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Translated by Sr. Martín Delgado.
Senor, muchas gracias!
Tezcatlipoca Pag 001 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 002 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 003 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 004 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 005 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 006 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 007 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 008 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 009 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 010 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 011 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 012
(Murder) Mature Content

Tezcatlipoca Pag 013 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 014 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 015 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 016 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 017 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 018 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 019 by nosuku-k

Tezcatlipoca Pag 020 by nosuku-k

English language
MANGA:Tezcatlipoca 1 (20pages)
Japanese language
In 1440......
Sunrise in Tenochtitlan by nosuku-k

In 1487......
Our Aztec empire by nosuku-k

In 1521......
Sunset in Tenochtitlan by nosuku-k


In 1440......
For journal 201503 by nosuku-k
For journal 201503 by nosuku-k

In 1487.....
For journal 201503 by nosuku-k
For journal 201503 by nosuku-k
MANGA The Aztec emperor and the little ahuizotl by nosuku-k

In 1521......
For journal 201503 by nosuku-k
黄昏 posted by (C)nosukuk

For journal 201503 by nosuku-k

Rulers of Mexico-Tenochtitlan by nosuku-k
What is Quetzaltecolotl?
It seems to be the battle suit (?) of the 8th Aztec emperor Ahuitzotl who I like best.

The other day, I read Florentine Codex book 12 in Japanese language.
In 1521, the fall of the Aztec empire.
The last emperor Cuauhtemoc (Ahuitzotl's son).
He made the brave warrior wear the battle suit (?), Quetzaltecolotl.
The warrior fought splendidly.
After this, at last, Cuauhtemoc surrendered to the enemy.
But we are impressed with warriors's brave fights.

Well, I want to draw Tlatoani Ahuizotl who wears Quetzaltecolotl (it must be too cool).
But I cannot find the design of it.
Ummmmmm.......I tried to imagine it.

(漫画)ケツァルみみずくとは何ぞや posted by (C)nosukuk

It is said that the 8th Aztec emperor Ahuitzotl had the battle suit "Quetzaltecolotl."
Quetzal is resplendent quetzal(their tail feathers) , tecolotl is owl.
Tlatoani Ahuizotl "I will describe my battle suit for you."
Green and owl.....
Japanese famouse anime,"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman", "Ryu, the Owl".…
Cihuacoatl" Tlatoani! I will hit you with the codex!"

I imagine and drew Quetzaltecolotl seriously.
What is quetzaltecolotl?(ケツァルみみずくとは何ぞや)
What is quetzaltecolotl?(ケツァルみみずくとは何ぞや) posted by (C)nosukuk

Next, I tried mixing it and Gatchaman.
ヒーロー風ケツァルみみずく posted by (C)nosukuk

What kind of battle suit did Cuauhtemoc make the brave warrior wear?
伝説の武具ケツァルみみずく posted by (C)nosukuk

That's all for today.
See you again!

ふくおうだいすき posted by (C)nosukuk
The little ahuizotl "Cihuacoatl, I love you, I love you."

MANGA The Aztec emperor and the little ahuizotl by nosuku-k
Today, I will show you my works I did not submit to dA.

[The Aztec heroes, born around 1400]
Nezahualcoyotl(the Texcoco king), Tlacaelel(the cihuacoatl),Moctezuma 1(the 5th Aztec emperor)
Nezahualcoyotl, Tlacaelel, Moctezuma1
Nezahualcoyotl, Tlacaelel, Moctezuma1 posted by (C)nosukuk

[My grandfather is Tezozomoc the king of Azcapotzalco]
Chimalpopoca the 3th Tenochtitlan king and his grandfather Tezozomoc the king of Azcapotzalco.
"How are you? My grandson!"
"I am fine, Great King Tezozomoc."
"(We are glad that we can get along with strong Azcapotzalco....Heart )"
おじいちゃんはテソソモク大王 posted by (C)nosukuk

[Great Tezozomoc and Cuauhtemoc the last Aztec emperor]
Cuauhtemoc'mother was the princess of Tlatelolco.
The first king of Tlatelocco is a son of Tezozomoc.
When I heard that Cuauhtemoc's ancestor might be Great Tezozomoc, I tried drawing it.
Tezozomoc "My descendant,fight!"
Cuauhtemoc "!?"
ご先祖さまといっしょ posted by (C)nosukuk
[Convenience stores in Azteca]
If there were convenience stores in Azteca.....
Famous convenience stores in Japan.
コンビニ・イン・アステカ posted by (C)nosukuk
In Japan, in winter, nikmans are sold in convenience stores.
肉まん Nikuman
「コンビニ 肉まん」…

[Let's find Tezcatlipoca!]
Well, please look at these works.......
Let's find Tezcatlipoca!!
Tlatoani's lunchtime ver.1 by nosuku-k
Tlatoani and generals by nosuku-k
To accompany the tlatoani by nosuku-k
Tlatoani on the battlefield by nosuku-k
Tlatoani and Aztec warriors by nosuku-k
Tlatoani and a general by nosuku-k
How many Tezcatlipocas could you find?
テスカ様出演作品2014 posted by (C)nosukuk
One day, I thought.
If I can make Ahuizotl T-shirt....

アウィツォトルTシャツ posted by (C)nosukuk

The design of the front is the parody of Japanese famous manga,"ど根性ガエル".…

Mr. experimental saw my work of "T shirt of ahuizotl", and I obtained his parmisson, I used his work and drew this.
experimental-san's ahuizotl T-shirt by nosuku-k
Mr. experimental's work.
ahuizotl by defcorekustomer

And today......!
Surprisingly, Mr.experimental made this T shirt for me!!
Awwwww, I will wear it in summer!!
ahuizotl by defcorekustomer

ahuizotl by defcorekustomer

water jam by defcorekustomer

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love 

[Cihuacoatl T-shirt]
I drew "Cihuacoatl T-shirt" too.
世界の征服者 is "conqueror of the world(in cemanahuac tepehua)".

副王トラカエレルTシャツ posted by (C)nosukuk

[Characters drawn in those works]
Tlatoani(the Aztec emperor)
Cihuacoatl(the adviser to the tlatoani)
The little ahuizotl

MANGA The Aztec emperor and the little ahuizotl by nosuku-k
In Japan, now, 1.1.2015.(0:15).
Happy New Year, 2015!!

年賀絵2015-1メキシコ富士 posted by (C)nosukuk

年賀絵2015-2お雑煮 posted by (C)nosukuk

お雑煮 Zōni…
Japanese soup containing mochi (Japanese rice cake), eaten on Japanese New Year's day.
モチ Mochi

Tlatoani"Cihuacoatl! Be careful.The mochi(Japanese rice cake) may get stuck in your throat."
Cihuacoatl "You need not treat me as an old man. Tlatoani! Chew your mochi well."
Tlatoani"Don't treat me like a little child. I am 30 years old."

(Mochi (Japanese rice cake) sometimes gets stuck in our throat (Especially, for elderly people, eating mochi is dangerous sometimes). We have to be careful when we eat mochi.)

"The Aztec emperor and the little ahuizotl"
New Year 2015 version, the mix of Azteca and Japan.
Tlatoani(the Aztec emperor),Cihuacoatl(the adviser to the emperor), and the little ahuizotl.
MANGA The Aztec emperor and the little ahuizotl by nosuku-k

I want to draw my Aztec manga, more and more.
And I wish I can see many Aztec works that many artists draw, on dA, more and more.
I drew MANGA Egyptian gods in 2012.
Today, I will show you them.

Egyptian deities, my manga ver. by nosuku-k



エジプト神話漫画「砂漠の神セトさん」(Japanese language)…

雨の日に子犬 posted by (C)nosukuk

Horus "On a rainy day, I saw that Uncle Set picked up a little puppy.".........

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬1 posted by (C)nosukuk

Anubis "My father Set, what happened?"
Set "On a rainy day, I picked up the little puppy."
Anubis "......I thought that you didn't do such a thing."
Set "What are you saying? Once, on a rainy day, I picked you up too!"
Anubis "Don't make such a myth."

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬2 posted by (C)nosukuk

Anubis "My father, are you going to keep the little puppy?"
Set "No."
Anubis "Why did you pick it up?"
Set "I will train it to get foods by itseif."
Anubis "I see. Please leave it in my house. I will take care of it."

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬3 posted by (C)nosukuk

In the workplace....

Osiris(the god of the afterlife) "Oh, what a cute puppy!"
Anubis "Mr.Osiris, I started to keep him."
Osiris "Anubis... If you want a younger brother, I will make immorality with your mother Neftis once more, I will make a son for you! Of course, that is a secret from my wife Isis!"
Abubis "Mr.Osiris, I cannot laugh at your joke."

Once, Set's wife Neftis made immorality with Osiris, she gave birth to Abubis.....

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬4 posted by (C)nosukuk

Anubis's work, the judgment of dead persons....

Anubis "Your heart is heavier than the feather of Ma'at. You did wrong things while you lived.You cannot go to the kingdom of Osiris."

A dead person "Is it ...OK?"

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬5 posted by (C)nosukuk

Set "I did not see the puppy for a long time, he became bigger."
Anubis "Long time??? You came to my house 3 days ago. Since you picked him up, you come to my house quite often. "
Set " I... I did not leave you the puppy for getting a reason to meet you. Don't misunderstand."
Anubis "I see, I see."

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬6 posted by (C)nosukuk

Osiris "Anubis, you should seek the real parents of the puppy."
Anubis "Mr.Osiris....."
Osiris "If possible, the real parents should rear the puppy."
Osiris "If possible, I wanted to rear you, Abnubis, you are capable and serious and cute, my son!"
Anubis "I do not know what to say....."

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬7 posted by (C)nosukuk

Seth "The puppy became bigger."
Anubis "I named him Bata. Please call him Bata."
Seth "Batabatabatabata......"
Anubis "Bata."

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬8 posted by (C)nosukuk

Bastet "Anubis! You have a cute puppy!"
Anubis "Ms.Bastet. You also have a cute kitten."
Bastet "Set picked up the kitten on a rainy day, and he left her in my house."
Anubis "What are you doing?, my father!!"

(漫画)アヌビスと子犬9(完) posted by (C)nosukuk

Bastet "Anubis! Please tell Set that I said "Come to my house"! He has not come to my house since he left her in my house. He is irresponsible."
Anubis " I see. I will tell him it."
Bastet "Thank you."
Anubis "Let's go home, Bata."
The year is nearly over.
Today, I will show you my works I did not submit to dA.

[The characters]

Tlatoani(the Aztec emperor), Cihuacoatl(the adviser to the emperor), the little ahuizotl.
MANGA The Aztec emperor and the little ahuizotl by nosuku-k
Aztec rulers.
Aztec Empire1428-1521 by nosuku-k
Aztec gods.
4 brothers in Aztec mythology by nosuku-k

[2014, happy new year]
Aztec gods, Tezcatlipoca, Xipe Totec, Huitzilopochtli, Quetzalcoatl.
They sit on Japanese kotatsu, eating Osechi (traditional Japanese New Year foods).

年賀絵2014 posted by (C)nosukuk

[Jaguar shishi-mai]
Shishi-mai is "Lion dance".…

ジャガー獅子舞 posted by (C)nosukuk

[Our god]
In Tenochtitlan, people liked Huitzilopochtli.
In Texcoco, people liked Tecatlipoca.

(漫画)我らが主祭神< /a> posted by (C)nosukuk

[The cihuacoatl(the adviser to the Aztec emperor) who dresses as Goddess Cihuacoatl]
I heard the story of 'the cihuacoatl' who wears 'goddess Cihuacoatl's dress', I tried to draw it.…

副王によるシワコアトル女神コスプレ posted by (C)nosukuk

Tlatoani (the Aztec emperor) "Cihuacoatl,your cosplay of Goddess Cihuacoatl is very good!"
Cihuacoatl "No!Tlatoani! This is not a cosplay, this is the dress for the festival!"

副王女神コスプレ解説 posted by (C)nosukuk

[The cihuacoatl and Aztec emperors]

副王さまと歴代皇帝 posted by (C)nosukuk

[The fighting old cihuacoatl]
"You! Do you still call yourselves Mexica warriors?"

闘え!副王さま</a& gt; posted by (C)nosukuk

In 2014, in Japan, one of vogue words, 壁ドン, "Kabe-don" .
Please read this.…
This word, in manga and anime, a boy whispers his love to a girl near walls.
(Of course, this is manga or anime. In reality, if you do such a thing, a girl may be scared.)
Tlatoani(the Aztec emperor) and the little ahuixotl, they try "Kabe-don".

2014年流行語「壁ドン」やってみた posted by (C)nosukuk

[Have a good New Year!]
Tlatoani(the Aztec emperor) and Cihuacoatl (the adviser to the emperor) and the little ahuizotl, they eat Japanese Nabemono, sitting on Kotatsu.

Cihuacoatl "Tlatoani! This meat is still almost raw! You should eat vegetables!"
Tlatoani "Cihuacoatl! You eat meat too much!"
The little ahuizotl "Meat! I also want to eat meat!"

よいお年を! posted by (C)nosukuk
The other day, I said to you.....
I want that my Japanese room will approach Azteca more and more....!

First, I decorated my room with my poor Aztec works.
Next, I asked wonderful artists for permission, I decorated my room with wonderful works of wonderful artists. Thank you, Sr.Shi-Gu, Sr. Kamazotz, Ms.Louise!!

I bought the frame, and I decorated my room with Mexican art.

Mexican art by nosuku-k

And I bought the golden frame and some expensive paper for printing, and I printed out Sr.Shi-Gu works bigger (A4 size).

Sr.Shi-Gu, Gracias! by nosuku-k
Sunrise with Feathered Snake over Popocatepetl by Shi-Gu

I used one sheet of expensive paper (A4), I printed out my work again.

paper by nosuku-k
Rulers of Mexico-Tenochtitlan by nosuku-k

They look the same....... However, they must be different....(may be).

Tlatoani Ahuitzotls by nosuku-k

Oh, Tlatoani Ahuitzotl remained again.....
Of course, I must not toss Tlatoani into a wastebasket!!
It is frightening to imagine that......!!
I must use them as bookmarkers.

The east wall of my room seems to have approached Azteca....(maybe).

My east wall by nosuku-k
Tlatoani's wardrobe for war by nosuku-k
To accompany the tlatoani, blue sky ver. by nosuku-k

Of course, it is not final!!
I did ART TRADE with a Mexican artist, Sr. Shi-Gu!
I drew his characters.....

FAN ART Donaji and Chicahualizteotl by nosuku-k
Donaji y el Poncho Magico de Chicahualizteotl by Shi-Gu

He drew my Tlatoani for me!

Art Trade - Tlatoani Ahuizotl by Shi-Gu
MANGA The Aztec emperor and the little ahuizotl by nosuku-k

As you know, I am Japanese, I draw fake and poor Azteca manga in Japanese style.....
If my Azteca manga were food, it would taste of sushi.
(But,of course, even if they are strange, I love my manga.)

"Mexican artist"... Sr.Shi-Gu drew my Azteca manga in his style, for me!!
I needed a lot of courage to say "please draw my Tlatoani"....
Because Tlatoani is 30 years old, and Cihuacoatl is 90 years old....
If they were a cool boy and a cute girl, I could say to him "Please draw them" without a lot of courage....

Gracias! by nosuku-k
Aztec Characters Sketch by Kamazotz
WNUT SELFIE! by Mytforskare

I am so glad, gracias Sr. Shi-Gu! And wonderful artists!!
My room seems to have approached Azteca, step by step.... (Maybe).
From I came to dA, sometimes I am asked by Mexican artists,
"When and why did you become interested in Azteca?"
Oh, senor, senora, senorita.....
Since I came to dA, I am surprised that many Mexican artists draw Japanese gods, youkai, ninja, anime, manga....
"Why?" is what I want to say.

Today, I will tell you "when".
When did I become interested in Azteca?

Long long ago......
When I was a university student, my senior of the university liked Aztecs.
We are members of TRPG club in the university.

TRPG...."Tabletop role-playing game"…


I wanted to know Aztecs.
And I came to like Tezcatlipoca.
Because he is the greatest god, in addition, he is a badass.
I staried to draw manga of Tezcatlipoca.
I was afraid of getting him angry about my foolish manga, .....but after all, I drew them(1997-2000).

1996-2000 by nosuku-k

MANGA:Tezcatlipoca 1 (20pages) in 1999.
MANGA:Tezcatlipoca 1 (20pages) by nosuku-k

But after this, during 10 years, I did not draw Aztecs.....
I drew vampires.

In 2007, in Japan, there was the exhibition of Aztecs.…
I did not go it (But I got the book of the exhibition by my friend).
Many young people went the exhibition.
They became interested in Aztec culture, and they started to draw Aztec gods on the internet, on PIXIV.……

I saw their works, I also started to draw Aztec gods again, 3 years ago (2011).…

But I do not know why,.... I wonder why I like AZTECA.
Of course I like TEZCATLIPOCA. But that is not all.
I cannot express in words....

Please see my works..... Maybe, they have the answer. Maybe....

There is one final favor I would like to ask of you.
Please don't say to me, "How old are you?"...............
The other day, I tried to decorate my room with my own works for the first time.....
With my POOR and FAKE-AZTEC works.

Trying to decorate my room with my own works

After that, I said to wonderful artists who draw works of AZTECA.......
"To be honest, I wish to decorate my room with your wonderful works rather than my works."
From 3 wonderful artists, I could get permission.
I downloaded their works from DA, I printed out them.
I wrote artist's names on the back of each works.
I could decorate my room with their wonderful works!!
My room is approaching Azteca step by step!!

Sr.Shi-Gu "Sunrise with Feathered Snake over Popocatepetl"
Gracias!Sr.Shi-Gu by nosuku-k
He is a wonderful Mexican artist.
I said to him,
"If I decorate the east wall of my room with your art, I think that your Quetzalcoatl will bring me lucky."
He said to me,
"Funny you mention it, since I have the original watercolor of "Sunrise over Popocatepetl" hanging on my east wall."
I was surprised!!

Sr.Kamazotz "Aztec Characters Sketch"
Gracias!Sr.Kamazotz by nosuku-k
Wonderful sketch, each characters are attractive, and when we see the work, at first sight, we can know thier characters.
....And, Tlatoani Ahuitzotl looks SO STRONG.
He draws works based on historical design. I like his art so much.

And Ms.Mytforskare,"WNUT SELFIE"!
Thank you, Louise!! by nosuku-k
I love TONA!!
Please see, her tumblr blog "What's New Under Tonatiuh?"!!
I can see Cute TONA every day. I am so happy.

Gracias and thank you!!
My room is approaching Azteca step by step!!

My Room 2014-10-27 by nosuku-k

And surprisingly,.....Sr.Shi-Gu said to me, he decorated his room with my work!
Gracias, gracias, gracias, y muchas gracias!!
Until I came to dA, the one who decorated the room with my art was ONLY my mother.

My art by nosuku-k


This is Sr.Shi-Gu room!!
(By courtesy of the author)
FROM Sr. Shi Gu,gracias!! by nosuku-k
Aaaaa.....Unbelievable, my work is in Mexico!

His room is full of Azteca!!

My room has to approach Azteca more and more....!
If you are an artist, do you decorate your room with your works?
Once, I did not do such a thing.
Naturally. Look at my POOR works.
I did not want to decorate my room with them at all.
I am shy.

But now, I want to decorate my room with something of AZTECA.
If I lived in Mexico, I could get them.
But I am in Japan....
First, I tried to decorate my room with my works of fake-AZTECA.

Tlatoani's wardrobe for war by nosuku-k

To accompany the tlatoani by nosuku-k

Like this.

I tried to decorate my room with my works 2 by nosuku-k

(These are all Mexican goods I have.....)

Next, .....
I tried to print out this.

Rulers of Mexico-Tenochtitlan by nosuku-k

I  could not.
The data is TOO BIG.
And I can use my printer until paper of a A4 size.
I had to divide my work into 2 parts.....
I used a big frame and 2 postcard-size frames.

I tried to decorate my room with my works 1 by nosuku-k

What a piece of folly!
Tlatoani Ahuitzotl who I like best,....he remained !!
Sorry, Tlatoani......
I will use Tlatoani Ahuitzotl as a bookmark........
Have you ever seen works of Aztec gods on PIXIV?
If you have not, please try seeing.

When you go to PIXIV, please try searching「アステカ」and「アステカ神話」.

「アステカ」is "AZTECA".…

「アステカ神話」is "Aztec mythology".…

And on my site, I introduce several Aztec works I like on PIXIV.

In 2014 September, we can see 333 works on tag 「アステカ」!
And we can see 265 works on tag 「アステカ神話」!!
You may think that there are many Aztec works on PIXIV!!!

( But .....113 works on tag 「アステカ」are my works, and 104 works on tag 「アステカ神話」are my works....)
Today, I will introduce "Tenochtitlan Japanese version" to you.....

There is a lake called "Nakaumi".......…

Nakaumi has 2 big islands.
Wikipedia says, "There are bridges and roads that connect the east and west shores of the lake through the two islands."………………

I call this sight "Japanese Tenochtitlan" secretly.
But it is ONLY me......
I came to dA 1 year ago.
I am not good at English language, so I thought that I might not use dA.
But you gave me a lot of comments, I used English everyday.
So I am getting used to English little by little.
Thank you, gracias, merci, and ありがとう。
I would like to draw Tezcatlipoca and AHUIZOTLS more and more.
I joined deviantART.
I want to find many wonderful works.