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It's that time of the year again! Draw Death's Head Day 2017 takes place on March 22nd in honour of the character Death's Head and his creator Simon Furman's birthday!

The idea is simple: draw Death's Head and post your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, Instagram, anywhere you can think of on March 22nd. Let's flood the internet with drawings of Death's Head! (other crafts, cosplay, etc. also welcome of course!)

Official Facebook page:…
Anyone heard of Draw Death's Head Day?

22nd March, yes?…
Sounds like a fine excuse to sharpen the pencils, yes? :)
YES! This is the group EXACTLY I'm looking for! Thank you!!
We aim to please, yes? ;) Feel free to submit any of your own work that's appropriate!
Thank you! I only have a few Death's Head related drawings in my gallery so far, and most of those are about Pyra and Lupex (...sadly my watchers don't know about them or even Death's Head :P) Do you think are those appropriate?
Absolutely :) There's an "Allies and Enemies" gallery for characters like them.