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23th August 2013 : REV2013 version. The 2006 version is still available here :…
Lots of adjustments and decided to go all red this time, old one had too much color and looked a bit messy.
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Those are really refreshing...ish. 
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J'aime beaucoup ton style de dessin, que ce soit en dessin ou en photo j'adore tout ce qui est en rouge/noir/blanc !  j'espère que tu vas retravailler toute ta p'tite bande et que tu nous montrera ça bien vite :) VITE J'AI DIS !
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Merci, j'ai une moyenne de 1 dessin/an... c'est pas trop mal nan ?
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Yeah Pirhana is my favorite racing team =)
Oh man I like this one a lot.

Do you DJ?

How about VJ?

I'd like to be a VJ and looking at a product called NuVJ.

You can check it out on youtube, someone has a cool presentation of it using the apple commercials. Check it out!

I wouldn't mind one just for messing around with.. looks like a very fun tool to me.

If you are already into VJing and can recommend anything, let me know.

Oh yeah, this is x_rex30. Keep up the great work!
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No, I'm not DJ nor VJ.
Thanks for the com'.
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wwaaa...i love the colors, looks so cool
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O_O this is awesome
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