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Elegant launcher v1.1 for rainmeter by not-Finch Elegant launcher v1.1 for rainmeter by not-Finch

Elegant Launcher 1.05

Preview video

I highly recommend Rainmeter 4.3 beta

rainmeter 4.3 use Direct2D and support hardware acceleration, this help larger skin and animation runs MUCH smoother. (depend on your hardware)
Bullet; Yellow Dynamic, you can add as much as 50 apps or more, I don't recommend doing that though.
Bullet; Yellow Navigate with mouse wheel or arrow keys, escape to exit.
Bullet; Yellow Work with controller, activate launcher with Start (only when explorer or rainmeter in foreground, not to interfere with user activity).
Bullet; Yellow Smooth scrolling animation.
Bullet; Yellow Wizard interface for editing, layout configure and more!
Bullet; Yellow Allow swap apps position.

For best visual, please use background images that is equal or bigger than skin size (skin size = display width by default)
Note this skin use GameHUB files, you can copy your gamelist and cover images without editing those file again.
Only load visible image as first, greatly increase startup time.

Fixed crash when scrolling with inverted setting.
Fix "assume image size" not working.

Plugin included:
The FrostedGlass  by theAzack9
Hotkey 1.0  by Brian
XInput  by dgrace
IsFullScreen 3.0  by jsmorley
Drag&Drop[V 3.1.3]  by theAzack9
ImageSize  by jsmorley
Some game background are included.

This skin work by carefully crop the image and move the panels at the same time and precisely to achieve this effect. The skin does not resize images (unless config to) so it would run faster than i expected, rather, it depend on render resolution and hardware (you can resize skin to increase fps). Plus, it is optimized by hiding invisible images, only crop/move image that are visible, all calculation are relied on lua script for much more cpu efficient.
This actually took a long time to write.

Also plz donate my paypal, I'm hella broke.


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November 10
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