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Nearly There Nicely 90
As Will awoke the next morning to cool air brushing against his cheeks, he pulled the blanket over his head and snuggled father down into the warmth his body had generated.
Wait. Will opened his eyes, yanked back and blankets and sat up suddenly.
Tino, who'd been sitting with his chin in his palm staring blank eyed out the window across from him, immediately sat upright.
He's…not here? Will frowned as his eyes scanned the room. The morning light illuminated the room as it came in from the window. Will felt his face contort in frustration. But I … I could've sworn he was.
Tino cleared his throat before speaking. “G'morning Will.” He tilted his head to the side while he waited for Will to slowly look over to him. “It's still early in the morning. Thankfully, we received another telegram that says the emissary is stuck and won't be arriving until tomorrow. So we have some time to prepare.”
“Prepare?” Will rubbed his face
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Nearly There Nicely 89
Silence was the thing to wake Will.
Slowly opening his eyes, Will saw the wooden ceiling illuminated by light coming in the windows, their curtains hung open. Confused, he winced at the bright light and shut his eyes once more.
That's annoying. I wanted to know how that dream would end. He thought longfully, adjusting his shoulders to roll over onto his side to face the window. Would that guy, Crow, come back to me? I … I'd like to know.
Sighing, he eased himself up to look out the window. From where he sat, fluffy warm blankets pooled around him, Will could spot that the wind had sufficiently died down to just a weak breeze and the rain was nothing but a soft mist that tinted the colors of the gray bright sky shades of white. Dazed, Will scanned his eyes from the window to the foot of the bed, looking around the room.
A guestroom at the palace.
His eyes settled on a man several years older than him with short strawberry hair spiked forward in short layers. H
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Nearly There Nicely 88
Alexander and Julian ran around the lush grass giggling. They'd been dried off somewhat before coming into the garden. Now they were barefoot running through the artificial summer air. Only two or three of the knights, including Tino, still had the energy to keep running and playing with the children. The rest were laying down flat on their backs in the grass, some were leaning against the wall where the entry door was, and last of them were by the tree where Will was. Viau leaned against the tree with his arms crossed, while Sara sat by his feet, poking blades of grass into his boots like some decoration.
Will was sitting underneath a tree on a small rounded hill. He was positioned close enough that he could hear the group's conversations as they placed. He looked comfortable with his knees bent and his arms braced over them like a bridge. The tree was artificial like the majority of the indoor sunny garden, but it's trunk was covered in real bark matching the species: a low-height tr
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Nearly There Nicely 87
The wind battered Will and Alexander's faces, the child clinging to Will's hand tightly. “Y–you sure this is the place?” Alexander asked nervously.
“Of course.” Will answered with a chipper tone. He smiled to Alexander, squeezed his hand, and then led him up the wooden damp steps of the dock. The wood building before them had windows rattling from the wind, the rain smacking them as it bent around. “Besides, look at all of the knights with us? We'll be fine.” Alexander looked behind them hesitantly and then ahead.
The building looked battered by the weather, making it look older than much of the rest of the city, considering a miracle had built the place up not long ago. Will led Alexander by the hand up the stairs of the building. They paused at the door, turning back to look at the knights trailing behind them. Hesitantly Alexander looked up to Will with a frown on his face, Will looked down at the same time and smiled at him.
“It's oka
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Nearly There Nicely 86
Bastion 86

“Ah! Will!” Alexander's voice was chipper and sudden. Will stopped in the foyer a distance to the front door of the palace. The little blond boy came running over to him instantly through the door and hugged him around his thigh tightly.
Will patted the blond hair as he tried to balance his weight with an extra body clinging to him fondly. “Alexander!” Will breathed softly with a smile. “What are you doing here?”
“It's my day to play with Ree-Ree!” he exclaimed jubilantly, looking up to Will with bright blue eyes. “Where is he?”
“He's busy right now.” Will petted his head again, then stepped back as Alexander let him go. Will knelt before the little boy, smiling as kindly as he could to him. “Want to hang out with me instead? I'm going to the docks to meet with a strange person.” He asked his question as you would to trick any child, baiting them to do something they might ordi
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Nearly There Nicely 85
Bastion 85

The two stood at the base of a large tree with very little branches at the base. Although it was raining, they were protected by the thick foliage of the canopy above them. It cast a dark shadow over them, which seemed to make the brush around Crow's ankles seem taller and thicker. Birds chirped off and on, obviously making plans of some sort before the strength of the oncoming storm from the ocean hit with its full ferocity.
Covered in cobwebs, dirt soaked into his wet shirt, and leaves clinging to mud along his pant legs – Crow looked a little beat. Akiio threw a few leaves out of his onyx hair, but otherwise he was relatively clean; He did have a thin layer of moisture all over him but nothing was soaking in. Crow had Akiio held on his back piggy-back style with his hands at Akiio's thighs, leaning forward.
“The need to sprint was less than ten percent.” Akiio said rather flatly without a show of care to Crow holding him on his back.
Crow scoffed
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Nearly There Nicely 84
Silence filled the room around Will. All of the voices that had been talking around him just moments before had dispersed. The gentle sound of wind and rain pattering against the window seemed to get quieter as the minutes dragged on lazily. It made his throat itch; suddenly he felt parched.
Will looked up from studying the floor to where the door had been. Huh. He chuckled. How many times I have I been like this in the last four months?
After a moment, his smile faded. After easing to stand, Will stretched his arms high above his head, yawned, and then went toward the door to the hallway. Opening it, he peeked out to the dim hall.
Several feet away was a circle table that looked like it'd been sawed in half, as half of the circle was missing so it could be flush against the wall. Resting on it was a pair of white candles in bronze holders illuminating soft yellow light over the area. Will could clearly make out Viau standing at attention right next to the table. Several
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Nearly There Nicely 83
Will backed up so quickly, he ran into the table by the window, knocking over the vase of flowers. As it crashed to the ground, water spilling out, he turned to look at the decorative set of poles wobbling from their urn being bumped by the table legs. His eyes widened, focusing on the medium-length pole he knew was made of iron, painted in silver.
Are you okay?” Phyte asked, both his arms up, as he stepped around the foot of the bed to approach Will.
Will didn't look at him. He darted his hand forward, grabbed the silver pole, turned it in his right hand on the center weight, pushed it forward and caught the short end with his left hand down by his ribs. Holding it firm, he pushed it straight out like a spear until it pressed against the center of Phyte's bare chest. “Get, back.” Will ordered in a firm voice, but even he could feel it quivering in his throat.
Phyte's concerned look turned to a sad smile. “Hey, I just wanted to see if you're oka
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Nearly There Nicely 82
Will sat very stiff at the center of a long oval-shaped table. Sitting along either side were a bunch of distinguished looking men, women; some old, some about as old as Rhys, and some just around Will's age. It was an odd mix to behold, but considering the age of the kingdom itself, it didn't really surprise Will.
He had changed into something more proper: a blue robe adorned his shoulders with white fluffy trim, a chocolate-colored vest over a beige long-sleeved shirt, and light brown pants. He wore white gloves on both hands, and his hair had been combed back to show his forehead clearly. He looked like he was wearing something that would fit Rhys, not him. On top of his head was a striking black short hat with a stiff brim, and down covering both his ears, as if to mimic small wings, were clips of white and crimson feathers that spread out several inches from his face.
“As I was saying,” stated one man, “we were here to discuss the transportation problems plaguing
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Nearly There Nicely 81
Outside in the courtyard, with the sun hanging high in the sky, the wind blew softly across Crow's shocked face as he collapsed to his knees next to his father's beaten body. Gasping, with blood coming from his lips and forehead – it was nothing compared to the hot blood slowly leaking from his gut and right forearm. His uniform was tattered, turning a dark crimson shade as blood pooled beneath his form.
Crow reached out without care and yanked his father by his shoulders to roll over onto his back. “Hey!” He shouted at the gasping man. “Don't you die on me!”
Corian peeked open his eyes weakly, a smirk forming onto his lips. “I trained you to never cry in situations … like this.” He paused to cough, shutting his eyes. His voice was raspy and gravelly, scraping out of his throat as if it was running along sandpaper on the way out. “I was wrong.”
“Stop talking.” Crow ordered, pulling his dad's head onto his lap while
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Nearly There Nicely 80
Will and Crow had just barely stepped foot into the ballroom before Rhys's boisterous laughter was heard echoing. The two looked over to their right immediately, watching as Rhys briskly walked toward them with his arms spread open. “Will! I'm so glad you could make it!” he exclaimed in a deliberately loud voice.
By the time he finished his sentence, Rhys had gotten up to Will and hugged him tight around the neck. Will let out a noise of surprise as the air was squeezed out of his lungs, making Crow only chuckle. “It– It's nice to see you, too.” Will mumbled out, trying to take a step back from the king.
Rhys recognized the movement and released Will, taking a half-step back, while leaving his hands resting on his shoulders. “Now, that good-for-nothing Noire is wandering around here somewhere.” Rhys stated, lowering his voice. He glanced at Crow, then leaned his face in to Will's as he furrowed his brows. “He's trying to weasel the locati
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Nearly There Nicely 79
After a while, Arluin stepped into the room. He stopped just in front of the coffee table before giving a nod of his head to the two. Crow was still pawing through a book, though he had swapped it out for a cooking book; currently he was looking at a recipe for trout and potatoes. Will was laying with his back against Crow's arm with his eyes shut as if he were asleep.
Arluin cleared his throat. It took a few seconds but Crow eventually lifted his eyes once he was done reading a sentence about grilling the fish. Once he had some attention, Arluin tipped his chin in a smaller nod before he started speaking. “His Majesty requests Will's attendance at a banquet this evening.” Will casually tilted his head so his face was aimed at Arluin before lazily opening his eyes. “Halibut is on the menu, and there will be a dancing portion to the evening.”
Will focused on Arluin's figure for a quiet moment. Dancing means there's guests from out of country. Halibut… Cl
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Nearly There Nicely 78
Chuckling, Matéas entered the room. “I don't need to listen to your thoughts to know what you're thinking, Will.”
As Will shifted up to watch Matéas come over to his bedside, his face turning a deeper crimson, he felt a grumble in his throat. And here I thought I might be free of even the smallest amount of teasing when it comes to romantic intimacy.
“But nevermind that,” Matéas cleared his throat when he stopped by the bedside. He studied Will's face for any sign of weariness before continuing. Only he did it so long that Will grew a perplexed look on his face. Seeing the confusion, Matéas offered him a smile. “Does any pain remain from Neophyte's... Interaction?” He chose his word carefully.
I guess he's unsure how he feels toward Phyte right now. Will nodded his head, his features not relaxing their curiosity. “How about you? He hurt you right?”
Matéas shut his eyes as if the answer was simple and
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Nearly There Nicely 77
Arluin returned shortly later. He helped get Will sitting upright without disturbing Crow. It helped the Crow was exhausted. Without any comment on the situation, Arluin spoon-fed Will the oatmeal. It was warm and relaxing, with a sweet taste of honey and brown sugar going down with each bite.
Once half of the bowl was empty, Arluin rested the spoon inside, a soft clink echoing around the dimly lit room. “I wanted to ask if you find Neo Phyte terrifying?”
Will frowned, pursing his lips slightly as he cast his eyes down to the oatmeal. “No,” he said softly. The first word he spoke; it was hoarse and shaky, quaking in his throat as the vibrations felt new. It made the aching of his nightmare a sore realization, that maybe he had been screaming aloud. “He's sad, or lonely.”
“That doesn't alter his playful personality.” Arluin commented, glancing toward Crow's mop of hair. “For instance, Neo believes himself to be friends with Cr
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Mature content
Nearly There Nicely 76 :iconnostalgicroxas:NostalgicRoxas 0 0
Nearly There Nicely 75
Then, through his dulled senses, Will felt the realization of his chest moving– he was breathing. Something was on his back covering him, whilst he lay on his stomach with his face to the side. The fabric felt soft and smooth beneath his cheek.
Slowly his senses began to click on, starting with the feeling of gravity holding his body still against something soft; warmed by his body laying there a while, Will could only guess that it was a bed. The scent of something fresh tingled his nose. Tensing his brows, Will tried to pinpoint what that smell was.
Cookies? Vanilla? Pastries? Is Isaac around? Then the smell became clearer as time passed as Will was becoming conscious.
The room felt muggy, with a tint of warm air hanging around his body.
A wispy vanilla clean scent... Crow? Will furrowed his brows, struggling to open his eyes.
What he saw was a dim room, lit by the glow of the Threshold's light cascading in from the window. Although he was la
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