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burn against


burn against

The fires we burn in our blood, they blind us with passion. The fires we burn with our bones, they smother us with ashes. The fires we burn with our souls, they enlighten us with pain. pain lights the path, passion clears it, and ashes leave it fertile. move forward, fight, discover something unseen. leave behind the burdens of your kin, leave behind the comfort they offer. experience  pain and passion, and with it create something new.


A Thousand Scars


A Thousand Scars

Scars, Ch1: Retaliation This was it! Today's the day!! The day that ALL Eevees look forward to, evolution day! The almost undersized Eevee looked out to the clearing around him, seeing the snow-coated world that surrounded him. "What'll the clan think of me after this?" The clan thought quite highly of him already, most calling him the single most promising member of the clan since the great leaders of old. He'd often come back with more prey than most of the regular hunters, and more than once, he'd sparred with experienced fighters and won. In honor of his great fighting and hunting ability, he'd been nicknamed Silverclaw over his given


Welcome to Shadow


Welcome to Shadow

"There is no light. Everything is a shadow, everyone is a shadow. We are all just shades of darkness, doomed to cause each other and ourselves endless misery..." First there was a golden age of relative peace, and a long, prosperous one at that. Then, the horrors came. Fire, brimstone, meteors, poisons, and quakes that would rend continents in two. Did I mention that humans died out? Thus began the Age of Shadow. Whatever purity existed was quickly forgotten as everyone struggled for power. Anarchy and savagery were the new forms of government. Slaveholders quickly gained power, and after a few short years most of the population was either


A Tale Of Blades And Vengeance


A Tale Of Blades And Vengeance

Ch1: Black Burn Everything burning... burning... BURNING! Where were they? Who did this? He ran outside the house, frantically searching for his parents in the black of night. His large ears picked up a voice among the smoke. "Someone help me! *sniff* I just want to see my son again!" That was her! He ran over a collapsed building, and saw her, a Jolteon trapped under several burning timbers of a nearby building. "I'm coming! Try and move!" He yelled as he jumped off a burning pile and sprinted in her direction. "Oh, you don't know how happy I am to see you! But there's too much of this building on top of me! Just find your father, h
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Nice story, nice characters.
literally clinging to life
Anyway, how goes?
Long time no see, but your still such a cool arist ;u;
Wat. But, I haven't drawn anything in like.. Three years. Probably more.