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So, in the universe of my fiction, Espeon do not receive the gem on their forehead upon evolving, but rather have to attach it themselves. Now, doing so is not as easy as it sounds, as the gem is what focuses the psychic powers of an Espeon, and using any sort of psychic ability without it is nearly impossible without extensive training. Most Espeon receive help from another Espeon in placing a gem on their forehead, and bonding it there.

It's rather common knowledge that Espeon are strongly tied to the sun, and as such, enjoy additional strength and endurance during the daylight hours. (Represented in game by the morning sun move) Gems of certain shapes focus daylight into them, helping to amplify any revitalizing qualities of the sunlight. Gems of other shapes help to magnify psychic attacks to be even more deadly than ordinary, the most potent of these gems even allowing psychic attacks to damage through steel armor or dark type's immunities. Yet other gems are cloudy and prevent much use, but offer powerful protection from ghosts, dark types, and other psychic types.

But for every one of these powerful gems that amplify an Espeon's abilities, there are thousands that do little more beyond giving an Espeon basic psychic abilities. As such, Eevees who plan to be an Espeon, or Espeon who are unhappy with themselves, often go on long, treacherous journeys in search of the perfect gem for them.

There are rumors and myths about which types and shapes of gems accomplish what, though no one Eevee knows exactly what they all do. The one legend that rises above them all is that of the Diamant.

The Diamant is a sort of Philosopher's Stone for the eeveelution species of Espeon. Many dismiss it as a myth, and seek to improve themselves in other ways, but many more fervently search for it, driven to the brink of insanity on an endless quest. The wearer of the Diamant is said to be a god among mortals, able to rend holes in reality, travel through space and time instantaneously, bend luck and will to whatever they choose..

As such, many Espeon willingly become pets of great alchemists, scientists, rich kings and queens, adventures and archaeologists, all trying to use the humans to get near as many gems as possible, sifting through them as they search for the right one. Yet, a large portion of them find some amazing gem, take it for themselves, and abandon the quest for the Diamant.

Unfortunately, the chances of the Diamant not only being discovered, but being discovered by an Espeon who is actually looking for it are extremely slim.


Onto Life Orbs:

A Life Orb is an absurdly rare commodity, found only in deep crypts of long-dead heroes and villains. The reason for this being that a Life Orb only forms when a person or pokemon of great importance dies and is left undisturbed for several hundred years. Dismantling a skeleton in any way will prevent that skeleton from EVER becoming a Life Orb.

Life Orbs are rumored to contain the "soul" of whoever's body they came from inside, supposedly still conscious and able to offer advice from generations past.

A Life Orb does in fact offer increased strength and combat ability in all manners of battle, but feeds off of whoever uses it in a parasitic manner. If the orb does not drain energy from someone often enough, it will simply disintegrate into nothingness, releasing its stored energy as a pleasant warmth into the surroundings.

An Orb is usually made of some earthly material infused with unearthly energy, glowing through a thin coating of what appears to be glass. The material inside varies with each orb, and is usually somehow related to the creature that the orb was born of. If an orb is shattered as opposed to being allowed to disintegrate, the material inside will still function in the same matter, provided it's all still in one piece.

Stories of broken Orbs possessing (or more recently, infecting) someone with an ancient spirit are common, often used as explanations for great heroes and how they became so great and wise. Oddly enough, almost every one of these stories is considered related to the forming of a new species of pokemon, as the new pokemon is supposedly created as a modified version of some other. One of the most commonly told such stories is that of Rhydon and Rhyperior.

In a somewhat similar scenario, the physical orb can actually be eaten, granting the improved strength without the cost to one's health. However, the orb cannot be recovered if whoever consumed it dies.

End Rambling.

Ideas? Questions? Concerns?

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FlaranTheFlareon's avatar
o3o Very interesting.
Not-Hunter's avatar
Yays~ Thanks for reading~
FlaranTheFlareon's avatar
no problem. Thanks for accepting my late apply XD
Not-Hunter's avatar
I always like comments, makes me feel like a lot of people actually read the stuff I make and all that.
VSIS's avatar
what do you think about Umbreons' rings?
Not-Hunter's avatar
Honestly? I feel like it's normal fur covered in some sort of glowy, tangy-tasting powder. But that's just me. I don't know enough about umbreon to say anything really meaningful about it.
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Lol, yeys, thanks for reading.
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This... makes a lot of sense. I'm wondering how exactly one goes about the process of fusing a gem to their head such that it links to their mind. It sounds extraordinarily painful.

So, Life Orbs would be somewhat common among the graveyards of war heroes and such several hundred years after they died, right? You get a lot of people dying in battle in one place, odds are good that some of them would be Orb material. You'd have to desecrate quite a few graves, though.

About how long would a Life Orb last without draining energy? Do they change over time as they are used, or is their initial appearance what they will be until they are shattered/disintegrated?
Not-Hunter's avatar
Why is it that every time I get bored and write something long and random, people think it makes sense?

Yup, pretty much. The desecration of graves is a large part of the reason why they're illegal in my universe's league, the other part being the dangers of using them.

It would take about a decade before it poofed. And outside of being physically shinier and less beaten up at first, they should more or less look the same. Though they do get brighter when used a lot in a short period of time.
yellowfire7's avatar
Because it is internally consistent and not something we had considered before.

Ooh, so this is a black magic sort of thing. In retrospect, yes, that's obviously what this is.

Okay, so a significant length of time, but not long enough to be passed down more than a single generation without use. So this is more of an immediate-use thing; the one using it either fetched it themselves or took it from another.
Not-Hunter's avatar
Really? It honestly didn't seem very consistent to me at all. Felt like I was rewriting the lore of the games.

Yup, pretty much.

Exactly. Hence the rarity. They appear as often as they disappear, but are always few in number. It wouldn't be something that someone could lock away in a vault for later use, it would be more something that would have to be carried around for the bulk of one's life.
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Damn, this is incredible.
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Huh, that's actually quite an interesting take on Espeon's gems and life orbs.
Not-Hunter's avatar
Yay, thanks~ Anything in particular you like or wanna talk about?
Khystar's avatar
Hm... You explained it all in good enough details that I don't have many things that need clarified.
Hm... How does the gem get bonded to their head? They need aid from a fellow Espeon, but is there a specific method to completing the bonding? Like you have to have completely calm mind during the process or something?

I think a story invoving the Diamant Would be an interesting. It has my interest.

I think I remember you saying Srash has a life orb inside him, right? Where his come from? He just eat it one day?
Not-Hunter's avatar
Not really anything important mentally to the process, it's a physical thing. Though a lot of them go through training to not flinch or pass out during the process, as it's painful and can take a little while. Embedding things into one's skull tent to be painful..

Yeah, I plan on it being important in Scars.

I'll note ya about Srash and his orb.
Khystar's avatar
Aw, yeah. Totally...


Awesome, I will read it tomorrow when I'm not so drowsy. :3
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