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GameHUB launcher v1.45 for Rainmeter


Newer version v1.5 (Final) here Game Controller Emoji 

Preview video

Require rainmeter 4+ and windows 10
Show game cover and execute link. Right click a game panel and select "Edit game" to customize or add more panel.
1.45 still use old game files, you can use your old gamelist and cover image without editing those file again (do backup before install).


You can navigate with mouse wheel or arrow keys, escape to exit.
Also work with controller (for you gamepad lover), navigate with DPad, activate launcher with Start (only when explorer or rainmeter in foreground, not to interfere during game).
Right click any game and select "Add panel" to add more game, choose "Display mode" to switch between fullscreen mode or classic mode.
Smooth scrolling animation, this will obviously cost CPU and performance. But this is a passive skin, its not like you gonna leave it running all the time.

What's new?
Now has it own game wizard, helps make customize game easier.
Spectrum theme (inspired from Spectrum launcher)
Improved scaling.
Changed font, also made it easier to change font in
Allow showing rows of icon (power of mathematics), you can set number of rows by editting Rows variable in skin .ini file. (This would increase skin size and reduce fps, lower bannerheight to compensate)
Set Title=1 to show title on game.

Allow switch between classic mode and fullscreen (use the same cover image, add your own image to fit your preferred display)
Add customize wizard and tweak Auto-generate.bat (run from wizard only)
Allow customize skin position and size in Resources\, if you have multiple monitor, this may helps. (if you have trouble moving skin, try disable 'keep on screen' option, this allow skin to move outside of screen area)
Add some game icon from Stroggge.
Fix button code.
Included Auto-generate batch file in resource folder, open this file to generate more game panels to display, if you have more than 20 games. (excessive number of panels may cause lower framerate)
Fix exit in application mode.

Note: if you want to launcher game/app with parameter, separate them in quote, ex: "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Discord\Update.exe" "--processStart" "Discord.exe"

Plugin included:
The FrostedGlass  by theAzack9
Hotkey 1.0  by 
XInput  by 
IsFullScreen 3.0  by jsmorley
Drag&Drop[V 3.1.3]  by theAzack9

Some icons from
Some game cover and icons are included.

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so cool but i have one problem. Gamelibrary backgorund saved my 2nd monitor when i click button and open library but icons goes to my main monitor i want them too save my 2nd monitor which is left. Also i tried delete that bottom line where is steam + time and date its not saved to delete... Help me.

hi, a question, when I put the home icon in 100% transparency it does not respond when I put the mouse over it. can you help me please?

hola quisiera quitar juegos y añadir juegos como league of legend. como lo hago?

Where did you find your games icons ? i dont found any games on :/

(sorry for my bad english im french)

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find transparent image, look for "png" or "transparent, example

And my launchers (uplay, origin, doesnt work :(

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Right click bottom bar > Edit skin.
Under [Variables] section, set the value to your platform directory
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Hi! Thanks for this amazing skin!

I installed without problem but when I open the games library the title of the games doesn't appear. Then i searched to [GameTitle] on the ListSpectrum but all seems to be normal. What can be the problem?
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edit skin file ListSpectrum.ini, under [Variables] set Title=1

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how to add games?
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Right click skin > Game number > set number of game you want > Apply
Right click skin > Edit game > change game icon/background/cover/name to your preference.
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how do i add games?
how do i add more of them i got alot of application but its not enougf for all of them how i add more?
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This is old version, edit list inc file in @Resource folder to edit icons, change TotalGame variables to determine how many icon there should be.
In Version 1.5 there's configuration interface, the button on top right to change TotalGame variables.
In Gamehub 2 right click skin > edit list, to open editor for the list displaying. 
HI . I was looking for kind of this skin so i'm enjoying .
im tring to duplicate your skin for another launcher like movies
but always the main button open the original skin .where I need to change?
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which version you talking about? 1.45 or 1.5
I thing if you can make a custom pages It will be grate.
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Look in GameHUB\resources\, Change the "ButtonAction" to the bang you want gamepad button to execute.
tank you I will try that.
sorry but I changed the folder of the bang but noting happened what syntax it shuld be?
ButtonAction=[!ActivateConfig Game ListSpectrum.ini]
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eh, if you just change folder to Game it should work though, have you refresh the button skin?
though i don't recommend changing the folder, you need to find all [!ActivateConfig] bang in all the skin and change to proper parameters.
(sorry for late respond, you were replying to yourself)
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Hey, Whenever i open the app library or game library on my secondary monitor they always end up opening in the primary monitor, even if i drag them and disable save position any way to fix this?
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As mentioned in the description, you can change change skin position and size in @Resources\
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