Tulip and the Clan

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Something to note about the culture of Srash's clan is that there are many rituals to do important things in the average 'mons life. Taking a mate, for example, is obviously a common one. But the different thing about each of these rituals is that they all involve biting or allowing oneself to be bitten by someone of a higher rank.

The location of the bites are also very important: the neck is reserved for mateships, exiles are bitten in the paws, leadership positions get a notch in their ear, those marked for extreme punishments recieve bites to the face, and said punishment often involves removing a portion of the tail. Bites are not given at evolution ceremonies, as the bites would be immediately lost during the evolution itself.

There are many reasons for the excessive use of biting in these rituals, but kits are raised and told that the bites help determine how faithful someone is. Someone about to recieve a large responsibility, but unsure of themselves, is likely to flinch when bitten; while someone who knows exactly what they're getting into is more likely to stay still.

There is however, a different, and far more important reason for these bites, which is kept secret from everyone except the highest of ranks.

Now, onto Tulip.

Tulip is obviously by no means an ordinary Leafeon, but the differences are so extreme that she'd likely be considered her own species if not for her changes technically being temporary.

You know how many grass type pokemon can use the Sweet Scent and Aromatherapy attacks due to the smells that they can create, right? This is part of why I tried to point out the scent following Tulip as much as possible, whenever possible.

It has also been shown (through bayleef, for example) that these scents can have slightly mind-altering properties, encouraging excitement or relaxation depending on the source pokemon.

Now, remember the odd blue-ish slime that Tulip forced Srash to eat when she perfomed the 'ritual' thing to speak to Grey? The stuff is caustic, and likely ripped from some dangerous, poisonous plant that should never be used. But that's where all drugs start at, isn't it.

This slime has addictive qualities to it, and Tulip has gotten herself quite thoroughly hooked on the stuff. She eats so much of it daily that it's slowly altered her body. The first change was the lack of a need of sunlight to feel energized. Her tastebuds don't function properly anymore, hence her odd preference for stale food. Then the leafy portions of her body became discolored, and changed from a verdant green to a pale pink, with the pink becoming more intense in hue according to how recently she last took the stuff.

The most drastic change, however, is the change to her scented attacks. She can still use sweet scent just fine usually, but when she's upset and bloodflow picks up, the slime can interfere and change a sweet scent into a sour, musky, rotten one. Additionally, when dispersed into the air, the chemical qualities of the slime can take effect on others. It can induce fear and hallcinations, something which Tulip has learned to take advantage of over the years.

Remember how the shadows that initially chased Srash and Dart on the desert surface were insubstantial, and disappeared after being hit once? And yet they kept coming?

When Srash felt Tulip holding onto him, but couldn't see anything in front of him except a smile and some eyes?

The point being, that she has essentially almost become a poison type, and is able to spread poisons through scents, to manipulate her opponents. For those of you who want something to compare to, try the infamous scarecrow from batman.

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Ooh, I hadn't made the connection between Tulip's scent and the illusions.
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I almost felt like it would be too obvious when I wrote this, so maybe that's a good thing?
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Yeah. I'll make sure to see if anything else like it pops up in the story later.
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There should be some, if I remember correctly.
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You come up with the coolest of concepts...
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Yays, glad ya like it. I'd say more stuffs, but tired.
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