Ghosts of the Grave 04

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~* Chapter 4 *~

"Have you heard?" asked an old man in a hushed tone to the young man sitting across from him in the dimly lit bar. "The Zephyr's vanished."

"I heard he's gone insane," said another man, leaning in close to the conversation.

"No, he just vanished!" corrected the old man.

The one sitting across from the old man looked at his glass empty of water, the icecubes melting. His features were covered by a heavy wool cloak.

"Vanished? How?" asked the second.

The old man shrugged, pouring the one across from him some more water. "They say he jumped to his death and flew into the air. Sucked up into a portal."

"But without Zephyr..." mumbled the second as he tapped the counter. "What'll happen to this world?"

"He's lost his way." finally spoke the one in the cloak. The other two looked to him in astonishment. "He's like a black sheep now."

"Are you defending him for abandoning us?" asked the old man in anger.


The one who had been tapping the counter slammed down his hand and shouted, "Then what? You think Zephyr has a good reason for abandoning his kingdom? Without his light, this world's lifeforce is dwindling! Where's the sunlight to grow our food and the ocean to become the rains?"

The one in the cloak lifted up his filled cup and poured it onto the counter. "You two are just like the rest." He said and stood up, walking out.

"Get back here!" shouted the old man.

"When I'm ready," he said and walked out of the bar.

Outside the sky was dark, and people walked the streets coughing and gagging for breath. This was the huge technologically advanced city, it's name forgotten now that all the sun was blocked out- it's power source.

The man walked over to a horse and grabbed it's reigns. After untying it, he mounted the horse and trotted it out of the city.

It was almost worse outside. Black storm clouds were everywhere, followed by black rains. All the lush grassy plains were dead and dry, while the deserts once hot were cold that snow fell. It wasn't snow, it was ash of the world dying.

"Who would've guessed Zephyr's light was this important..?" he asked himself as he lead the horse farther from the city toward the coast.

Images of the past raced through his mind.

"Elle stop!" shouted a woman dressed in black with fairy wings.

"I won't!" shouted a young man with green hair. "Not until I get him back!"

"Killing everyone you think did this won't bring him back!" shouted the familiar blond, Ikawi.

"You'll die first!" shouted Elle, his eyes once soft and gentle now fogged with insanity. Around his neck he wore Vlalan's pendant.

"Stop it!" the two had shouted.

"I'll bring him back!" Elle shouted.

Black air surrounded Elle, the elf trying to surpress him. It shattered like glass as Elle's white light burst out uncontrollably and fired out all around him.

Then there was nothing but white all around everyone.

A soft little girl's voice called after a giggle, "What do you lack?"

Elle blinked, looking around the white area. "Who's there?"

A little girl dressed in a dull pink dress and a brown grass hat walked toward Elle out of the white, holding a rose toward him. "What do you lack?"

"My lover..." Elle said, his rage dying as he became confused.

"You're willing to give up everything for him?" the girl asked.

"No don't!" shattered in Ikawi's voice. "That's the--"

"Yes!" Elle answered with a nod.

"No!" screamed Arrosez.

The girl smiled, her eyes lighting to a red shade. "Then so shall it be done."

The little girl vanished. Then slowly faded away Ikawi and then Arrosez and then all the white. Elle turned round and round as he was returned to standing at the coast next to the huge Yew tree in Alai Grave.

"What...?" he asked.

In the next few minutes came the black clouds and then the rains.

"What's going on!" Elle shouted to the sky. "You said you'd give me him!"

"In exchange for everything you cherish." came the girl's voice.

Elle blinked, stunned. "What? No! No! Stop! Stop it!" He turned and stared in horror as the land around him began to die and the warm light of the sun vanished.

The air even then began to get thick with the heavy sadness now within Elle's heart. The white light emitting around Elle, his light, his proof of Zephyr, flickered and finally went out.

His eyes dimmed to a shade of empty silver. All the light vanishing away and forming a second cross, more in the shape of a silver star, around Elle's neck.

The cord of the new pendant snapped and it fell into the dying grass. Lead like a puppet, Elle walked to a huge city, stole two swords and began to act like a ghost. Destroying anyone that got in his empty wandering path.

In the place where the star had dropped slowly formed Vlalan's body.

"Hey! Move it!" shouted a man.

The man in the cloak looked to the other. His horse had stopped walking in the middle of the highway.

"Sorry..." he mumbled and directed it to the side. He shook his head and looked up to the sky. "A Zephyr's that lost it's light.... Damn why'd he have to go and put on my pendant..?"

"What's this?" asked a young girl.

"They say it's the Cross of the Devil," Vlalan answered, holding up the silver cross on a silver cord in front of the girl.

"Can I wear it?" asked the girl.

Vlalan shook his head, "We shouldn't even have it."

"What's scarey about it?"

"The Devil's Cross holds the power to make you go insane," Vlalan answered. "I read it makes whoever wear it obsess over what they desire most- ignoring all logic."

"Sounds like a folk tale." answered the girl as she yanked the cord and quickly put it on.


"Do you understand 999?" asked the leader of their group, 990.

"Yes." Vlalan nodded and exited the state room.

Several moments later his young friend, his only friend, she was dead by his hands. Vlalan leant over and picked up the silver pendant.

"Crazed with... what they desire most.." Vlalan pondered aloud before putting it on. He looked to his hands and then went down the hall and looked in the mirror. "All I crave more is friends... Funny.."

Vlalan sighed and directed the horse down the dirt path, "Elle's still wearing it... Meaning as a soulless vessel he's looking for me..."
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Insanely long and confusing..

Past, presant - it has a lot of switching scenes. Hopefully you get it.

I spent the last week scribbling it out piece by piece and I'm pretty satisfied with it =)
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