Aztec gods on PIXIV
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Have you ever seen works of Aztec gods on PIXIV?
If you have not, please try seeing.

When you go to PIXIV, please try searching「アステカ」and「アステカ神話」.

「アステカ」is "AZTECA".…

「アステカ神話」is "Aztec mythology".…

And on my site, I introduce several Aztec works I like on PIXIV.

In 2014 September, we can see 333 works on tag 「アステカ」!
And we can see 265 works on tag 「アステカ神話」!!
You may think that there are many Aztec works on PIXIV!!!

( But .....113 works on tag 「アステカ」are my works, and 104 works on tag 「アステカ神話」are my works....)
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gracias no sabia que había tantos trabajos en pixiv sobre los aztecas
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Gracias! Please enjoy PIXIV! :D (Big Grin) 
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KamazotzProfessional General Artist
Thanks for sharing! I remember you showed me some that people did of Xochiquetzal some time ago. :D
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I hope that I can see many works about Aztec god and heroes, both on dA and on PIXIV.
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MytforskareProfessional Filmographer
Those were so cool!! Thank you so much for sharing those links! :heart:
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Thank you! I thought that I should write down those links. :) (Smile) 
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MytforskareProfessional Filmographer
It's a great idea because otherwise I would not know what to search for on there because I don't know any Japanese!
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Tezcatlipoca テスカトリポカ…
Quetzalcóatl ケツァルコアトル…
Huitzilopochtli ウィツィロポチトリ…

If we use "google" by Japanese words, we can see more images.
At that time, we will see many images in manga and games.
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So you are the one who's drawing more aztec stuff yourself  than anybody? O,O you are awesome!
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(Hahaha.....  Sweating a little...  But, "quality before quantity".....Sweating a little... Sweating a little... Sweating a little...  )
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