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Belated Junk
Author: Elle

It was a peaceful hot spring morning. Birds chirping, sun shining in through the gloriously huge windows onto the varnished floor and creeping up the edge of the sateen bed sheets. The normal sort of idea you get for a morning picture.

Not bright dawn, but not midday. Just a nice middle morning, around perhaps eight. The guy with crimson hair stirred in his sleep, rolling to one side. His tanned skin seemed darker when the sun hit his bare shoulders, no shirt upon them. He shifted again to his side and sniffed.

A different scent came to his nose. Much different than his clean sheets. He could barely make out the tickling feeling of blond loose waved curls hitting the tip of his nose.

Wait a second… That smells like… He thought to himself as the hot sun and smell brought him to a better level of consciousness.

“Geno…?” He asked sleepily and peeked open his heavy eyes. He was greeted with white fair skin, closed eyes and the blond mess of curled hair snuggled up to his chest. “AAAAIEEE!!!!!” He shouted, a rumbling shaking the bed. “GENO GET OUT OF MY BED!!!!”

It was surprising this shouting didn’t awaken the other instantly. It must be a routinely thing, as he sat up and yawned slowly before looking with his ocean eyes at the furious emeralds.

“Hn…?” he said sleepily.

“Out of my bed!!!” Shouted the red head again.

The sleepy one, named Geno, yawned again before flopping back down and snuggled up to the kahki shorts the other wore to sleep.

The red head twitched, closing his eyes as a hand went into a tightly clenched fist. Okay… I’ll be nice.. I know he isn’t a morning person, he thought to himself trying to calm down. Oh who am I f-ing kidding?! This is the tenth night in a row!

He wammed his fist down onto the blond mop of hair. “Get up!!”

Geno sat up with that demonic glare your roommate always gives you when you wake them up from a peaceful and innocent sleep. The kind of glare that promises deathly revenge later in the day.

“Up!” the red head ordered again; the glare apparently being routine also.

The blond got up with a grumble to standing on the bed in his shorts and tank top. Stepped onto the red head’s gut and over him to the mattress and off the bed, stepping silently to the door.

“Grumpy old man…” Geno mumbled as he left.
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A more ... loose and familiar flow. It's a style that isn't as usual as my normal kinds. The style probably will change from chapter to chapter depending on my mood.

I couldn't think of any other good opening that'd be short and sweet, and funny.

Meet low blood pressure demon, Geno, and his "roommate" red-head and emerald eyed (blank). *read info area for his name now*
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i like the red haired one already 83 tannsss are nicceeee xD lol
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xD <-- can tell she's a fanatic of tans since her main character has a tan
X3 tehehehe