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dear devart,

i don't often post here so i can't remember if i told you, but i'm currently undergoing cancer treatment. i'm in chemotherapy and it's just about as awful as you've heard/can imagine! but i am almost done the first course of chemotherapy drugs, getting ready to start the second. after that i'll have radiation therapy and hopefully -hopefully- once that is complete i will be cancer free.

really, you do not want to get cancer if it can be avoided. it's particularly awful. especially if your lymph nodes allow cancer cells to enter them, like mine did. if you know a bit about cancer and wonder what stage i'm in, it's 2b/3a. so i'm going to survive (as much as anyone else is!) but the treatment absolutely sucks.

it's been very hard to work or draw and so i've been struggling.
if you can support by giving me a couple extra bucks that'd be wonderful. if not, that's fine. i just wanted people to know i haven't abandoned any projects... just it's tough to do anything while also fighting cancer.

hope you're well. i'll be done with chemotherapy in the summer, so hopefully i'll be back by then.

to donate:

cash ap- $cial

please help my friend’s family out. his little brother zak died this week and they’re trying to get the money together for burial and services. jay (zak’s brother) has been a friend of mine since highschool so this is a very close-to-home death. 

zak was doing everything right on the road to recovery. i could explain at length how recovery isn’t a straight line, how at around 3 months out of rehab the ‘honeymoon’ is over and relapses happen. i could explain how after recovery your body isn’t prepared to handle the same level of toxins , and so relapses after 3 months are very often fatal. but i don’t want to, because zak’s actions don’t need defending. he did everything right in trying to recover.

so if you could please help his family get the closure they need and get zak the burial he deserves, that would mean a lot. their fundraiser doesn’t even include a tombstone at this point. please, spread this and help out.

ok so hey. i haven’t had any new patron signups since 2016, and i lost quite a few following brexit and the nov us election as we all sort of panicked trying to keep our heads on straight. so i’m really pushin this again. 

i am a trans man w a chronic shoulder injury that causes me pain on a near daily basis & a good ol mix of depression and ptsd, and art really is the One Job i can do comfortably these days. i may not be able to do it with the speed of my (pain free) youth, but please. if you talk the talk about supporting broke trans creators or creators with MI, please walk the walk and help me out. even with a small amount. a dollar a month may seem like nothing to you, but it’s something significant to me. it’s 12$ more per year. that’s two bags of heating pellets in winter. in new england. that’s a big difference.

if you can’t manage or don’t want to be a recurring supporter, one-time support is still very, very welcome. 

my cash tag is $cial
my paypal is
my ko-fi is
my patreon is

any and all support is really, really appreciated. 

my patreon monthly total may look like a lot … but in reality, it’s not. i’m On My Own and not living with parents or off inheritance. i have no other income, and so we barely squeak by. the current so-called ruler of the united states (or SCROTUS) has already passed housing legislation that has cost us 800$ more per year. being under the poverty line from the start, that??? sucks. please, help a queer nerd artist out.

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sporty robots in the employ of alien shops, fun for everyone.   

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if you send me 5$, i will draw for you. the art you will receive will look similar to this in style/quality:
5$ friday 122013 by not-fun
more samples:…

if you want something more detailed/fancier/bigger than this, my regular and comic commissions are open. shoot me a note with your idea and we can talk. 

how to get 5$ art
there are some simple rules you have to follow to get art for 5$!

1- make sure your character design is not TOO complex.  in general you don't get to pick the pose. if you DO want to pick the pose, send me a little extra $.

2- send me a note with your character's references. references can be either pictures someone else (or you) did of your character, or text describing what they look like. 

3- WAIT for me to approve your note. this is important because i might tell you i can't draw your character. do NOT skip this step.

4- send me payment. i will not draw 5$ art until i get paid! my paypal is CIAL at DEATHSTICKS dot ORG. if you live in massachusetts, please add 32 cents for sales tax.

5-settle in and wait for your art to be uploaded next week. 

if you're interested, you know what to do! SEND ME A NOTE!

people getting 5$ art this week
jon w
haystack @ FA
nekomaelstorm @ FA
kuntos @ FA  (2)

5$ art FAQ
Q-Will you draw me as one of your aliens/Can i request one of your characters?
A- yes. yes i will and yes you can. 

Q-Will you draw more than one character/couples pictures?
A- no, this is a one-character-per-picture deal.

Q-Will you draw for my friend? 
A- as long as someone pays me the 5$ i am fine drawing for friends!

Q-Will you draw (insert copyrighted character here)? 
A- yeah, sure, as long as their design isn't brutally complicated.

Q-I don't have 5$! Will you wait for me to get 5$? 
A- no, sorry. try my patreon if you need more time to get 5$.

Q-Will you mail the original?
A- not typically, no. 

Q-5$ is too expensive. 

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