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Finally took the time to make a Discord server.
It's shared between the Public and Patrons.

Patrons have access to both channels, but the suggestions channels are locked for each.
Patrons can read the Public suggestions but can only suggest things in their channel.

Looking forward to see some of you there.
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If you'd like to see a specific pair of panties in Kung Fu XXX, I made a post for everyone to comment on. It's public, so you can share the link with anyone. The panties don't necessarily need to be content related. So, for example, if you like Renamon, I am more than willing to make some Renamon panties which you can later wedge up someone's butt.

Erm... I digress. Anyways, the link is there. I do ask that people only suggest on that post, because I would really prefer not having to check both posts for suggestions. Also, raising awareness of the Patreon is something I need to start doing. Somebody on TK's stream called me out for being passive aggressive, so I'm going to try to just call things how I see them.

Have a nice day!
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Release Info

For the most part, everything is set for a release anywhere from this Thursday to Saturday. It would have been a definite Thursday but my brother got me sick, so I had to take some time off. But don't worry, I've been working nonstop (well, if you include blowing my nose every couple minutes...) for the past 49-ish hours. I'll do my best to have the whole chapter done before Thursday, that way my designated testers (you know who you are) can give me their impressions and check for any bugs.

The files will most likely be hosted on MEGA and will be accessible from my Patreon.

EDIT: Things are taking a little longer than I had imagined. I ended up adding one thing that basically broke a bunch of other things. But I'm still working, and Chapter 1 is still going to be released within a few days (Maybe even sooner :D). I just gotta figure it out and I should be able to post a Bughunt version.
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Messages by Not-Nagibator
Okay, listen... I have no issues with people that want free art. Some people just don't have the money for it. But that goes both ways. Of course, I don't have a lot of art on my profile, but if you saw something you liked and felt the need to message me, do so in a calm and collected manner. Tbh, I probably would've done the request if he would've handled the situation better. But of course, as soon as the artist tries to make things mutual, there's an issue. Anyways, Happy New Years!

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I recently got a graphics tablet (XP-Pen Deco 01). To test it, I did a scratch pic of Tigress' butt:
XP-Pen Deco 01 Test (Master Tigress Booty) by Not-Nagibator
I completely forgot the arm stripes and it's sketchy as hell, but it is good enough for a test (in my less than professional opinion). Normally I wouldn't show anything this revealing, but this pic is not going to be in-game and I could change Tigress' butt size later on, so fuck it. Anyways, so far with the tablet I have redone Tigress (currently having someone with more experience look it over) and attempted to make a background. Doesn't sound like much, but considering with my mouse and keyboard it took me multiple days just to line the old Tigress (I got bored pretty fast) this is a HUGE change. I digress, I might just be a little hyped over the fact that it only took me three hours to make a far superior version of something that took about a week to make. Yea... It's either that, or the fact that I've pulled 3 all-nighters and the caffeine is finally starting to kick in.

And as for this person with more experience, I'm going to let him choose as to when he wants to be recognized.
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