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GameHUB launcher 2 for Rainmeter


Game Controller Emoji  GameHUB Launcher 2 (Beta)

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Imagine GameHUB, but with more than app and games.
Recommend rainmeter 4.3+ beta and windows 10, enable Hardware acceleration for better performance!
Bullet; Yellow Most of the stuff in previous version
Bullet; Yellow Dynamic layout, allow adding multiple layout, list and switch between layouts easily.
Bullet; Yellow When explorer in foreground, you can activate skin by hitting Ctrl + G, or press Start on Xbox controller (gamepad button.ini need to be loaded)

Bullet; Yellow Just right click things
Bullet; Yellow Note when adding icon/background/cover image, they will be copied to their corresponding icon/background/cover folder, conflicting file name will be overwritten (it won't break anything though), recommend making sure file name are unique.
Bullet; Yellow Refer to video above on how to add layout, change list... et cetera

1st Update:
Fixed some issues with gamepad input not working as intended, update if you have needs to use gamepad.
Now you can navigate with Dpad, A to launch, B to exit, Bumper to switch layout.
2nd Update:
Fixed launching file with '[ ]' brackets in directory.
Added videos list, define Path in layout, and all video in specified directory will be loaded with generated thumbnail.
3rd Update:
Fix some minor issues with gamepad input.
Make skin exit before launching. (Seem to cause rainmeter to crash)
Fix shutdown/restart/hibernate button.
4th Update:
Revert above fix that caused rainmeter to crash.
When updating, be sure to backup your background/icon/cover/user folder in @resource folder
5th Update:
Fix bumber key not working.
Navigate with joystick.

Note v2 is not backward compatible, gamehub 1 list file won't work.
Plugin included:
The FrostedGlass  by theAzack9
Hotkey 1.0  by Brian
XInput  by dgrace
IsFullScreen 3.0  by jsmorley
Drag&Drop[V 3.1.3]  by theAzack9
mtn 2.1 (Movie thumbnailer)
Some icons from
Some game cover, background and icons are included.

Due to the way this skin works (it utilize how rainmeter skin include external file, and allow changing which file to include like a lego building block), it is fairly easy to add new feature.
Project GitHub link
Bug is expected in beta, I will try to fix as they come, feedback is appreciated.
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What is the resolution of pictures in background? I'm trying everyone and It doesnt look like It should :(

I think it has to match the resolution of your monitor. If it's too small, it won't cover the entire back-ground which gives you some empty space. Say you have a 1920x1080p monitor, assign a similar sized photo for your background cuz if you use a 1280x720p picture for example, it might not be enough to cover your entire background

Hello. Every time I try to launch or start a game, it does not show the loading icon anymore. How to fix?

Hello. Do you have other icons for current games so we can incorporate them to the hub. Thank!

Hey lestervai, the best way to find the icons your looking for is to type the name of the icon u want to look like this in google search ______ icon blank background, not all will have a blank background so if you type in background remover in search, click first link, upload image, it should remove it, hope this helps, if not give me a list of games you want icons for and ill crop/edit them to make them fit :)

Here is a list of tips for Beginners to my knowledge

Speed Up the Gamehub 2

  1. Open Rainmeter Application

  2. Click Settings on Top Right

  3. Check "Use Hardware Acceleration" box

  4. Close Rainmeter

  1. Click on Gamehub controller icon to launch Gamehub Launcher

  2. Right click anywhere on screen And Select "Layout Tab".inc

  3. Exit launcher To access ini file that Popped up

  4. Under Display Catagory 5th From Bottom Change "Update=20" to "Update=1"

  5. Remember do this to each layout your using

Change Tabs to vertical:

  1. Right click on Tabs

  2. Click Rainmeter Menu

  3. Click on "GameHUB2\Controller

  4. It will open file manger in backround, Close Launcher to access it

  5. Open

  6. Change "Layout=Horizontal to "Layout=Vertical

  7. (Im using a 4k Display so may differ)

  8. Change SkinX to "SkinX=0"

  9. Change "Update=30" to "Update=1" (Speedup)

If there are any issues/ custimizations no relating to this just reply And i will add to it



Is there a way without to many complications to click on a skin to open a new layout, it would be cool for like game series or tv series, For instance, Have A skin as Activision i open it up and it shows a layout with those games, similar to a file manager, Thankyou for your work!

I use only 2 lists instead of the usual 4, so the list icons are shifted to the left, and when i try to change the position, it get reset everytime. Any way of changing that ?

where can i find games icons like in this project

It is just very easy. Just download the games' icon in PNG then edit in Photoshop, if you cant find any PNG then download just any icon and delete the background in Photoshop. To turn it white, go to Adjustments > Hue/Saturation - Set Lightness to +100

make your own, search online/?

The best skin I have ever used, got the hang of it now and it is just excellent

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Skins in Fortnite are all just for the sake of looking like a fancy freak and nothing more. Yeah, although it is admitted that if someone has AWESOME skin, the opposition might have to think twice in that scenario before attacking and nothing more than that.


Hi, this is the first time i use this. I just wanted to thank you SO much for this beautiful skin and hypnotizing design. The fact you take the time to do this and share it is a great deal so i'm putting my 2 cents to give you some feedback that you deserve

I THINK newest W11 update broke that.. when i switch /apps-->to games etc.. its screen goes black/flash until i get to to apps or games page.. thats not happened before i update windows 11. also my rainmeter crash because this skin do that

game hub 3 please

sometime it does not detect my controller.. anyone have a fix for this??

can you give more infomation?

nvm.. figured it out. turns out there was a problem with my usb port. thanks anyway ;P=P

Is it possible to make the smaller posters (the emulator page) GIF's

Also anyone no how to add the button to nexus dock so i can launch it from there instead of on the desktop?


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