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Abstract lighting brushset



As I promised, I'd get some brushsets (and soon some tutorials) posted up. The first thing is this 15 brush abstract lighting set. Although nothing can replace layer after layer of airbrushing, these brushes can help speed up the process some. The brushes include focal points, waves of light and dust effect brushes. I used many of these brushes on my recent Elora piece [link] .

White and light color brushing works well, but I find a great trick with lighting is to brush in a medium-dark grey color on a new layer, and change the blending mode to color dodge. Duplicate layers can then make certain spots brighter if needed.

Unfortunately, these aren't compatable with photoshop 7, as they were made in cs2, sorry :( In about a month I'll repost a photoshop 7+ version of these, but I can't do that at the moment.

If you download these and find them to be good/useful, a :+fav: would be very much appreciated. I don't need credit, but just a +fav would be nice, besides, that can help spread these to other users who may want/need them.

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