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Belated Junk
Author: Elle

As odd as this may sound, coming down to breakfast that morning started off routinely too.

Geno was down first. Dressed in white and gold colored pants with a sweatshirt covered in thin gold colored straps and buckles. His hair had been such a mess that morning he decided to brush most of it back from his face and tied it into a pony tail at the middle back of his head.

The red head came down a bit after Geno had settled at the small table in the breakfast room. He was dressed in blue jeans with black high boots and a tight deep dark red torso shirt, showing off his muscles that were smooth and toned.

Geno peeked his eye to the other and glared away, taking a bite out of the sandwich he'd made himself.

"You gotta stop getting into my bed..." the red head said suddenly, walking through the room to the kitchen.

"The guest bed is so... Guesty."

"You aren't living here yet."

"I've been here a month, Yoru." Geno answered back and took another bite. "I am entitled to my own comfy bed."

"Get one. Not mine." the red head answered as he came back into the breakfast room with a slice of buttered toast.

The blond frowned and batted away Yoru's hands when he moved to take out the hair tie. A loud screeching of a car's breaks caught their ears as they peeked out the small window.

Yoru's eyes thinned, noting how the car was quickly parked before the man dressed in a white suit got out and hurried to the front door.

"Lord Manis is back~" Geno sang, happy to see the owner of the mansion, and ran to leave the room.

Yoru yelped, grabbed Geno's collar and yanked him back. "He's drunk and in a bad mood!"

"How can you tell..?" the blond asked with a curious expression, the kind a person gives you when they have no clue what you're saying.

The red head shook his head, looked up at the sound of the Lord who adopted him made brisk steps toward the kitchen. "I love you!" he proclaimed, sounding serious, just as the Lord walked in and forced Geno into a kiss.

The Lord scoofed at him before walking into the kitchen.

Geno was punching and struggling to get free, his air track cut off.

It was another minute before the Lord went upstairs and Yoru dropped Geno to the floor, both gasping for air.

"Moron! I was gonna ask him about the bed--" Geno started, wiping his lips.

"One I'm not a bad kisser so don't act like you didn't like it, Geno." Yoru said, straightening up. "Two, don't talk to him when I say no unless you want to get kicked out."

"If I haven't moved in how can I get kicked out...?"

"I'll lock everything and make sure you can't sneak into my bed anymore." The red head threatened.

Geno decided to listen. Unbeknownst to Yoru, Geno snuck in to sleep with him all the time because his warmth of personality kept away Geno's bad memories of the past. His nightmares of when everyone he knew hated him so much they threw rocks at him, and he was welcome no where.
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Another style, yeah fun huh. But I need a little twist here and there.

I'll try to keep it constant. The good news is I won't change the perspective/point of view. Though at some points it may seem like I am.
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lmao xD yoru's attitude is great... "i'm a great kisser so dont act like you dont like it" :rofl: ahhh thats the spot xD
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Yeah, veraca had to cut some of my hilarious things out XD
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dy'aww that suck =/
oh well xD at least you'll always know they were there