend pregnant belly?"
Commission: Jean Cadwallader's Pregnant Belly 4
A commissioned story, Jean Cadwallader finishes her sextuplet artificial pregnancy goes through extensive labor and child birth.

A direct sequel to this storythis story, and this story and a continuation of this storythis storythis storythis storythis story, and this story, all commissioned by Haurko01 
Jaimee was still breathing hard after her impromptu boxing workout on the fashion runway so her adrenaline let her waddle faster than usual over to Hannah, as her sister Lena guided her from behind. "What do you need me for?" Jaimee asked, stopping when she saw Hannah pinching her sinuses in frustration and Nadia crossing her arms and stewing with anger. "What?"

"Can you, like, get these two to talk?" Lena asked with an exasperated sigh, gesturing between her mother and Hannah. "I can't talk to this primadonna redhead but you know her. Facilitate, moderate, whatever."

"These designs are ridiculous! When I heard this was a maternity fashion show, I thought you would have form-fitting dresses, nice blouses, pants and skirts that fit. Look at this one!" Nadia said, pointing at Sophie as she prepared to go on stage. The purple-haired barista had on a glittering top made with metallic pieces that formed a mail over her belly, with the gaps just big enough that her bright, smooth belly could be seen clearly while fabric mixed in to the other sections covered her breasts and arms. "You'd draw less attention to her pregnancy if you had her waddle out in a bikini!"

Sophie rolled her eyes and turned to Hannah. "So am I going out or not?"

"Go, go, go, we're on a tight schedule," Hannah said, waving Sophie out toward the stage. The applause flared up again as she showed off the dress but Hannah's grimace did not soften.

"I'm glad I was here before you let my daughter walk out on stage in these things," Nadia said, putting one hand on Lena's shoulder.

"This collection is designed to accentuate a woman's pregnant body. Anyone could just make a tailored dress to fit a big belly. I'm doing something new and unique and that's why this show is valuable," Hannah said.

"This is why I don't work directly with designers," Nadia said to Jaimee. "All artists are like this. They have such big egos."

"Yeah, she's the one with the ego problem," Jaimee muttered under her breath. "Listen, we're almost at the end and I'm not going to show off my body only to have all this cancelled. Hannah, maybe you have some more...traditional dresses my mom could wear to show some balance in the collection?"

Hannah crossed her arms and looked away. After nibbling on her lips for a few seconds, she finally mumbled, "I guess I have a few more basic outfits."

"And Mom, maybe you should take a risk and try and trust Hannah here? Listen to the crowd. People like this," Jaimee said. "Maybe you, Lena, and Kara can try on Hannah's other clothes and come out on stage at the end to close out the event? You'd get lots of cheers."

"They're just being polite. No one wants to be rude to a bunch of pregnant women," Nadia scoffed, biting into another forkful of food from the catering table. "I'm not showing my face out there until I get some assurance that this is going to help our financial and legal situation. If I go out there with all those cameras and this ends up being a failure, I'm going to be skewered even worse."

"Mom, please, try and be cooperative," Jaimee urged as Hannah left to get some more conservative dresses. As she looked through the wardrobe, Hayley was pacing around, her fingers and legs twitching. 

"Everything okay?" Hannah asked. "Stage fright?"

"I don't think so," Hayley said. She hadn't kissed the requisite five bellies yet and had just one to go. However, now she felt the urge to kiss that final pregnant woman more strongly than ever. It was worse than just being horny. It was an itch, running over every piece of skin on her body and down to her bones and tendons. As Hannah waddled toward her, Hayley's eyes fell on her popped-out belly button. But Hayley couldn't add onto her sister's existing pregnant burden. "I...I've got to go!"

Hayley hurried away, leaving the yacht club through the service exit in the back. She passed by Lucy making out with her husband, a robe slung over her exposed, naked body. Hayley had already inadvertently grown Lucy's pregnancy twice now. She couldn't do it again. As Hayley hurried around the club's perimeter, she spotted Shelley Rae the designer smoking and checking her phone. As soon as Shelley noticed she was being watched, she flicked the remaining ash off and tried to hide her smoking hand. "Oh! Please don't tell anyone. It'll ruin my all-natural, healthy living brand. I only smoke socially, I swear!"

"Sure, lady," Hayley said, finding the only target available. She waddled over and lifted up Shelley's top to reveal her flat, toned midriff. "You seem healthy to me. You've got a great stomach."

"Oh, well thank you," Shelley cooed. "I try not to get intimate with models but since you're an amateur, I suppose it's alright~"

"It'll be quick," Hayley said, bending down and kissing Shelley on the navel. That final kiss released all of the stress building on Hayley and she felt a warm rush between her legs, but it was replaced by guilt as Shelley's stomach started to swell and grow round. Her designer clothes ripped and stretched to accommodate Shelley now being full term pregnant, and she was big for a woman only pregnant with one baby. 

"What is this? What's happened to me?" Shelley gasped. "And look at my clothes! What the fuck am I supposed to wear now?"

"Guess that's why Hannah's maternity clothes are so special," Hayley shrugged as she moved to get away as quickly as her 16-baby belly could take her. "And you should probably quit smoking for a while."

Back inside the event center, Jaimee was continuing to argue with her mother and sister as agent Lisha Wallace strode up. "Well Nadia, I gotta say, you're making me write a very interesting report tonight," Lisha chuckled.

"Oh, give me a fucking break. Don't give me this Columbo fake objective act. You think I'm guilty and you're just biding your time until you can nail me," Nadia spat, mouth still full of Polish food. 

"After all this? I don't know what to think," Lisha said, raising one eyebrow and looking at all the half-naked pregnant women moving to and fro. "Though I gotta say, that young lady comes up with some interesting clothing designs. I've been thinking about starting a family soon and I wouldn't mind wearing one of these."

"Good timing," Jaimee said quietly.

"Glad to hear that," Hannah said, waddling over with three dresses in tow. "Here, these better?" Nadia pinched one of the hems and looked the outfit over. "Boring enough for you?"

"If you want to get anywhere in the fashion world, you might want to not insult the Krazoka family so openly," Nadia sneered. "Especially when you have so many babies to raise on the way."

Hannah blushed and opened her mouth to snap back when Shelley got in between the two of them. "Nadia! I owe you an apology! This maternity fashion line idea? Brilliant. It's exactly what the industry needs," Shelley said, touching her tan bare belly. Everyone looked at the designer in shock, since she was as toned as a gymnast minutes ago. "I know I don't have any clothing for pregnant women that I'd want to be caught dead in."

"You''re pregnant," Lisha said, eyes wide in shock. "How did you-"

"I do a lot of intense yoga. My womb may not be in quite the same spot and my pregnancy was hidden, or it's these fertility chemicals everyone is talking about in town. Who knows? The point is, I've got a baby on the way and I want to look good until she comes," Shelley said.

"You already know it's a girl?" Jaimee asked.

"I'm very in touch with my body's energy. I can tell," Shelley said.

"Alright then," Jaimee said, looking away. "Another reason why I don't hang out with fashion industry people..."

"I'd like to partner with this new enterprise, if I can. I've got plenty of resources that need investing and I can start selling when I open up in Australia," Shelley said, spinning around to face Hannah. "And I've got lots of people who I think need to talk with you as soon as possible."

Hannah was stunned, nearly dropping the dresses for Nadia that were in her hands. "T-that would be g-g-great," Hannah said, unable to believe the head of Rae Designs was giving her such praise.

"Well, we'd better close out the show then," Nadia said, taking the dresses and heading to the changing room.

"Hmm," Lisha said, taking out her notepad and scribbling some observations. "Guess the new Krazokas are legit after all."

As Nadia and her two daughters got into their new dresses, Hayley slunk back into the show and got into the press section. She tapped Thomas on the back as he was resetting his camera. "Hiya," she said. "Long time no see."

"Feels that way. It's been a crazy couple of days," Thomas said with a nervous grin. "Oh, this is my coworker Kate."

"We've met," they both said in unison as Kate touched her new pregnant middle. Thomas gulped and turned back to Hayley. "So, WMB. The big leagues."

"This sounds like a personal conversation," Kate said, stepping away. "I'm hungry anyway. I'll be back soon." 

As Thomas and Hayley stood together, Thomas couldn't keep his eyes off of Hayley's new, colossal belly. "Um, yeah, I've been doing okay here so far. I'm still really new but...y'"

"Want to rub it?" Hayley sighed, patting her belly. "Go ahead, you're going to pop a blood vessel resisting." Thomas placed his hands on her bare stomach and stroked in large circles. "Guess you're upset we weren't together when I was this big, huh?"

"I think we spent enough time together," Thomas said with a grin. "Speaking of, me and Lucy spent some time together recently too."

"Hey, good for you," Hayley said, holding her hand out for a high five. Thomas laughed and slapped it. "So you and her are a thing now?"

"No, we aren't a real match. It was just a crush sort of thing. Sorry I sabotaged your career over it," Thomas said, blushing.

"Eh, I'm moving on from that," Hayley said, waving it off with one hand. "My life's changed a lot too. Hey, I might have a career as a model now! I can still travel plenty that way."

"True," Thomas chuckled. "Jaimee's family seems to get around."

"Speaking of, now that you're newly single and Jaimee?" Hayley said, raising one eyebrow. "Anything there?"

"I'd like to but she left me, y'know. don't think she'd want me again, right? You know her better than I do." Thomas kept saying, his face bright red and his grin getting goofier and goofier. "Do you know something I don't?"

Hayley winked and studied the look in Thomas' face as cheers started up again. Both of them turned to the stage as Nadia, Kara, and Lena waddled out. Kirstie, still emceeing the event, got on the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, the benefactors of tonight's event, the Krazoka Fashion Company and its owner, Nadia Krazoka!"

"Sorry, got to cut our talk short," Thomas said, quickly getting the camera ready and pointing it at the stage. "Kate's not back yet so I guess I'm in charge for now."

"Finally getting your chance to shine," Hayley chuckled, giving Thomas a light pat on the back as he went live again. "Next thing you know, you'll be anchoring the nightly news."

"Thank you, thank you," Nadia said as she strode on stage. "Tonight was a first step for both our company after the passing of my husband and the start of new designer Hannah Knightley, who will be a name you hear about in the fashion world much more very soon." As she took one step forward, the stage finally started to give under the weight of so many hugely pregnant models (and Jaimee's boxing demonstration didn't help). One leg snapped and the stage began to sag. "Uh oh. Tad, are you out there? Could you fix this, please?"

Tad came out of the back and began to work on the stage and put in back in order. But no sooner did he get on stage than Grant ran out of the crowd. "There you are, you son of a bitch!" He yelled, tackling Jaimee's cousin and throwing wild, sloppy punches and slaps. "Stay away from the love of my life!"

"What the fuck?" Tad shouted, rolling around on the already rickety stage while trying to fend off the wild-eyed reporter. "Aren't you the TV news guy?"

"Grant, what are you doing?" Gigi screamed, rushing out onto the stage with Brandy following behind her. "You're acting crazy!"

Thomas' face flushed. Here was his chance to give Jaimee and her family some help with a positive news story and now not only was it in jeopardy but the man who got him his current job was the one ruining things! "We're back live. It seems someone has run out of the crowd and begun assaulting one of the stage hands. It appears to be some sort of personal dispute unrelated to the show."

"Can you get a clearer image of either man?" said one of the anchors from the WMB studio. "I can't believe Grant is missing this story."

"Oh, I'm sure he's aware of it somehow," Thomas said with a gulp. "He's always got an ear for news."

"Everyone, please, be calm," Nadia said, still with the microphone in her hand. "Any security here, would you please-"

"Hey, where's all the food?" Kate shouted from the side. She marched out with several other very pregnant women with very strong cravings. "Did you eat all the catering?"

"Um, I don't know if this is the appropriate time to discuss that," Nadia said, her face flushing.

"She still has sauce stains on her face!" Nina shouted. "We volunteer our time while we're pregnant and you eat all the food?" The hungry and angry pregnant women got on stage, shouting and arguing with Nadia. Now the groaning sound from the stage's supports could be clearly heard and, with one big boom, it gave way. It was only a few feet off of the ground but it still shook everyone up and knocked away nearby lights and displays, as well as sent pregnant women onto the floor.

The audience began to flee after seeing the stage crash and so did most of the news teams to avoid getting their gear damaged. Thomas stayed since Kate was the one up on stage. "The fighting has resulting in the stage breaking down," Thomas said to the studio back at WMB, turning the camera to show some pregnant women literally rolling away from the chaotic scene as they fell from the stage. "Kate is in the thick of it trying to, um, gather more information and the other news outlets are being evacuated to avoid breaking any equipment, but for now, it looks like this is one fashion show no one is going to forget any time soon."

"One last question before you go: was that Grant Gabriel attacking that man?" one of the anchors asked.

Thomas could see Grant in the middle of the fray, one hand wrapped around Tad's throat while Gigi was tugging him away with both of her burly arms. He turned the camera down a few degrees so none of their faces could be seen. "We're, um, still gathering more information. Back to you."

As Hayley looked around the scene in panic, she felt the hairs suddenly stand up on the back of her neck. Hayley had felt this way a few hours ago...could she be back already?

Sure enough, through all the confusion, Rose strode into the center of the fray and lifted her arms out wide. "Never fear, the final entertainment is here," Rose said with a booming voice. Taking in a deep breath, she began to sing. It was an old style of singing, with lots of high, steady notes. And it was beautiful. The few people there were transfixed and even Grant and Tad stopped fighting to listen. Rose was an incredible singer and she was beaming from ear to ear as she sang. 

Hayley was listening intently too, but she felt like it was so familiar, like she had to have heard this before. And not just this song but this singer...but when would she have listened to music like this? It was like lounge music from the 1950s, or even older. The last time she heard music like that, she was trying to learn about Cassie Bobbins.

Then it clicked, just in time for Rose to finish her number. The remaining people in the venue clapped and Rose turned to the media pit. "How many entranced viewers, cameramen?"

"Um...everyone else is gone and they had to throw to commercial," Thomas said, touching his earpiece. "But Rose, since when could you sing like that?"

"No one? I was broadcasting to no one?" Rose fumed. "So much for stealing the spotlight. I'll find a better stage next time." 

As quickly as she came, Rose left, able to escape thanks to the chaos still left over from the stage collapsing and a pile of pregnant women falling around. But as she waddled to the exit, Hayley's own big belly blocked her path. "Rose, what the hell was that about?"

"Hayley, funny seeing you again," Rose snickered. "I'm doing another change in careers. I already sold all of PGNT's secrets to WMB and now I can fund my big return to the music world. All the classics are new again, after all. I thought upstaging your big show would be fun but of course, you can't draw any big crowds. I'll have to come up with something else."

"Wait, one more question," Hayley said, pushing Rose back with her belly. One advantage to being pregnant with 16 babies is she had a built-in barricade. "How do you know Cassie Bobbins and why do you hate her so much? You have her pictures and albums in your house that Lucy saw, you tried to dig up information on her back at PGNT, you know her songs by heart. What's the deal?"

"Her songs? No, those songs were written by Rose Masie and then forced into a duet with Bobbins," Rose said, her smirking replaced by smoldering anger.

"So what, Rose Masie was your grandmother and you still hold a grudge for her?" Hayley asked. "And you still know about this whole curse thing, so...what did your grandma tell you?"

Rose's face was as red as Hayley's hair now and she was trembling. "You stupid, slutty can you still not see it?" Rose said, her voice dropping to a whisper before she exploded with anger. "I AM ROSE MASIE! I'M CURSED TOO!"
Broadcast: Chapter 62 - Breakthrough
Things at the fashion show are less than ideal as Hayley and Rose confront each other with shocking information.



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Barbara Ann stomped so hard leaving her trailer home, it shook the support braces. Her mother Angie could definitely hear her but she stayed put in her folding chair, its plastic frame crackling and creaking as each deep breath as she shifted her pregnant weight around.

"Momma!" Barbara Ann snapped at Angie. "You just gonna let them run around in the dirt like that?" She swung her arm out at the trailer park's field where her little brothers were playing with the park's other kids and getting filthy. 

Angie smiled and let out a small grunt. She lifted up her hips and repositioned herself while stroking the side of her bare pregnant stomach. She had on a sweaty tank top but that was nowhere near big enough for her round belly when she was at eight and a half months with twins. "They're kids, Barbara Ann. Why you so upset?" she asked her daughter with a chuckle.

"Because I'm the one who has to clean them when they're done, since you can't hardly fit in a bathtub!" Barbara Ann said, prodding one finger into her mother's wide pregnant belly. Angie pouted and rubbed her taut middle quickly where her daughter poked. "You go and have all these babies and then you swell up so fast, I gotta be the real momma and take care of them!"

"You're the momma around here, huh? Who does the cookin'? Who breaks up the fights?" Angie said, still smiling at her daughter despite the attitude she was getting. She cupped both of her engorged breasts, her dark areolas visible through the fabric of her tank top. "Or you can have a look at my nipples and see how sore they are from feedin' so many babies."

Barbara Ann huffed and crossed her arms against her denim overalls, hiding the size of her own bust. She'd inherited a lot of Angie's looks – the breasts, the curves, the smooth skin, the bright blonde hair – but she didn't want to show it off. She hid her body in baggy clothes, her skin was usually dirty from all the housework she did in the trailer, and her hair was tied in a tight braid behind her and then a beanie over top if it wasn't too hot. Barbara Ann didn't like people ogling her or telling her how pretty she was or worst of all ending up like her mother with a baby or two on the way every few years.

"If I could help clean those kids, I would. I don't want them trackin' dirt in the trailer any more than you," Angie sighed, turning to watch the park children play while she rubbed her belly and felt her own unborn children playing inside of her womb. "But on the other hand, this'll all be good practice for you when you got babies of your own."

"Momma, I'm not havin' any babies!" Barbara Ann yelled loud enough for the other mothers in the trailer park to hear and smirk at one another. "I'm not gonna be like you and just sit home growin' Daddy's babies while he's out workin'!"

"Oh please. You're my daughter and that means you're gonna have a long life of havin' kids. All a matter of whether you have 'em with the right guy or not. I'm lucky I found your Daddy and got started with you," Angie said, spreading her hand out wide across her own tight stomach. "Lord knows some ladies 'round here didn't catch that break."

Now Barbara Ann was really fuming. "Momma, I just told you! I'm gonna get a real job, move out of this dirty-"

Angie didn't get to hear the rest of that sentence because a beam of blue light shot down next to her, making the air vibrate and sound like a roaring train. Everyone turned to look at the flash of light but after a few seconds it was gone. There was no trace left that it had ever been there and no Barbara Ann standing where it had struck.

"- trailer park, and I'm not havin' any babies!" Barbara Ann finished shouting before she realized she was no longer yelling at her mother. In fact, she wasn't even in her trailer park anymore. Barbara Ann was standing in the lobby of what looked like a small office building. The walls were bright white with silver-metalic trimmings. She was standing in a small alcove with nothing around her but walls and ten feet in front of her was a receptionist desk. Sitting behind the desk was a young woman. A young woman with green skin.

"Hello," the green woman said with a soothing, quiet voice. She looked up at Barbara Ann for a moment before taping on her desk. As Barbara Ann walked closer, she saw this was not some ordinary table but a seemingly complex control pad with touch screens and all sorts of glowing bars and numbers. The receptionist – Barbara Ann didn't know what else to call her – made a few more taps and adjustments before looking up at her with a polite smile. She didn't have an iris and only had a dark black circle in the center of her white eye. It creeped Barbara Ann out even more than the green skin. The smile may have set some people at ease but it reminded Barbara Ann of the sappy smiles credit card companies and town politicians would give the trailer park folks. "They will be with you in just a moment. Would you like something to drink?"

"Shit, I feel like I just had sumthin' strong to drink already," Barbara Ann muttered, looking around this office, if that's what it was. Behind the receptionist was another wall and all around were some large chairs in the room. Other than that, it was bare. "Who's comin' to see me? Where am I?"

"I'm sorry, we didn't have a way to contact you in advance," came a new woman's voice as the wall opened up to create a doorway. Out waddled a pregnant woman with an even bigger belly than Angie's. This woman wasn't green at least but she looked more human. Her skin was like a white lady's who went into a tanning bed a tad too often. Her hair may have been blonde too but it was shaved down very close to the scalp, revealing small ears with no lobes. "My name is Yukad. What is your name?"

"You snatch me up and don't even know my fuckin' name?" Barbara Ann said, her voice now starting to waver as confusion and stress were setting in. "What is all this? Are you, what, aliens or sumthin'?"

"Well, yes, and-"

"And nuthin'! Take me back to Earth!" Barbara Ann shouted. If she could argue with her pregnant mother, she could argue with some alien strangers.

"But we have a job offer for you," Yukad said.

That stopped Barbara Ann in place. A job. Right now she was just working some night shifts at Golden Corral but working on some alien spaceship had to be better than that. And she might even get dental. "Alright, I'm listenin'," she nodded, walking toward Yukad at the doorway she appeared through. "I'm Barbara Ann. Guess your fancy space scans didn't show you that."

"No, but our scans did give us some very important information," Yukad said, guiding Barbara Ann into the next room. The wall closed back up once they passed through the temporary doorway This room was much larger, with dark blue walls and two massive chairs instead of any desk.

As Yukad waddled to her own chair, Barbara Ann took the time to gauge the size of her pregnancy. Yukad was wearing a skin-tight grey body suit, with a thick white stripe running up her belly and breasts, starting at her belt to her collar. In terms of belly size, Yukad was a few feet wider than the wrecking ball at Barbara Ann's dad's construction job. Each of Yukad's breasts were twice the size of a basketball and Barbara Ann could see her nipples poking through the grey body suit. These two chairs were even bigger than a love seat but as Yukad sat down, they were still a tight fit for her ass cheeks. As soon as Yukad sat down, she let out a deep sigh and started to rub the top of her pregnant middle in long strokes up and down. It reminded Barbara Ann of her own mother, who she'd seen pregnant more times than she could count on her hands.

"You due soon?" Barbara Ann asked.

"No, I've got another year I'd say," Yukad shrugged, letting out another deep breath. She saw Barbara Ann's look of shock and smiled. "The universal standard for a year is the same as it is on Earth."

"That's not what confused me. You get pregnant for more than a year?" Barbara Ann asked. "That sounds awful."

"For my species, pregnancies last two years but for me, it depends," Yukad replied.


"Depends on what species I'm pregnant with," Yukad said with a cooing laugh. "I'm a professional surrogate."

"Professional surrogate," Barbara Ann repeated back. She remembered hearing something about that. One of the women in the trailer park had a sister or cousin or something that got some work as a surrogate when her boyfriend got deployed overseas in the military. And she got paid pretty well from what Barbara Ann remembered. "You make good money that way?"

"We make good money, yes," Yukad chuckled, smiling wide and narrowing her eyelids at her human companion. "I'm the board chair for PyVaLeer, the galaxy's premier surrogacy agency."

"Pyvie what?" Barbara Ann asked, raising one eyebrow.

"It's an pun in Gliessian, it would be hard to explain," Yukad said, waving one hand before placing it back on her large belly. "The point is, we're an agency made of the people with the best maternity and fertility genes in the galaxy and help ensure the best possible pregnancies and gestations for our clients."

"There's that many people in space who need help makin' a baby?" Barbara Ann asked. "Geez, most people in my town have a hard time not havin' kids. I'm 18 and haven't gotten knocked up once, and to them that's a big deal."

"Yes, you humans seem have an easier time reproducing than most other species but there are many who happily accept the help of surrogates. We also assist with royal families who need their descendants gestated off-world, colonies that need a large influx of children, parents who are working on exploration missions and cannot be pregnant during that time. Our client list is extensive," Yukad said, shifting in her seat as Barbara Ann saw the impression of strong fetal kicks inside of her, making her spherical belly twitch and shake.

Barbara Ann narrowed her eyes, trying to follow everything this pregnant alien woman was saying. "But...whadaya want with me?"

Yukad smiled and let out a strange vibrating laugh from the back of her throat. "I'm sorry, I thought it was clear. We only hire people with the best maternity genes and you're the most fertile human on your planet. We'd like to take you on as a surrogate."

In an instant, all of Barbara Ann's curiosity and intrigue turned to revulsion. "All you want me to do is make babies? You sound just like my momma!"

Yukad tapped some buttons on the armrest of her large chair. Part of the dark blue wall showed a readout of text, plus a cross-section of a human body, presumably Barbara Ann's. At first these were all written in some totally unfamiliar characters but they shifted to the English alphabet and recognizable numbers. "Yes, it would make sense that your mother and other ancestors had strong maternity genes as well but yours are even more prevalent."

"So I'd have even more babies than my momma?" Barbara Ann said, eyes wide.

"Well part of that depends on you," Yukad chuckled. "But generally, yes, if that helps you understand." Yukad pressed some more buttons on her chair and it slid closer to Barbara Ann. Her colossal belly was pressing against the human girl's thighs as she leaned in to talk. "This is a very rare job opportunity. Normally we wouldn't come to a non-spacefaring planet and interfere, but when our scans found you, I couldn't let the opportunity pass." Gently, Yukad took Barbara Ann's wrist and placed it on top of her own pregnant stomach. Barbara Ann had rubbed Angie's belly plenty of times but it was never even a quarter of this size.

"There's no kickin'," Barbara Ann murmured.

"No, the Bivia are a cold blooded species and their fetuses remain very still during gestation to absorb the mother's body heat but you'll learn about many different people in the galaxy in your time here," Yukad said, looking deeply into Barbara Ann's big blue eyes. "So, are you in?"

Barbara Ann didn't like the idea of getting pregnant right out of high school (although she'd made it longer than Angie without having a baby) and didn't like the idea of pregnancy in general. But being a surrogate, working in space... "You sure it pays good?"

"Converting your payment to a medium of exchange on your planet might take some time but yes, we are paid very well for our talents," Yukad smiled. 

"Well...alright then," Barbara Ann said, extending one hand. "Put 'er there."

"What is this?" Yukad said, looking confused for the first time during their exchanges.

"Y'know, a handshake," Barbara Ann said, not seeing any change in Yukad's face. "It's a thing we humans do to agree on a deal."

"Oh, I see. Yes, very well," Yukad said, lifting her arm and sticking it out. Her massive belly shifted and pushed into Barbara Ann's torso, keeping her out of arm's length. Yukad sighed and tried to lean forward but her breasts knocked Barbara Ann's arm out of the way. "Sorry, one moment."

"Maybe we can try standin' first," Barbara Ann said, squeezing past Yukad's belly to get to her feet. Yukad nodded and sucked in a deep breath, shifting her wide hips while trying to bend her knees to get back up. Barbara Ann sighed and reached down, helping Yukad grip onto the human's forearms as Barbara Ann stepped back and helped pull Yukad out of the chair. Her ass cheeks escaped the tight seat and Yukad stumbled forward, her pregnant stomach bowling Barbara Ann over.

"I'm so sorry!" Yukad gasped, holding one hand to her lips in horror. 

"It's fine," Barbara Ann said, her vision totally eclipsed by Yukad's massive belly. "Happens with my momma all the time." She stood back up, adjusted her overalls, and stood to Yukad's side so they could shake hands. "So...when do we fill me up? I gotta go to a doctor or somethin'?"

"We've already done our medical scans on you and everything checks out," Yukad smiled. "We'll be at our offices in nearly a day so just make yourself comfortable for now."

"This ain't your office? Then where is this?" Barbara Ann asked. Yukad chuckled and patted her on the shoulder before waddling to one of the blue walls. It opened into a doorway again and Barbara Ann was led down a corridor to a large lounge with clear tubes running across the ceiling. In there, the back walls were all windows and Barbara Ann could see the night sky like she'd never seen it before. All throughout this intense black was a sea of stars, multicolored clouds of gas, the flashes of other spaceships moving around. Barbara Ann was never romantic about space, preferring to stay on Earth, but that all changed when she saw that. She let out a garbled sound from her dropped jaw and started to walk toward it.

"Ah, one moment," Yukad said, taking Barbara Ann's arm. "Your feet." Barbara Ann looked down and saw the lounge was all carpeted and she had on running shoes with mud and grass stuck to them. As she knelt down to untie them, she noticed for the first time that Yukad was barefoot, her toenails the color of Mountain Dew. Her belly was so big, Barbara Ann hadn't even seen Yukad's feet yet. "The office floors can be easily cleaned but we walk around barefoot in all communal spaces because of the swelling in our feet."

"Makes sense," Barbara Ann said, kicking off her shoes and stepping into the lounge. She hurried across the floor and up the carpeted steps to the window, looking at the vastness of space. It was even more impressive up close as the window rounded out and she felt surrounded by the cosmos. "Damn, this is a lot cooler than it looked in those dumb Star Wars movies."

"She's never been off-planet before?" a new woman's voice said. Barbara Ann turned to see another pregnant woman, and judging by her magenta-toned skin, she was another alien. Her hair was as black as the empty space outside of the window and it hung down past her shoulders, with some tucked behind her ears. She had piercing green eyes and pursed lips as plump as Barbara Ann's thumbs.

The alien woman waddled closer to Barbara Ann but she didn't know how this woman could even move. Her belly was twice as big as Yukad's, giving her a baby bump big enough to fit Barbara Ann in there with room to spare. Unlike Yukad, she had on very little clothing, save for a cobalt-toned strap around her breasts, each one as big as Barbara Ann's head and then some. As she waddled and swung her hips, Barbara Ann could see she had shorts on made from a similar material.

That left her pregnant belly to stick out totally naked, its ripe shape still a bright pinkish hue and only brighter the closer her stretched out skin got to her navel, which was the size of a softball now. If Barbara Ann wanted to, she could lay down on top of this big belly and tangle off of the floor. The weight of this alien woman's belly was obvious in her gait, pulling and pushing her every move as she stepped closer, one hand pressed against her swollen stomach to guide her body. Barbara Ann was surprised by Yukad's appearance but seeing this woman really left the Earth girl in shock. The reality of her situation in space, selling her womb to vast alien civilizations, was starting to sink in.

"Yes, she's new to outside communities," Yukad replied.

"Look at her, gazing out into space like a newborn," the magenta woman said, making Barbara Ann start to sneer. "No, it's cute! Don't worry!" Her belly was close enough to hit Barbara Ann but the enormous alien pivoted on her heels and with the grace of a ballerina, turned her stomach out of the way and shifted her back leg so she and Barbara Ann could talk directly. "It's downright adorable."

"Well, alright then. Long as you ain't mockin' me," she said, reaching out one hand. "Barbara Ann. From Earth, I guess."

The alien woman pushed her lips out in contemplation and looked over Yukad's shoulder for help. Yukad demonstrated a handshake and the woman followed suit. "Z, from Tledii."

"Z?" Barbara Ann said.

"No, Z," she said, stretching the syllable out. Barbara Ann could pick up some slight changes in Z's voice texture.

"Z?" Barbara Ann tried again, trying to mimic what she was hearing.

"Close enough," Z grinned, turning her head to look at Barbara Ann's midsection. "Oh my, you really are new. You aren't showing yet!" She hovered one hand over Barbara Ann's stomach. "May I?"

"You can rub alright but you won't find nuthin'. No babies in me yet," Barbara Ann chuckled, tugging on her overall straps.

"Ms. Ann here is going to our center to be impregnated, just like you," Yukad said.

"Actually, my last name ain't-" Barbara Ann started to say, looking back at Yukad before whipping her head back to Z. "Wait, you not pregnant yet?"

"Sadly, no," Z sighed, patting and rubbing her stomach. "We Tledo have our wombs constantly active and engorged with amniotic fluid in anticipation of pregnancy. Once I'm pregnant, I'll grow a few meters but this is about as big as I'll get." She turned to the side and modeled her belly size to Barbara Ann. "Beautiful, isn't it?"

"You think a preggo tummy is beautiful?" Barbara Ann said, leaning in to emphasize her disbelief.

"Oh, of course! Such a large, wonderful curve, firm to the touch, warm and sensitive. At least I think so, but maybe that's just because I'm the biggest Tledo of them all," Z giggled. "Do your people think women are ugly during pregnancy? That would be awful, to be hidden away during such an important time in your life."

"It's, I dunno, hard to explain. Some think that, some nah," Barbara Ann said, scratching her chin as she kept looking all over Z's ripe body, looking so heavy and fertile despite not actually being pregnant. "Then again, we don't always have big bellies like you."

"So to you, am I ugly or not?" Z cooed, her full lips pushing out even farther as she asked her question. Barbara Ann looked over her wide belly to her heaving breasts and cleavage until she got to Z's bright emerald eyes. 

"W-well, um," Barbara Ann started to say, rubbing her thighs together as she squirmed in place. "I-I never seen any aliens before but I guess I'd say-" Just then, she saw a brown blob shoot through the clear tubes running through the lounge's ceiling. Barbara Ann instinctively ducked and watched the slime move through the tube into the next room. The sight of it reminded her of seeing port-a-potties being cleaned out and it turned her stomach. "Ugh, why y'all got your plumbing out in the open like that?"

"Oh, that wasn't waste. That's Reet, another of our employees. There are non-carbon based species that need surrogates as well," Yukad said, waddling in between Barbara Ann and Z to answer. "She requires constant movement for most of the day but when she is out of her kinetic period, I'll introduce you two. She is very sweet."

"I can talk to her? She didn't look like she even had a mouth?" Barbara Ann said.

"How do you think we're speaking with you now?" Yukad asked with a chuckle. "We have very efficient universal translator technology."

"You really are a space virgin," Z purred, leaning in closer to the human girl's face. "Seeing you learn about things here is so fun!"

"Z, how about you show Ms. Ann to her room? She's had a long day and may want to rest," Yukad said, pushing her hands into her hips and stretching out her stomach. "I'll have a contract for you when you wake up but let me just say we're excited to have you join our board, and we're looking forward to learning more about humans as much as you'll be learning about us."

"I dunno how much you'll end up likin' about humans," Barbara Ann scoffed as she walked out of the lounge with Z. "We're rude, we're dirty, we've got a real mean streak, and since we're just about the only ones who ain't in space, we must be pretty damn dumb too."

"But you have an excellent sense of humor," Z giggled as they both entered a corridor and Barbara Ann took her purple coworker's lead. Even though Z was supposed to be showing Barbara Ann the way, she felt like she was helping the big-bellied alien more as she looked after her balance and waddling. "Is that all humans or just your family?"

"Not all humans, for sure. My teacher Mrs. Kimble didn't like no jokes. I guess my momma can try and be funny, a little too much. My daddy can laugh but he's quiet too. And my brothers and sisters, hard to tell. Most of 'em are too young," Barbara Ann shrugged.

"Oh, you're born in different litters? I'm one of 14 myself," Z said. "How many siblings do you have?"

Barbara Ann sighed and touched her fingertips together as she counted. "Lessee...15 I think. Sometimes even I forget. Momma took a few years of breaks but as she's gotten older, she's had more twins."

Z stopped Barbara Ann in the corridor with one hand on her shoulder. "Let me get this correct...your mother was pregnant more than 10 times individually?" Z said, her eyes as wide as golf balls.

"About that, yeah," Barbara Ann said, blushing. "She', I know. But you got 13 siblings so-"

"Yes but we only get pregnant typically twice in our lifetime, three if we are truly lucky, though they say I may get to four," Z said. "Humans can get pregnant...a dozen times?"

"I guess we can get pregnant lots of times. I dunno the real limit," Barbara Ann shrugged.

"And Yukad says you have the best maternity genes of all your people," Z said with a growing grin. "Oh honey, you may be the best breeder of us all."

Breeder. That word sent a shiver down Barbara Ann's spine. "Can I be real honest witcha? I'll take this job 'n' all but...the idea of being pregnant scares me."

Z frowned and cocked her head as she looked over Barbara Ann's face. She waved one magenta hand over the next wall and it opened into a doorway, through which was a lightly furnished room. There was a bed, a desk, shelves, another doorway that led into what looked like a bathroom. Z took Barbara Ann's hand and they both sat down on the bed, though Z needed help shifting her weight down. "I am nervous about pregnancy too but excited! I've always wanted to be pregnant and feel kicking inside of me. It's natural to feel this way, I think."

"Nah, it's...I dunno how things are on your planet, Z, but on Earth, havin' your momma tell you that you're only good for makin' babies while she's knocked up feels like a slap in the face. And then hearin' that I really am just here for gettin' bred, it makes me feel like there's nothin' to me but my womb," Barbara Ann said, her head hung down.

Z shifted a bit closer to Barbara Ann on the bed, her belly touching Barbara Ann's denim-covered thigh. "Well...what would you want to do with your life instead?"

Barbara Ann snorted out a laugh. "Thas' the thing. I dunno. Though lookin' out at all that space and meetin' new aliens...I'd like to explore out here some."

"Then you're in a good place," Z said, her big smile returning, making Barbara Ann grin back. "You can learn all about the universe outside of your own planet and get paid while you're doing it. And yes you'll be pregnant but you will be helping so many other people in the process."

"I guess. Seein' my momma swollen all the time did make me a li'l curious about pregnancy, if I'm bein' real honest," she said, smiling at Z. "Thanks, I just needed to talk it out."

"Of course. People say we Tledo are very emphatic. And we're going to be friends and fellow PyVaLeer board members so we should be able to talk," Z giggled. "And you shouldn't worry about looking ugly when you're pregnant. None of us will think that."

Barbara Ann laughed. "Nah, that wasn't...back in that lounge, that's not what I meant."

"I never did get to hear from you honestly," Z said, touching one hand gingerly to her belly and stroking it in large, slow circles. "Do you think I look...bad with this belly? Is that a human custom?"

"No, not at all," Barbara Ann said, watching Z gracefully touch herself, already less than half naked on her bed. "In fact, you look like a damn supermodel."

"What does that mean?" Z asked, leaning down onto the bed, keeping her shoulders propped up with the pillow as she continued to pet her belly. "Model?"

"Yeah, sexy people who get plastered everywhere to sell stuff," Barbara Ann chuckled. "You don't have models?"

"Not the way you are describing, no," Z said. ""

"No, yeah, I didn't mean like that, I meant..." Barbara Ann said, watching Z stroke her bare magenta belly as her breasts shifted against it and her plump lips were barely open as she waited for a reply. "Ah screw it." She lay down on the bed next to Z and began to kiss her, wrapping her arms around the curvy alien woman. Z embraced her tightly, putting her lips inside of Barbara Ann's mouth and slipping her tongue inside. "Ooh...never done this before..."

"I can tell, but it's cute," Z said in a quiet, breathy voice, picking at Barbara Ann's overalls. "But these clothes are very thick and coarse. Would you mind if we removed them?"

"Why the hell not at this point?" Barbara Ann said, unbuckling them and stripping down to her birthday suit. Z undid her little bit of clothing, letting both heavy breasts fall down against her firm belly, with two even pinker nipples sticking out erect. Without the strap around them, Barbara Ann could see each one was too big for her to even fit in both of her hands. " it's kinda makin' sense to me."

"What is?" Z asked, laying back down into the bed.

"Why I was so nervous about bein' pregnant all these years...I didn't want to do it with any guys," Barbara Ann said with a chuckle. "Guess I never realized how I feel about gals. They shoulda never cut our sex ed class."

"I don't understand about half of what you say," Z giggled, reaching her arms out. "But we can talk about it after."

"Yeah, sounds good," Barbara Ann said, climbing back into Z's embrace. She kissed her alien lover on the lips again before traveling down her cheek and neck to her breasts, fitting one nipple into her mouth. As Barbara Ann sucked and Z moaned, the human reached around to grip a thick handful of ass. Both women rolled around, which led to Barbara Ann being lifted into the air, propped up by Z's huge belly.

"Whoa there," Z giggled. "Never done that before. Hard when all Tledo women have big bellies too."

"Yeah," Barbara Ann panted, feeling her naked sex rub against Z's belly. "Shit, I startin' to think I'm not just a lesbian. I think I got a preggo fetish too."

"You are so adorable," Z said, shifting in the bed again so Barbara Ann got closer to her and she could start feeling her chest and back. While she was not as big as the voluptuous Z, Barbara Ann still had breasts as big as cantaloupes and they were very sensitive to the touch. "You're not like any other woman I've ever met."

"Same to you," Barbara Ann said, letting out a gasp as Z pinched her nipples. "God, you got some sexy lips." Z smiled big in reply, blowing Barbara Ann a kiss. "Could you...y'know..."

"I do," Z said, winking. The two women switched positions so Z could fit her face in between Barbara Ann's legs. Barbara Ann didn't know what to do in this position but she started petting Z's hair and holding onto it. She'd seen guys getting blowjobs in school and this is what they did with the girls' hair. Seemed to work.

As soon as Z planted a kiss on Barbara Ann's clitoris, the human girl let out a squeal and cupped one hand over her mouth. "D-did I just make that sound?" she moaned, now hearing how much higher her voice was. Z didn't reply and just kept kissing until she slipped her tongue in. Barbara Ann tightened her thighs and kept crying out, rocking back and forth in bed as Z ate her out, getting faster and faster.

Barbara Ann was panting heavily. The feeling was so intense, she almost wanted to stop Z. It was like she was doing something wrong. After all, touching herself never felt this good. But she felt so much warmth and excitement, there was no way Barbara Ann was going to cut this off. It was just first time jitters. She took in a deep breath and leaned into it, feeling her alien lover touch every sensitive part of her body and make her feel better than she ever had before.

"Oh...oh, oh! OH! AHH!" Barbara Ann wailed as she hit her climax. Both hands gripped thick fistfuls of hair as she felt her whole body burning. Every muscle was white hot and she felt like she lost control of herself. As Z got back up, Barbara Ann fell into her arms, panting and sweating as she tried to catch her breath. "That was...whoo...I came hard."

"Me too," Z said, her breathing also heavy. "I told you, we're very empathic people."

Barbara Ann groaned and started kissing Z on the belly while the magenta woman hugged her. "You think this'll still be fun when we're knocked up?"

Z giggled and nuzzled against Barbara Ann's hair. "I've heard it's even better."

Angie steadied herself against the trailer as she stroked her naked belly. Her tank top was rolled up as the Summer heat was making it stick to her cleavage. "Hear anything?" she asked her husband over the cell phone.

"Nah," he replied with a sigh. "I'ma keep askin' round. See if any a' my buddies in the sheriff's station can figure out any more."

"Alright, just come on home when you ready," Angie said, moving her hand and grunting as she felt a stiff kick. "These babies are really fussin'. Might be ready soon." She hung up the phone and looked across the trailer park. One week ago, everything looked like this. The kids were playing, she was pregnant and waddling around in the heat. The only difference was, Barbara Ann was here too. Now, all of the other mothers in the park, many of whom were also pregnant, looked at her sadly but didn't want to say anything. What could you say to a parent whose child vanished into thin air?

But as Angie turned back to return to her trailer, not wanting all of the pitiful eyes of her neighbors on her, she felt goosebumps all over her body. Out of the corner of her eye, Angie could see another beam of bright blue light near the trailer, followed by a loud roaring sound. When it was gone, her daughter was standing there, with a strange looking companion and a bulging belly. "Hiya momma," Barbara Ann said, stretching out her lower back and making her pregnant middle look even bigger. "Oof, that always shakes me up doin' that."

"Barbara Ann? Where you been?" Angie said, hurrying over to her daughter and giving her a hug. As they embraced, Angie could see that her daughter was not only pregnant but her belly was several feet wider than her own. She had a beach ball sized belly and her skin was still as smooth as cream. As Angie looked at Barbara Ann in shock, she turned to see Z standing next to her, with a belly that was even bigger. "And who is she? What's wrong with her skin? She from one of them French countries or something?"

"No momma, she's a space alien. I been in space," Barbara Ann said, holding onto her mother's shoulders as she felt Angie starting to get faint. "Easy now. I can explain everything...well most of it at least."

"You got abducted by aliens? And they knocked you up?" Angie said, holding one hand to her forehead. "You! Purple lady! Why you knock up my daughter?"

"I did not. It was voluntary. My people would have no reason to hire a surrogate," Z chuckled, looking confused. "Where are we anyway? Is this a farm?"

"Look, momma, you know Ginger from round the way carried some lady's baby for her? I'm doin' the same but with aliens. It's all my choice and I'm makin' money," Barbara Ann said.

" both so big...and what's happening to your nipples?" Angie asked.

Barbara Ann looked down but her chest has grown so much since her pregnancy started that she couldn't see what Angie was seeing. She cupped both breasts and groaned. "Dang it, not again." She lifted her shirt up and revealed her bare breasts, with each nipple coated in a light pink slime. "Side effects of this type a' alien. Guess they make me leak this goo for the long this one last again?"

"Only six months but the growth is rapid," Z said. "Your daughter is really a remarkable fertile specimen, but I can see where she got it from."

" do good in this job?" Angie asked, handing her daughter a towel so she could clean her breasts.

"Yeah I think so. And I'm gettin' to see stuff no human ever seen," Barbara Ann said. "They say I got good maternity genes and so...guess I should thank you for that. Without you makin' me a baby factory, I wouldn'ta gotten to do all this stuff."

Angie sighed and smiled, touching her belly against Barbara Ann's. "Well I thought one day I'd be pregnant same time as you but I didn't know it'd be like this...but I'm happy for you all the same. Maybe one day you'll even have some kids of your own."

"Maybe," Barbara Ann said with a small smile, touching her mother's bare belly. "Listen, we gotta go take care a' some business but I'll come back as soon as I can. I got so much to tell you about and...I could always use some tips on how to waddle and be a pregnant lady. These other aliens are nice but they don't get pregnant like you and me."

"I can't wait," Angie said, giving her daughter one last big hug. "Come by soon now."

Barbara Ann wiped away a tear and waddled back over to Z. "Nice to meet you!" Z said, waving one hand. "But you should know, when she comes back, she'll be too big to fit in your pod home."

"Don't tease," Barbara Ann giggled, kissing Z on the cheek as they both were enveloped in a column of blue light.

"Pregnant with some alien lesbian," Angie said, crossing her arms and shaking her head. "Don't think the pastor's gonna want to hear about this."
Mayternity 2018: Best Genes in the Galaxy
My submission for the Maternity Genes Mayternity 2018 contest. A young woman with a constantly pregnant mother doesn't want to follow in her footsteps. But then a job opportunity falls in her lap that is hard to ignore.

Art by RiddleAugust –…
"Thomas, you there?" Grant said. Thomas could pick it up in his earpiece but at that moment, you could set off a roman candle next to him and he would not flinch. He was gawking, eyes wide open, at his former coworker Kirstie naked on stage with a large pregnant belly, in the throes of an orgasm. His jaw would have been hanging slack but after the past month or so of seeing preposterously large pregnant women all over the city and in various states of undress, he'd learned to control himself at least that much.

"Thomas, we go live in five, talk to me," Grant repeated. Thomas saw still watching as Kirstie, now revealed to the gathered audience in all her round, fertile, nude glory, scrambled to run to the back and hide. She stumbled a few steps when she tried to run with Harry still inside of her but after a pained yelp from the tall redhead, the two organized themselves and got out of view.

"Thomas!" Grant finally shouted.

"Huahh! Yep, we're all here!" Thomas said, his heart beat racing. "Actually, Kate's off somewhere. But I'm sure she'll be there by the time we go to air."

"Okay then. We'll cut to you two after the story on the governor's day in court," Grant said. "Be ready to start reporting. And Thomas?"


"This may seem like a fluff piece but WMB is a top tier news organization. We don't do anything half-assed," he said. "This is your first remote and it's proving time. I'm sure you'll do great."

"Thanks," Thomas said, taking in a deep breath. It wasn't his standing at WMB he was worried about. Right now, he just wanted this show to go well so Jaimee's family might be able to pass themselves off as legitimate. And maybe if his report was well produced and enough people saw it, that would help them even more. But he couldn't do all that by himself. He needed Kate to actually produce the thing. Where was she?

Backstage, Kate was pacing around near the dressing rooms, looking for someone to give her a hand with these sauce stains on her shirt. "It's a fashion show and there isn't a single fucking tailor or something back here?" she grumbled. "That swollen redhead couldn't have made all of these clothes herself." Then she spotted Hayley rushing in through the back and waved her down. "Hey, yo, you're Hannah, right?"

"I'm Hayley, her sister," Hayley said, bending forward and gripping her knees to catch her breath. "From afar, maybe we look the same, but up close I think you can tell that I'm much more-"

"Right, the bellies are different. You're bigger," Kate said, tugging on her dirty shirt.

Hayley narrowed her eyes and slowly stood back up. "Well...yeah but you can see that my skin is much more tan, my chin has a natural contour, my hair-"

"Whatever. Look, I messed up my shirt and I need to be on camera soon," Kate said, making a vein pulse on Hayley's forehead. "You're a model here, right? Think you can find me a change of clothes."

Hayley was not thrilled with this woman and was never in a rush to help anyone from WMB but she was trying to do better and helping WMB did help Thomas. "Sure," she sighed, waddling to Hannah's dressing room. "Hannah always has some extras. They're clothes for pregnant women but if you just tuck it in, it'll work."

"Whatever works," Kate said, removing her shirt. Hayley gulped when she saw Kate topless. Her breasts were much bigger than they looked behind her work shirt and she had the toned body of a runner. As Hayley absentmindedly grabbed a maternity blouse, she couldn't take her eyes off of Kate's navel. She could feel this gnawing sensation in her head, a mix of lust and madness, the same way she felt after she started kissing the Krazoka women's bellies yesterday. Hayley had already added one baby to a pregnant woman today and if yesterday was any indication, she needed four more...

"I think you still have some sauce on your stomach," Hayley purred, leaning in and gently licking Kate's bare stomach. Then, she placed her lips against Kate's belly button and kissed.

"What are you doing?" Kate snapped as Hayley brought her lips away, looking at the redhead in shock. "There were always stories about you being a weirdo in PGNT but this is another...oof..." Kate clutched her stomach and felt it swell and expand, getting round and wide. She put both hands against her naked stomach as it ballooned to the size of a basketball, twitching and stretching as her new baby began to kick inside of her. "What the fuck?"

"Um...guess this'll fit you without any tucking now," Hayley said, pushing the blouse into Kate's arms as she waddled away as fast as her enormous belly could take her. Hayley ran until she bumped into Hannah, their massive stomachs bouncing off of one another, as the sisters winced and felt their unborn children kicking up a storm. "Here!"

"Typical," Hannah sighed, stroking the sore part of her maternal middle. She looked back at Hayley and saw the ashamed, worried look in her face. Hannah clenched her lips and stepped in for a light hug. "Better late than never. I'm glad you're here. Maybe you're a big enough attraction that people will forget about Kirstie."

"What happened with Kirstie?" Hayley asked.

"Nothing, forget I said anything," Hannah said, pointing to some black curtains off to the side. "Go hurry and get dressed. You're going out quick."

"Wait, I thought Kirstie was supposed to open up the show. You told me over the phone," Hayley said.

"We're...reshuffling things! Go grab your dress and put it on!" Hannah said, clearly under a lot of pressure. "Your first outfit is marked, it's the purple one!"

"Purple, got it," Hayley said, hurrying to the curtains. "Shit, I'm getting my workout in today," she muttered. As Hayley ran to the curtains, Nadia waddled up to Hannah, a flowing black evening gown on that clung tightly to her belly while flowing loosely around her neck and legs.

"You said your sister would be here...was that her?" Nadia asked, looking off in Hayley's direction with a perplexed look.

"Yep, dear ol' big sis. She may be hard to work with but she's popular here in Quincy Bay and is helping bring attention to this show, which means attention to you," Hannah said.

"Right...I think I saw her yesterday," Nadia said, slowly petting her pregnant belly, where Hayley kissed her navel twice. "It was around the same time I learned that I was pregnant with twins."

"I'm sure they just shifted into position. You know those 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant' shows," Hannah said with a nervous laugh. Now was not the right time to let Nadia in to the question of Hayley's links with all these pregnancies. "Just a weird coincidence, I'm sure." With that, Hannah waddled out through the curtains onto the main stage, with applause washing over her.

"It's her! The reporter whose belly burst out at the football game!" someone shouted.

"No, that's my sister. I'm Hannah Knightley," Hannah said into her microphone. "We have a few differences. I have a much sharper chin and cheeks, I style my hair in the modern European-"

"Yeah, see, she's a lot smaller than that reporter. Plus, she's clearly less confident speaking in public," another person said, making Hannah grit her jaw.

"Anyway, welcome to the first maternity fashion show with my line of clothing for pregnant women, partnered with the Krazoka brand, who are very generous partners," Hannah said, trying to push on. "I created these outfits because there is so little out there for expectant women. We are supposed to either hide our growing bodies or when we try to put on revealing clothing, it's often a mockery. This is truly fashion meant for a modern pregnant woman, to embrace her body and her emotions and her needs. It's clothing for pregnant women," Hannah said, her eyes starting to mist up as she placed one hand on her exposed stomach. "By pregnant women." The audience started to clap again just as Hannah tried to clarify. "I mean pregnant woman! Me! I made all the outfits!"

But the applause was too loud and people were already murmuring about the foresight of the Krazoka family. Hannah sighed and smiled, taking the praise for what it was. She headed backstage and started lining up her models.

Behind the black curtains in the dressing room, Hayley saw three other pregnant women, all naked from the belly up as they put on their outfits for the show. Sophie, Hayley's purple haired barista, was there, along with Brandy and Nina. "Hi Hayley," Sophie said with a big grin. Her bare breasts were resting on top of her swollen belly.

"Hey," Hayley said, eyes wide as she saw their tempting belly buttons. Part of her thought after kissing Kate on the stomach, it might reduce her desire to do the same thing again. Instead, it only made the passion grow more. And Hayley thought about the possibility of doubling in size again... "Sorry about this," Hayley said, grunting and balancing her huge stomach as she bent down to kiss Sophie's stomach.

"Ooh, Hayley, I thought you'd never ask," Sophie giggled, petting the top of her belly as Hayley kissed her on the navel. "I always wondered why you and me never hooked up."

After she kissed Sophie's belly button, Hayley turned to Brandy and grabbed the dancer's much smaller waist, since she got pregnant through "traditional" methods. "What the fuck is this?" Brandy said, stepping away. "This bitch has too many babies in her and it's taking all the blood out of her brain!"

As Brandy got out of the way, Hayley felt herself falling into a haze. She needed to kiss someone's stomach and add a baby soon! She turned to Nina and planted her lips, kissing the older woman lovingly on the nub of her navel. Nina let out a surprised coo. "Oh, this takes me back," she chuckled. "I'm flattered, young lady. I heard all of those stories about you and Athena Labs getting me pregnant but I don't know if I believe-"

Nina was cut off as she grunted and felt her pregnant stomach grow, with one more fetus added to her litter. Sophie was growing as well, bracing herself against the wall of the makeshift changing room and feeling her belly expand. It was over quickly but each woman added another foot in circumference to their already massive pregnant stomachs, though Hayley's belly was still big enough to fit one of them inside of it.

"Please, just one more," Hayley said to Brandy, her body trembling. "I can't help it. I just-"

"What the fuck is going on?" Brandy shouted. Hayley was teetering on the edge, with each kiss compelling her to add another baby until she hit the necessary five for the curse. But seeing Sophie and Brandy's stunned looks at her and watching Nina cusp her swelling belly in awe, she couldn't take it.

"I'm sorry!" Hayley panted, grabbing her purple dress and darting out past the curtains.

"Wait, pick me again! My husband and I have wanted children for so long!" Nina shouted as Hayley lumbered away as quickly as she could.

Already frantic, Hayley stripped down outside and tried to put her new dress on but was having trouble with her size and balance. "Let me help," said an all too familiar voice. Hayley froze with panic as Rose fastened the dress together and put it on. Hayley rushed to hide her naked chest but Rose just chuckled. "Nothing I haven't seen before." Hayley whipped around to try and see her but she was too big and too slow. By the time she looked, she was alone backstage.

"Hayley, come on, get in line. You're going out soon," Hannah said, tugging on Hayley's dress to straighten it out. "There, that looks good on you. I didn't know if it would all fit." The dress was a flowing piece of lavender fabric, covering her breasts while still showing off their size and weight, then curving back around to wrap across her back then tied under her bare belly, with added flaps on the back to hide the part of her butt that stuck out of her pants. "Everything okay?"

"Fine," Hayley said, still trembling as the curse was still egging her on to add one last baby. "You might want to, um, double-measure some of your other models though." She waddled toward the stage as Brandy, Nina, and Sophie rolled out of the dressing room, with the Krazoka women looking at them with raised eyebrows.

"Did they...were they that...size before?" Lena asked.

"And wasn't that redhead just in there?" Kara asked.

"It's just a coincidence, girls," Nadia said, looking just as suspicious. "Nothing to worry about..."

Out on stage, Lucy just finished her catwalk and out next came Hayley. She tried to settle her nerves but the eruption of cheers and flashing photography once she walked out was hard to ignore. Hayley gulped and tried to keep her eyes forward, though she hesitated one step when she spotted Thomas on the side, pointing the camera at the stage before standing in front of it.

"Hello Grant, yes, the Krazoka Maternity Fashion Show is now underway and we're getting our first looks at these outfits. It's unheard of for a fashion designer on the level of the Krazokas to work with a designer who is still in graduate school but it speaks to the confidence they have in Hannah Knightley," Thomas said, now live with WMB and talking to Grant through his earpiece and microphone. "There were doubts about the Krazoka family finances, as we reported here earlier in the week, but their investment in this new venture could say otherwise."

"Yes, it's an interesting that this was announced so soon after our report on the Krazokas' investigation," Kate said, gritting her teeth since she'd worked hard on that report. Also, she was struggling to hide the bottom half of her body now that she was full term pregnant, if only with one baby.

"And look at this next model. You can see the variety in Hannah Knightley's designs," Thomas said. Gigi was on the stage, smiling big and even giving a wave to the crowd as she had on a golden top with a mesh middle that showed off her dark brown stomach. As she made the walk, she gave a hug to Tad, who was just on the edge of the stage.

"One question to the two of you, since you're there live," Grant said. "Who is that?"

"Who is...who?" Thomas asked.

"Him, that guy!" Grant said, frantically pointing in the news station at the screen. The crew at WMB headquarters were looking at each other perplexed and neither Thomas nor Kate could see him.

"Um...the guy that model hugged?" Kate said. "We don't know. Probably a boyfriend I guess. Anyway, Grant, some more questions about the Krazoka family business are-"

"He's gone," said a producer's voice at the station, watching as Grant sprinted out from behind the desk and out the door. "Um...go to commercial."
Broadcast: Chapter 60 - And We're Live, Again!
The fashion show starts just in time as Hayley arrives, but with the new curse affecting Hayley on top of the previous one, things are going to be more complicated than Hannah had anticipated when she created this event.



Jean Cadwallader was laying in bed, stroking her belly and grinning from ear to ear because she knew she had just hit the full term mark with this particular Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly. This was her fifth time with one of the artificial pregnant bellies that were so popular around the world and she was lucky enough to order six of them in quick succession since it was her family that created this fake pregnancy product with a lot of input from Jean on how it would work and what aspects of pregnancy it ought to simulate. While it was a plastic belly with motorized artificial fetuses inside, it connected to her nervous system and internal anatomy in a complex way so it felt as real as her own skin and when it would come time to give birth to these motorized babies inside of her, she would push them out of her own birth canal.

This was pregnancy number five for Jean and this time, on her order form, she had asked very specifically to have six fetuses. So now that she was at full term, she was officially the largest pregnant woman in history: ten months pregnant with sextuplet babies. And she looked fittingly big as well. Her pregnant belly was almost as big as half of her mattress. A third of Jean's entire body mass was just her pregnant middle. This was just how Jean liked it however. The only thing she loved more than pregnant women was being pregnant herself and the more pregnant she felt (i.e. the bigger she grew and the more babies she carried), the better she liked it. It filled her with joy, it turned her on, it made her feel fulfilled. The list went on.

But even though Jean had technically hit full term in her pregnancy, it did not mean that she would be giving birth any time soon. No, with the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly, Jean could ask for her pregnancy to last as long as three years, which she did enthusiastically. The fetuses would not grow any larger and she was stuck at her current size and shape (at least until her belly dropped, and it would drop twice as she specified it) but that was fine with Jean. She had still not yet fully adjusted to waddling around at her current size and weight and she was looking forward to living through the next two years looking the way she did now, as she pet her glistening, pale pregnant belly, still in a perfect bowling ball shape despite its magnitude. Her belly button stuck out like a cork and she considered getting it pierced just as her gorgeous and equally pregnancy loving younger half sister Jean Akers did.

As Jean cooed and pet her big pregnant belly, in to the bedroom crept Dasha, Jean's new girlfriend who was also wearing a Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly. She only had quadruplets with her current model and she was on her second pregnancy, since she did not have the ready access to the technology that Jean did as a member of the family that created them. Dasha had hit her full term mark a while ago and stroked her stomach as she waddled up to her girlfriend and began to touch their round middles together. "Feeling ripe?" Dasha asked.

"Tight and ready to pop," Jean grinned. "But that is how I like it. I am going to love this feeling for the next two years. Only one year away from feeling my belly drop though. I always love that part!"

"And you are going to feel your belly drop twice, right? I am jealous I did not think to do that with this pregnancy," Dasha sighed, petting her rich brown toned belly. "Next time."

"Next time, absolutely," Jean giggled, still keeping it a secret that she would get Dasha a sextuplet baby Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly when she was finished with this one. It would be a great surprise. Then, Jean let out a little burp and felt her own stomach grumble and gurgle. She looked at the digital clock on the bedside and groaned. "Uh oh, it's time."

"What, you're in labor already?" Dasha asked, clearly confused and concerned.

"No, it's 11:30 at night. That means it's cravings time," Jean sighed with a little smile. "I have to go eat a McDonald's Quarter Pounder With Cheese, fries and a McFlurry. Although now, I have to get two."

"Oh, honey, that's okay, I'm not hungry," Dasha giggled.

"No, they're both for me," Jean said, heaving herself up and off of the bed.

"Thanks for coming with me," Ginger said, cradling and stroking her massive bare pregnant belly as she waddled through a Dave and Busters. Jean Cadwallader was waddling right next to her, trying not to bump her huge six baby Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly into any of the other pregnant men and women packed into the venue. Both had their naked pregnant stomachs sticking out and Ginger had on a top with a low neck to show off her cleavage while Jean had on a button up shirt that was undone and tied around her chest to really reveal how big and juicy they were getting. The Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Bellies did more than just make a woman look big and pregnant and feel fetal kicking inside of them. It also pumped lots of hormones into their bodies and really made them look and feel just like a true pregnant woman. "Your sister got caught up at work and my cravings hit and I just had to come out but I hate to go here alone. It gets really dark in the gaming area and someone might try to cop a feel, you know what I mean?"

"I do, sadly," Jean nodded. Ginger was dating Jean Akers, Jean Cadwallader's younger half sister. She was a gorgeous Asian woman with as big of a passion for pregnancy as Jean did, though she did not have the same amount of influence in the creation of the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly so Jean got the special sextuplet pregnant belly instead of her younger sister. But maybe next time, Jean Akers would get to be as big as Jean. "But I don't mind. It is fun here and I like spending time with you."

"You do?" Ginger murmured. Even though she was dating Jean Akers, she could not deny that she had a crush on Jean Cadwallader as well. Must be something about that family and the way they wear a pregnant belly.

"Hmm? Sorry, I can't hear you that well over all of these games," Jean said, leaning in closer. The games at Dave and Busters were very loud and flashy but they still got a gamer like Jean very excited. "Do you want to eat first or start playing?"

"I put in an order for food already so we can start playing," Ginger said, glad Jean did not hear what she said and push the issue any further. Besides, Ginger loved Jean Akers and she knew that Jean loved her new girlfriend Dasha and Ginger wanted them all to be happy with the women they were with. 

As the two of them stepped up to a Dance Dance Revolution type of game, Jean's smile was growing. "I am jealous of your cravings. You have an excuse to come to play all these cool games. Me, I just get up late at night and eat junk food." Jean started up the game and a crowd gathered to watch the two of them dancing. It was rare to see pregnant women as big as them start to move around on one of these games.

The music picked up and both women were surprisingly nimble despite the weight and size of their pregnant bellies. They chalked it up to all the practice they had had being pregnant. As their scores were racking up, Jean suddenly stopped and gripped the hand rail. Ginger was worried and stopped as well. "Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, I am great," Jean said in a deep, moaning voice. "My belly just dropped." Sure enough, her pregnant stomach now looked a few feet lower and she seemed like an even more full term pregnant woman. "It just takes my breath away when it happens, you know?"

"I do," Ginger cooed, petting Jean's low hanging pregnant stomach. "You look even more pregnant and gorgeous now."

"Glad to hear it," Jean smiled, getting back up to her feet as the particular dance ended. "Looks like we got a bad score on this one."

"That is okay. Our food is almost ready and we will have lots of time to play more," Ginger said. "But maybe we can try something that involves less shaking and moving."

"Why? I love to let my pregnant body jiggle," Jean laughed. "Besides, Dasha gets embarrassed when I try and get her to dance while pregnant so I need to try and have all the fun that I can while I am here."

The movie theater was booming with the sounds of the super hero movie being played. Still, Jean Cadwallader could hear the distinct sound of popcorn crunching as Dasha chewed next to her. "Shh," Jean said in as small of a voice as she could.

"Sorry, I am trying to eat more quietly," Dasha whispered back as one hand patted her huge bare brown belly. "This pregnancy has me craving salty snacks."

"I know, it's okay," Jean said, holding both hands against her own rosy toned pregnant middle. She had on tight leather pants and a leather jacket that had to be unzipped to make room for her sextuplet full term pregnancy. Most of the audience for this movie screening were wearing the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly that Jean's family had invented and despite all of the modifications available to the public with these artificial pregnant bellies, Jean was by far the biggest in terms of stomach size. All part of the benefits that come with being a part of the inventor's family and putting your input into the design and creation of this international phenomenon. 

But as much as she liked being this big, it made doing a convincing Black Widow cosplay difficult since she could not wear the super spy's signature form fitting black leather suit but most people looking at her got the idea, plus the big red wig helped. 

As the two settled back down and continued to watch the movie quietly, Jean started to let out little yelps and grunts. "Everything okay?" Dasha asked.

"The babies are kicking a lot," Jean whispered back. They were artificial babies powered by motors to move around but their kicks still hurt as much as real fetuses' would. "I don't think they like me sitting still for so long."

"Let me help," Dasha said, leaning forward and rubbing all over Jean's bare belly. Jean let out a coo and leaned back, enjoying having her stomach massaged.

"Getting a pregnant belly rub by a beautiful woman while watching a super hero movie," Jean thought to herself. "This is just about as perfect as life can get."

Two years into her three year pregnancy, Jean Cadwallader was able to waddle with the weight of her pregnancy much better. It was still heavy of course – she was pregnant with six artificial full term sized babies after all – but she could maneuver herself much more effectively. With all of that added confidence and mobility, Jean went down to Target to go shopping for some more clothes. As much as she wished she could just dress up as her favorite characters and go everywhere cosplaying, that was not possible. Nor could she wear 1980s fashions all of the time. Sometimes, Jean just needed a nice durable pair of jeans, particularly ones with an elastic waistband.

As Jean waddled through the store to go shopping, a young man approached her. Men could wear Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Bellies as well, in fact Jean had expressly asked that that be a feature when her family was designing them because she wanted the joy of pregnancy to be shared with everyone, but this particular young man did not have one, at least not that Jean could tell. "Excuse me miss," he said, sounding very polite. "But you have an incredible pregnant belly."

"Oh, well thank you," Jean said, grinning from ear to ear. She was very proud of her pregnant body. "I feel like I'm glowing."

"I was wondering, would it be okay if I took a video of your belly? I love to be able to share incredible pregnant bellies with the world," he said, showing the camera on his phone.

Jean thought about it and agreed. She rolled up her shirt even more, though it was not hiding her pregnancy much if at all. She started to move around and show it off from various angles as the young man filmed. "Wait, I can make this even better," she said, getting some skin cream out of her purse and rubbing it all over her enormous sextuplet pregnant belly. "See how it shines?"

"It looks great," the young man said as he captured it all on his phone. "Thank you for this."

"You're very welcome. I love to share off my belly," she giggled, petting it as she went back to shopping with an extra spring in her step.

Later that day, she told her friends about it while they were all at the gym. Jean was in her usual 1980s exercise attire with big pink sweatpants and a cut off t-shirt for her belly to stick out. "That sounds so cute," her half sister Jean Akers said as Jean described the encounter.

"I wish I had more videos of my pregnant body. I'd have something to look at while I'm waiting for the next Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly to grow," Ginger said, lifting a heavy weight up.

"You aren't worried about having your belly out there on the internet?" Dasha asked, sweating and panting as she pushed her thick thighs into her leg press machine.

"No, in fact, I want everyone to see this belly!" Jean said, giving it a firm pat and slap. "Why else do you think I want it so big?"

"Because the bigger it gets, the more sensitive you become," Dasha cooed, getting out of the leg press and running her hands down to Jean's underbelly. Her girlfriend shivered and rubbed against Dasha, the two kissing and holding onto one another. "There, see what I mean? You are so ripe now, you are like putty in my hands."

Jean Akers chuckled as the two women rubbed each other and Ginger's face blushed brightly. She took the opportunity to move next to Jean Akers and rub up on her girlfriend.

"That's not the only reason why I like being so big and ripe," Jean murmured to Dasha. "But it is a nice bonus."

Ginger, Tina, Jean Akers, and Dasha all sat around the dining room table as Jean Cadwallader showed them her large binder, detailing every step of her upcoming birth. She was now two and a half years pregnant so her impending labor and child birth for her six artificial babies was still six months away. But she was prepared.

"You didn't go to this much detail last time, sis," Jean Akers said.

"I know but I want to really make the most out of it this time around," Jean said, pointing to one of the pages. "I will need all of your help too. I will be doing each birth in a different position and with different clothes."

"Costume changes in your own birth?" Tina asked in shock. "Dasha, how do you put up with her?"

"It's what I love about her," Dasha chuckled, kissing Jean on the belly.

"All of these will be natural home births in my bedroom. For the first one, I will be laying down in a traditional pose on the edge of my bed, legs spread wide. I'll wear my Sailor Moon outfit because it's what I wore the first time I went out cosplaying with Dasha," Jean said.

All of the women let out an aww. "That is so cute," Ginger murmured.

Jean turned the page and pointed to a pregnant model in black lingerie. "For the next one, I will be wearing this lingerie. I have a similar pair. Remember, Dasha? It's what I wore the first time we-"

"Yes, I know," Dasha said, putting one finger to Jean's plump lips. "Only we have to know."

"Right...anyway, I'll wear that and be on all fours. I'll have the birth canal be facing away from the wall so it is easier for one of you to catch the baby," Jean said.

"That'll be me. You're my sister, after all," Jean Akers said.

"For birth number three, I will be leaning against the wall to support myself with this cute red and black see through lingerie," Jean said. "It's what I wore the second time we...oh right, you don't want to talk about that with people around."

"No point being shy about it now," Dasha sighed with a smile. "Cat's out of the bag."

"For birth number four, I want to be on the edge of the bed again but instead of Sailor Moon, I want to be dressed like Chun-Li," Jean said. "And...could one of you dress like Cammy from Street Fighter 2 when you catch the baby?"

"It would be my honor," Jean Akers said with an exaggerated bow. 

"Then for the fifth baby, I want my knees held back and my thighs really wide apart on the same spot on the bed. I'll dress in a cool leather futuristic outfit like the Major from Ghost in the Shell," Jean said, modeling a gunshot with her fingers. "Cool, yeah?"

"Sure," Ginger said, looking at the notebook in awe. "I should start planning my birth now, I guess..."

"Then for the final one, let's do it like a real hospital with someone putting my legs into some stirrups, just to mix things up," Jean said. "I'll dress like Lili from Tekken 6. It's a cute white frilly dress, kind of like the lingerie I wore when we-"

"I get it," Dasha cooed, putting one finger over her lips again. "We all get it, babe. Don't worry, we'll be there for you and help you out."
Commission: Jean Cadwallader's Pregnant Belly 3
A commissioned story, Jean Cadwallader hits full term with her sextuplet artificial pregnancy and experiences the changes in her body plus tries out some new clothing to match her swollen size.

A direct sequel to this story and this story, and a continuation of this storythis storythis storythis storythis story, and this story, all commissioned by Haurko01  
Jean Cadwallader let out a light grunt and shifted deeper into her gamer chair. It was advertised as an ergonomic way for people to sit while they were playing video games but this chair was not designed with a pregnant woman in mind, let alone a pregnant woman who was eight months pregnant with six fetuses. Sure, these fetuses were all artificial and she could only feel them kicking inside of her belly because they each had a tiny motor built into them that mimicked the movements and behaviors of unborn children but they were still as heavy as real fetuses in a real pregnancy and just because they were all powered by a motor did not mean that their kicks hurt any less, particularly when they hit Jean in her bladder or especially in her cervix. Kicks to her cervix hurt the worst of all.

One hand cupped the front of her swollen belly as she dropped her hips some more and spread her thighs widely. This was all to make way for her massive pregnant stomach. Not only were the fetuses not real but the pregnant belly itself was not even her real belly, though it had merged more and more with her natural anatomy over the past eight months. Jean was using a Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly, designed by her family with input from her. It was a global mega sensation and she loved being pregnant more than just about anyone, save for maybe her younger half sister Jean Akers and her sister's girlfriend Ginger, plus a few other men and women around the world here and there. While it may have seemed like she was uncomfortable and inconvenienced, Jean loved these little moments more than anything. It made her feel like a true pregnant woman, one who was totally at the mercy of her changing body.

But as Jean sunk down lower in her gamer chair to make room for her heavy, swollen pregnant body, she heard a ripping sound. "Uh oh," she muttered.

"Uh oh? Why uh oh?" said her friend Tina's voice in her headphones. In the chat room for the live stream she was doing, several other watchers started to ask the same question until some noticed and started to point it out in a laughing tone.

"Ripped my suit. One downside to cosplaying as dVa," Jean sighed, craning her head to see past her massive pregnant belly down to her legs. She was only eight months pregnant but with six babies in her belly, it looked like Jean was in her 27th trimester. This was her biggest pregnancy to date and she still had more than two years of it left. But on her thigh, the pink and white spandex suit she put on to cosplay as dVa for this Overwatch stream had torn, leaving a large hole for her fair, glowing thigh skin to be shown to anyone watching her stream. "Guess it could be worse. The hole could have been a few inches higher...or I could have ended up showing my boobs to the world." Not only did pregnancy give her a large belly but her chest size had doubled recently and showed no sign of stopping.

"That would get you more subscribers, I think," said Tina with a laugh. Jean laughed back, wrinkling the pink painted stripes on her cheeks as she grinned and watched her friend's avatar run across the screen, shooting at their opponents while Jean tried to get herself adjusted.

"You're pregnant too. Why aren't you slowed down while you're playing?" Jean asked, struggling with her belly size as she tapped her controller quickly.

"Because I have a lovely partner giving me a tummy massage to make my tight skin pinch less while I play," Tina cooed.

"Ah, that's why," Jean chuckled. "I will have to look into that for my next stream."

"Then you will definitely get more viewers," Tina replied.

Still eight months pregnant, though intimately feeling how even a few days made her heavier and bigger and, deep down, more pregnant, Jean Cadwallader headed to the local water park. It was not the Summer and the weather was a little bit chillier than one might like at the pool but since the popularity of the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly had exploded, people with their own massive fake pregnant bellies with realistic nervous system connections loved to head out to the park to splash around in the water and show off how big and round and sexy they had gotten. And Jean was no different.

Normally, she liked to show off her big pregnant belly as much as she could, particularly now that she had this unique beta tested Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly with sextuplets inside of it to make her extra big for this time in her pregnancy. But at the water park, almost everyone had their pregnant stomachs out in the open for all to see. With such a special pregnant belly, Jean decided to leave a few things to mystery and was wearing a one piece bathing suit instead, but one with a lot of room to show off her cleavage and her thick ass cheeks. 

Finding a one piece bathing suit that covered her massive pregnant body was a tough task to pull off. The Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Bellies were internationally popular and had been for about a decade now and fashion adapted to match. But still, for customers as big as Jean was currently, finding a one piece bathing suit to cover all of that tummy was tough. It made it much easier for designers that most people liked to just put on a bikini and let their pregnant middles hang out in the open.

The one piece suit was skin tight and Jean's popped out belly button could be seen from several feet away pushing through the taut water resistant fabric. When she ordered this particular belly, her fifth one so far, she specified that she wanted it to be bowling ball shaped and eight months into her pregnancy, that had not changed once. One day it would drop and she actually specified that she wanted it to drop twice but for now, it had a perfect spherical shape and it was staying in place on her.

Dipping one painted toe into the pool at the water park, Jean shivered and rubbed her belly. Maybe she could have waited a week or so for the weather to get closer to Spring time conditions but it had been so long since she got to go out and swim in public. Besides, cold or not, she could tell how many women had their eyes on her as they rubbed their own wet, exposed pregnant bellies. For a lesbian like Jean, that was plenty of encouragement to keep going.

But instead of just barely dipping one limb or even one digit into the water, Jean decided to brace the chilly water all at once. She hurried, while showing good pool side etiquette and not running, to the water slide. It was remodeled to fit well with pregnant people, though since most of the pregnant women here were going through artificial pregnancies, and Jean had to stand in a small line while waiting to go down. Everyone was giggling and excited, petting their massive stomachs and waiting to go. Jean saw lots of pregnant women she liked and even got to rub a few bellies before it was her turn.

With one deep breath, Jean flopped down into the water slide, going down feet first and shrieking with joy. When she hit the water, it was a rush of cold but it was like ripping off a bandaid and she accepted things. Whipping her hair around to get the water out of it, she bobbed over to the side and rested on the lip of the pool. Another young pregnant woman was next to her and she smiled brightly at Jean. "Cold?"

"A little but it's not that bad," Jean said, slicking her short brown hair back. The other woman was a Filipino woman with rich brown skin and a pregnant stomach only a little smaller than Jean's own. "You?"

"I'm warmer when I'm next to someone else," the other woman said, wrinkling her nose and giggling. "Don't you think so too?"

Jean swam a big closer, letting their bellies touch, and she flashed a wry grin. "I sure do."

The crack of the baseball bat rang out through the stadium and everyone started clapping as the Seattle Mariners player hit a home run and was running around the bases. More people would have stood up to applaud this great play but so many of the people in the stands were pregnant, or wearing a Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly more likely, that they just stayed in their seats to clap.

Jean Cadwallader, however, made a point to stand up and clap for the player. She may have been eight months pregnant with six artificial babies but she liked to experience pregnancy as realistically as possible and for her, that meant doing things that would be difficult for a pregnant woman to do. Besides, she was a big baseball fan (literally big now) and wanted to show her appreciation and she had on the team jersey.

"A little help getting back down," Jean said, reaching one hand down. Ginger giggled and reached up, gripping onto Jean's wrist and arm to help guide her down into her seat. "Thanks."

"No worries. Your sister is always getting herself into pinches like that too. Your family really loves being pregnant but then you don't act like pregnant women do," Ginger laughed. "But the difference is she doesn't like baseball very much."

"Yeah, she has always been a much bigger football fan but I just love baseball," Jean said with a shrug. Ginger was referring to her girlfriend Jean Akers, who was Jean's younger half sister and also part of the illustrious Cadwallader family who invented the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly. "Thanks for coming out with me."

"You're welcome. I like coming out and I'd hate to go alone too," Ginger said, secretly having a tiny crush on Jean as well, though her heart still belonged to Jean Akers. Maybe she just loved the family, as a fellow woman who adored pregnancy. "Are you, um, alone right now?"

Jean's smile grew as the batter got one strike. "I'm not sure. I met a woman a few days ago at the water park and we seemed to hit it off but we have not met up again yet."

"Ooh, that sounds like fun. Is she..." Ginger asked, gesturing to her big belly with one hand. She was closer to her "due date" than Jean but because she only had quintuplets, she looked smaller than Jean, if only by a foot or two in diameter.

"Yep, she's as big as you," Jean said, wiggling her eyebrows. "Her name is Dasha and she is...nice. We will have to see how it goes."

Ginger smiled. In some strange way, Jean having a girlfriend of her own took the pressure off of Ginger and her crush. Now she could focus all her affection on Jean Akers, where it belonged. "Does Dasha like baseball?"

"Not sure. All I really know is that she likes the pool," Jean said before giggling. "Hopefully she likes cosplaying."

"Either way, I think she's going to see a lot of you in sexy costumes," Ginger said, before blushing and realizing what she just said.

But Jean just laughed it off and pet her bare pregnant belly. "Yep, I think me and my sister have that in common." Ginger's cheeks started to burn bright red and Jean laughed, struggling to get back up to her feet as she cheered for another big hit from the Mariners' batter.

"See, isn't this fun?" Jean Cadwallader asked her new friend Dasha. "You look amazing and everyone is looking at us."

"I know, everyone looking at us is what I am nervous about," Dasha murmured, carefully waddling into the convention center. It was Sakura Con and the whole building was packed with people, mostly pregnant with Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Bellies, who were dressed as their favorite characters from video games, anime, movies, and beyond. Jean stuffed her hugely pregnant body into a tiny dress and suit for her Sailor Moon cosplay and had on a flowing blonde wig to match.

"You look great," Jean said, giving Dasha a congratulatory rub on the front of her bare brown pregnant belly. Dasha blushed and rubbed right next to where Jean was touching. "And you told me you loved watching Sailor Moon as a kid."

"Yeah, I did, but I still feel nervous dressing up like one of the characters," Dasha said. She also had on the same sort of costume as Jean only she had on a small blue wig to be Sailor Mercury instead of the larger and more distinct Sailor Moon wig that Jean had on. "People will think I look out of place."

"You look perfect and more importantly, you look gorgeous," Jean said, planting a kiss on Dasha's exposed belly.

"Why is that more important here?" Dasha asked with a little grin.

"Well, it's more important to me," Jean said, standing back up straight, pushing her hands into her back to balance her huge belly, and kissing Dasha on the lips. "Now come on. I have so many things here to show you."

Jean stood in the foyer of Dasha's house, her pillbox hat and big colorful jacket back on. It was baggy but she had it open this time so she was sure to show off her pregnant belly. It had been a while since she dressed like this but she loved it.

"Looking good, sis," said Jean Akers. Jean turned around to see her younger sister skip (or skip as much as a pregnant woman her size could) up to the door with Ginger in tow. Both had big, faux-aerosoled hair and flashy metallic dresses on. "Thanks for loaning us these 1980s style clothes."

"It's a fun idea for a costume party but all my costumes are superheroes and video game characters," Ginger laughed, stroking her massive exposed belly. Jean could see her five artificial unborn babies kicking up a storm inside of her, making her big belly shake and stretch. Clearly Ginger was close to giving birth, even if was only a fake birth with the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly.

"Of course your new girlfriend would have a party with your favorite fashion as the theme," Jean Akers said.

"Totally her idea! We just have the same fun taste," Jean said with a laugh. "Oh, look who it is!"

Behind them came their friend Tina, who had on the aerobic look from the 1980s: big pink sweatbands, huge scrunchy in her hair, half-shirt, huge pulled up socks, and tiny shorts that made her butt look twice as big. She was also hugely pregnant and that just made her outfit look even sillier and sexier. "Hi everyone! Thanks for inviting me, Jean."

"Anytime," Jean smiled, welcoming the four of them into her girlfriend's house. "Dasha has other friends of hers over so let's go get you all introduced to them. To be honest, I haven't even had time to meet all her friends yet."

"Things are moving fast between the two of you then," Jean Akers said, beaming as she rubbed her bare belly against her older sister's. Jean could feel her younger sister's belly button piercing rubbing against her bare skin. "I'm glad you are happy."

"I'm glad you are too," Jean said, smiling just as wide. "You and Ginger are perfect together."

"Aww, thanks sis," Jean Akers said, stroking the top of her belly as she held Ginger closely, the two kissing one another on the lips. "Now then, where is this Dasha I have heard so much about?"

"Here!" Dasha called, waddling as quickly as she could, wearing a comically exaggerated power suit with huge shoulder pads, though it still had room for her pregnant belly. 'Oh, you must be Jean's sister. You have her good looks."

"Thank you, we share the same love for pregnant bellies at least," Jean Akers laughed as she introduced Ginger and Tina. "This looks like a fun party."

"I think it will be," Dasha said, smiling at Jean before giving her girlfriend a kiss on the lips. "I'm glad I got to meet your friends."

"Me too. I told you wearing costumes is a good ice breaker," Jean laughed. "Though to be honest, dressing up as a cartoon girl is more fun."

"We'll see about that," Dasha smirked, tugging Jean on the collar. "Now c'mon, let's go meet some more people so I can show off how hot you are."
Commission: Jean Cadwallader's Pregnant Belly 2
A commissioned story, following one of the creator's of the Cadwallader Pretend Pregnant Belly going through daily life while artificially pregnant with six babies.

A direct sequel to this story and a
continuation of this storythis storythis storythis storythis story, and this story, all commissioned by Haurko01  
If you have paid enough attention to my gallery to notice patters, which I would not recommend, you may have noticed I have more or less only been putting out commissioned stories for the past several months. I want to briefly speak on this.

A big reason why I have not been putting out any of my own original stories is because I'm in a transitional period in my life. I'm working on more and more real-life art projects under my real name and that is taking a lot of time and energy. Not only do I have less time to write stories for here, I'm also focusing most of my creative energy on these other projects so, to be honest, I haven't had any good ideas for a pregnancy story in a while now.

The other biggest reason is that, frankly, I need the money. This isn't to say that these commissions are a chore or a hassle because some of the commissions I've gotten have been very fun to write. But with these real-life projects, I need money to fund those and between working on my projects while balancing my day job and paying bills and rent on top of that, extra money from commissions is a huge help.

Will there be more original stories coming from me? I sure hope so. There will still be Broadcast chapters until that series is over (please read Broadcast) and I may get a fun little idea in my head and write out a story but for the time being, most of what you are going to see from me is commissions. 

I do try and share as many of my commissioned stories with the public as I can although I make exceptions if it's incongruous with the rest of my gallery/output so I don't feel too bad about not giving people content, although I do wish I could share more of my own original work. 

Let me also do a mini-ad for my commissions. Uh, I think they're good and other people seem to think they're good so if you want a story, I charge fair rates. And I need money.

Leave your thoughts in the comments and also tell me who is winning the NCAA tournament.


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