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Birth Swap - Kiryuin Ryuuko

Ryuuko Looks so majestic! I bet she could be an Awesome Vilain/Antagonist
And Senketsu's Eyepatch helps to give this feel. (Btw Sorry about the Crtl + C head)

See also Matoi Satsuki:
Birth Swap - Matoi Satsuki by Not-a-Hazard
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awesomely gorgeous, sexy, and bouncy

Ryuuko is awesome in that!:D (Big Grin) 
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Anyone know if a fanfic of this idea is made? Because I would totally read it.
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I forget did you do a picture where combined these two pictures
Have you considered doing pics of Ryuuko as different members of the Elite 4?
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Who would they be? I demand Mako takes the place of Gamagori, just because of the size difference
Make the hair longer?
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i honestly cant see ryuko in heels
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She wears heels when Senketsu transforms.
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I know that, it's just her tomboyish nature that throws me off with her in heels, cause she normally wears sneakers
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I found this on ebay:…
I don't think they have permission for it? o-o At least your name is still on it though xP
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So weird D:
Well at least it has credit I guess :T

I dunno if I should ask him to remove it or not, this specific fanart is all over the place and it's hard to chase it.
But thanks for telling me!
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Very strict. I love it.
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i feel lik instead of nonon mako is in the elite 4
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That would fit because Nonon is pretty close to Satsuki like Mako and Ryuko (well Mako is a bit closer)
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bad ass! could you draw the other forms for senketsu and junketsu like shippu, senjin, berserk, and kisaragi?
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I'm planning on doing The Kisaragi version, the others not so sure.
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oh kk plz try to I think you would do good
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Hi hi NaH ^_^

I've been working really hard on my cosplay of your birth swap of Ryuuko, I'm working on the finishing touches right now. I plan on having a shoot for it in about a months time. I really hope you like it :) I'm really excited! I'll try to remember to post them here, I usually just post to Facebook though. 
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Being the author of a fanfic inspired by both birth swap pics, I also eagerly await to see how your Ryuko Kiryuin cosplay turns out.
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I haven't used dA in months! If you wanna check out my cosplay I would suggest looking at my Facebook page :3 Not sure when I'll get around to uploading here:…

Let me know what you think ^___^
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Saw some of them via N-A-H's tumblr post a while back. Great stuff.

Even happier to see that more pics were taken during the shoot. Very quality material overall.
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