Ghosts of the Grave 06

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~* Chapter 6 *~
Elle ran forward, his left sword swinging at Vlalan's head. Vlalan ducked, blocking the right sword with his own. Vlalan shifted down, kicking Elle's shin back. As Elle fell forward he reswung his left sword. Vlalan moved his head to the side in time, and then hit away Elle's right sword with his.

Elle flipped backwards, landed and charged again. He swung at Vlalan with his remaining sword, only to miss from Vlalan jumping up. Elle threw his sword to his opposite hand, and swung at Vlalan as he came back down. Vlalan blocked it with his sword and yanked Elle to him into a hug.

"Let go!" Elle shouted, trying to shove Vlalan away.

"It's ok.. It's ok.." Vlalan repeated as he tore off his cross and quickly put on Elle's star pendant.

As soon as he did a white flash of energy blasted him away.

"GAH!" Vlalan yelped as he was flung into the tree.

Elle screamed in pain as the star vanished inside him and he fell to the ground. Black insects crawled out of Elle's face and hands, out from his back as his shirt ripped and more bigger insects came out.

So many came out they flew into a black cloud above the young man.

Vlalan sat up rubbing his head. "Oh no you don't!" He threw his sword at the cloud of insects, only to have it eaten up.

"Damn..." Vlalan cursed, looking at Elle rought with pain. "Ok... Death to me..." He shrugged as he closed his eyes. A white light emitted from his body. Like a magnent the insects darted for Vlalan.

As each insect touched the light, it discentegrated until all were gone. The light flew up out of Vlalan into a white glowing orb.

"G-go... Go back to where you belong..." Ordered Vlalan, gasping for breath.

The orb bounced and floated over to Elle, dropping into his back.

The young man screamed at the sharp pangs of pain hitting him until he fainted onto the ground.

The sharp smell of a doctor's sanitized ward woke up Elle with a start. "Ah!" he shouted.

He blinked, looking around him. Dressed in a hospital white yukata, Elle sat in one of the beds of a hospital bright with white light.

His golden eyes studied the room, finally falling on the bed next to his.

Vlalan lay on his back, eyes closed, with a bandage wrapped over his face and left eye. Elle shifted up and crawled up next to Vlalan, seeing his silver cross around his neck.

"H-hey.. Vlalan...?" Elle whispered. "It was... a dream wasn't it...? It never happened..."

Vlalan didn't move.

"....Ikawi's still alive isn't he...?" Elle tried again. "I didn't really kill so many...."

Still nothing.

"You didn't really trick me..." Elle frowned biting his bottom lip. "You really came back to save me..."


"You gave me back my light..." He paused, "Right?"

A bandaged hand moved up and touched Elle's cheek. "You are a handful."

Elle smiled slightly, looking to Vlalan's open eye. "I am...?"

"Protecting you cost me my life." Vlalan answered with a nod. "But you... In the end, protected me. You brought me back."

"Yeah but everything's dead now.." Elle frowned.

Vlalan shook his head. "You're light.. it's the life of this planet, this world. With it gone from you- the rightful host- the planet withered. Just as the blackness from your brother ate me alive, the light of yours left in me killed me. Ikawi just happend to finish me off with a stupid bullet."

"But the grave...?"

"I had hoped you'd figure it out." Vlalan answered with a smile. "Just as my eye is to see from the heavens, Alai Grave is the direct connection with the heavens."

"Is your eye okay..?"

"You're asking too much to a guy who just woke up from being dead pretty much."

Elle laughed. "I'm sorry."

"No you aren't."

Elle frowned, closing his eyes. "Will you rest okay?" he asked after a bit.

"I have something for you."


"Never put on my cross again and I'll give it to you."

"Ok I promise." Elle nodded.

Vlalan shifted up and took from under his pillow the small bunny plushie. "It joined me in oblivion."

Elle blinked and took his small plushie. "...I thought you said you'd replace Shofer?"

"I have." Vlalan nodded. "But still... Your love is still an obsession with me. We just learned."

"Yeah.." He nodded. "I guess we'll have to be careful."

"Yeah." Vlalan nodded, patting Elle's head. "Now, let's rest and dye your hair."

"What'll happen next," Elle asked, forcing Vlalan to move over and make room for him to cuddle with in the small single bed.

Vlalan hugged Elle. "With our luck, an owl that knows everything will tell us that the blackness in me is still there.."


"Or some crap like that."

"Aw and I thought dying would clean up your mouth." Elle pouted.

"Dream and maybe so." Vlalan laughed.
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Much like our first bit of Vlalan & Elle's story. There is more.

Whether or not Vlalan is right or not, there will be more. His blackness is still in him and needs to be cured.

Man Elle's brother was a pain sticking that into him. Vlalan did agree to be the host though..
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They all need to comment more..
Anyways awsome job with the swordplay there Elle. ^^ Took a while looks like to get the coordination of them right.