Ghosts of the Grave 05

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~* Chapter 5 *~
Vlalan rode for several days, into the deep forests and stopped under a glowing tree. The only thing left of light in the world. All around it where sick people, clinging together, hoping this light promised them Zephyr's return.

Vlalan got off his horse near the thin part of the crowd and carefully walked in. He nodded to the people that looked at him. Once close to the tree he pulled off his hood and kicked the blond's body sitting against the tree.

"Hey wake up." Vlalan ordered.

The blond glared up at him, "Oh it's you. So you came back."

"Elle's on a rampage looking for me." Vlalan answered.

"Can we not talk here?"

Vlalan waved his arms and made a huge circle. "Why not? Let's tell everyone what happened to me."

Ikawi glared as he stood up. "Oh don't make me shoot you."

"What's that?" Vlalan laughed, turning around. "Oh shoot me, you say? Hah! Bastard, you already did. Right in the ribs."

"I'll kill you again if I have to," Ikawi answered leaning his head to the side, a threatening glare as he was getting ticked off.

Vlalan shook his head, facing Ikawi. "You just couldn't help yourself. Elle's power you just had to have!"

"And you?" Ikawi chuckled. "Weren't you using him yourself?" Vlalan's eyes thinned. "C'mon, tell us. Who decieved who first? You heard of Elle through the item he held and planned to kill him to get it. And then- you heard of his power."

"Shut up.."

"You just had to have it." Ikawi shook his head, "And you did. You stole his power from him, nearly killing him. But the cute boy loved you so much he forgave you and hunted you down."

"Shut up."

"So what happened? You had sex." Ikawi laughed insanely, people turning to listen. "You dephiled the body of our precious Zephyr after taking his powers. You're not cured-- that blackness is still within you. But ho ho, now our cute Elle is practically dead trying to get you back."

"Shut. Up."

"I was trying to save him from you. Killing you would give him back all his powers, but he got his hands on your pendant and put it on." Ikawi glared to Vlalan. "His love for you burst out and nearly killed me. He swore to Death that he'd give her everything he cherished just to get you back. And he still hasn't killed me yet!"

"Shut up!"

"You're just a big rotting corpse now, Vlalan."

"And you?" Vlalan snickered. "You didn't love him either. You were after his power as well. Probably for some selfish idea like ruling the world. Sicko."

"At least I didn't toy with his feelings as much as you did."

"I didn't toy with him!"

"You have half his powers within you and his very soul around is neck, and still you say that?" Ikawi laughed. "It's your fault Zephyr's gone."

"Or would it be yours?" Vlalan exhaled. "You killed me."

"So what's keeping you alive?"

"Elle's will." Vlalan answered.

"You plan to kill me and then him?" Ikawi laughed, "Rest in eternal damnation!"

"No!" Vlalan shouted, "That'll be you!" He ran forward.

As quickly as the two started arguing it was over. Ikawi was down on his face, blood leeking from his chest. Vlalan dropped his sword and sighed.

He turned and walked over to Ikawi, looking over his body with a disgusted look. "I didn't even have to use Elle's powers to kill you. How sad."

"You took my heart." came a soft voice, coming closer.

Everyone stood up looking around as the light of the tree began to go out.

"You decieved me right from the start." continued the voice.

Vlalan swung the sword around in his left hand before holding it ready to strike.

Out of the black shadows walked Elle. His skin pale, clothes torn, and his eyes empty of life.


"It's the Zephyr!" shouted a woman.

"Run!" shouted a man.

In a panic everyone around the two jumped up and ran away into the forest.

"Now I'll bring the angels to you." Elle said, stopping several yards from Vlalan. He lifted up his two swords. "And I'll let them take you to Hell."

"Elle!" Vlalan shouted. "Wake up!"
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I had a little too much fun with this chapter...

Somehow I feel like I'm cheating you guys in terms of story unless you've read the rest of Vlalan & Elle's story..
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