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GameHUB launcher 1.5 for Rainmeter

By not-Finch
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Newer version v2.0 (Beta) here :xbox360controller:

Game Controller Emoji  GameHUB Launcher 1.5 (Final)

Preview video

 (version 1.45, but relevant enough)

Require rainmeter 4+ and windows 10
Mixed with material design! (less text on screen to ease the eyes)
Bullet; Yellow Navigate with mouse wheel or arrow keys, escape to exit.
Bullet; Yellow Work with controller (for you gamepad lover), activate launcher with Start (only when explorer or rainmeter in foreground, not to interfere during game).
Bullet; Yellow Smooth scrolling animation, cost CPU and performance, But its not like you gonna leave it running all the time.
Bullet; Yellow Wizard interface for game editing, layout configure, settings and more!
Bullet; Yellow Allow swap game position.

Added and epic games client, edit GameHUB\Controller\Controller.ini to change client directory.

Note 1.5 still use old game files, you can use your old gamelist and cover image without editing those file again (do backup before install)
This would be the final version if there's no issues.
Plugin included:
The FrostedGlass  by theAzack9
Hotkey 1.0  by Brian
XInput  by dgrace
IsFullScreen 3.0  by jsmorley
Drag&Drop[V 3.1.3]  by theAzack9
Some icons from
Some game cover and icons are included.
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psimonranaNew Deviant


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ybbor02New Deviant

very nice and good

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SeabboyNew Deviant

Can you show somewhere where we can design our own game icons?

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when will this come out for 4.3.1?

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alenunezokNew Deviant

hi, someone knows how to delete the sound when you click? i will aprecciate a lot

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There is a way to scroll games list with mouse? not with the MMB?

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Hey, can I disable moving game bar by longer mouse click? Not an icon, but a list of games when GameHUB is running.

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KidveggitoHobbyist Digital Artist
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cannot download the file

help me

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What do you mean? Please specify what happened. (:

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how can I delete and add games to the games bar?

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is there any way to run it on windows 7

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I ran on windows 7. But my processor loads up to 70-80 percents, but I nearly haven't lags

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Hi, Thanks for the beautiful Skin, On hold versions, a right click on an item (game or app) show the option to remove it, but not anymore. I would like to remove some of the application how can I do that ?

Thank you !

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how can i download it i cant find it

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If i want to run the "Button" from where does it execute?

I want to run it as a "Program", like you do with "Mozilla" or PS,i have another hub, and i execute yours from the other one.


WhatsApp Image 2020-02-11 at 8.56.51 PM
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What's the wallpaper?

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Please! Optimize your skin for windows 7

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Dude!, It's Very Beautiful, I Love It When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

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woto12Hobbyist Digital Artist

hey dude, awesome launcher. is there a way i can increase how smooth it runs (lets say 144fps) or is that purely controlled by how powerful the CPU is??

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