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Just because Airian said something about there being no stamps for it.

Obviously does not belong to me. This is :iconhamletmachine:'s creation. Love her, kay?

Here is the other one that Airisall made: [link]

If you would all just a take a moment to look at my gallery it would be much appreciated it. I'd just rather people see things I spent a little more time on. As lovely as this stamp is, it's hardly really any kind of "art work" I have done, since the picture is obviously Hamlets.

Thanks so much everyone for the favourites. I'm glad you like it. :heart:
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Your art is so beautiful.
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... I was wondering if i could borrow this to put in my signature..

I'm a (insert stamp here) Fan! (link)
Stamp belongs to not-so-glorious (link)
Comic belongs to Hamlet-Machine (link)
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Sure sure. Sounds fine to me. <3
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what kind of font was used for the star fight logo thing?
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I am not quite sure to be perfectly honest sweets.
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OMG ! :3

:+fav: and using it !! <3
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Faving and using it now! ^^
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:D Alright darling. Thanks <3
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Starfighter is one of my fav original comics and I don't even like sci-fi. Thanks for making this stamp. I wish I could use it
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oh goodness, I have been meaning to make a plz account for this. As soon as I do I will let you know my friend! :D
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its already been done actually with a different image : iconstarfighterplz1 :: iconstarfighterplz2 : (Makes this- :iconstarfighterplz1::iconstarfighterplz2:) I would so love another version though XD
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Mhmm, That's Air's stamp. I am just lazy and have never gotten around to it, but I sure sure sure will, ok?
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Can't wait :) Thank you
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Mhmm, you sure are welcome darling.
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:D Awww, Thanks for commenting darling. :heart:
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*is so putting this in her journal O.O*
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you got a fav ;P
Nice stamp of Starfighter :D
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Thanks so much. <3
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I love this series so freaking much - thanks a billion for making such a beautiful stamp :heart:
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