Comatose Ch2

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~ Chapter Two ~
Koronli looked down the thin alley way filled with boxes and homeless children playing. He took a gulp before walking toward it. All there was, was four small houses. Stopping at the dead end path, he turned to the kids, then back to the wall without saying anything.

“You want to go down?” asked a little girl.

Koronli turned to her and nodded.

“Pull the lever,” she answered.

Koronli looked back to the wall. Then around a bit and he spotted a rusted lever. “I’ll bite…” he shrugged and pulled it down with a lot of strength.

The heavy cobblestone wall broke off dust as it moved backward and then up. “Smart mechanism…” Koronli nodded in awe as he started down. “ACK!!” he shouted as he tumbled forward into the darkness.

“Watch the first step. It’s stairs!” giggled the little girl.

Koronli groaned, sitting up. “Thanks for the warning, kid.” He looked around nervously. Most of the people in this area were children and several very old people.

He took a deep breath and exhaled before getting up and starting down the only path slowly. This place was just as dark and dank as the one above, but a lot less in the way of adults. He stopped at the end of the path, pillars towering up to the roof of the area blocked his way.

“Now what?”

“You want to go through?” asked an old man with a light metallic blue tattoo on his forehead. He was sitting next to the pillars with a long beard and hair, dressed in multiple layers of clothes sitting on stacked up crates.

Koronli nodded, “Yes sir. I want to know what the lineage is.”

“The Prince of your land was brought down to us as a sleeping corpse. Our Elder, just like the Fortune Teller, is cursed with eternal life… He promised to keep the Prince safe. Those with dark hearts and bloodstained hands may not have him.”

“Those with dark eyes and grins that chill the bones may not have him,” continued another old man sitting next to the first, looking identical.

“And those with weapons and evil air may not have him,” answered a tall man behind Koronli. This one was standing, balancing his weight with an old Yew walking stick. His beard trailed to the ground, old bony hands and face with closed eyes.

“Elder, this man wants to know what the lineage is.” Said the first old man.

Koronli turned to the one standing. “H-hi.” He waved a bit meekly.

“Tall and dual hair shades. Eyes like our Prince and skin just as fine.” The Elder nodded. “Not evil or hatred, not even the feeling of sadness lies within you. Tell me, boy from above: what is it you seek with our lineage?”

“I want to help him.” Koronli nodded. “I hadn’t heard much before, but when I found out that he may be… Somewhere alive. I thought that if I could get to him, that maybe I could save him from sleeping forever and loosing any chance of having a life… That’s understood.”

The Elder laughed huskily. “You speak like the Prince, honest and true and even slightly brave. To come this far proves that you have great potential. You want the lineage for yourself?”

“No.” Koronli shook his head.

“For your people, starving of their monarchy and trapped within the Empire?”


“Then for what?”

Koronli paused, not sure how to answer. “For the Prince. He… Everyone has the right to live, knowing that you’re living it.”

“And you’ll grant him that?”


“To what lengths are you willing to go to keep him alive?” asked the Elder.

“I’d give my life.”

“For someone you’d never met?”

Koronli just nodded.

“I like you, kid. And you smell of nothing vile.” The Elder nodded with a smile. “You may have him. Waking him will be your task to learn alone.” He lifted his staff and hit its base several times against the stone ground.

Koronli looked back around to the pillars as their circumference shrank drastically. Carefully he walked forward into the clearing. To his left was a glowing light.

“That light’ll take you to a safe place on the surface.” Said the Elder before walking away.

Koronli nodded, “Thank you!” He carefully walked forward. He stopped and looked as the pillars reappeared at full size, blocking his way back.

Understanding that he wasn’t getting out that way, Koronli walked to the center of the room. There was a floating blue tinted translucent pyramid crystal with a young man about the same age as Koronli within. His eyes were closed and appeared to be sleeping.

“He’s cute…” Koronli whispered, lifting his hand to touch it to the crystal. As soon as he did it vanished and the boy gently dropped to the ground. “Oh that’s smarts.” Koronli rolled his eyes, before kneeling next to the boy. “So, this is the Prince…”

Fine pale skin, just like Koronli, and hair as blond as the sunlight, just like Abandon. Tied in his hair, keeping a lock separate from the rest, were light and dark red bands. His chest was bare of any clothing, only a golden pendant with a ruby stone in the center of his chest below the dip of his collarbone. Koronli traced the gold, it obviously apart of the Prince’s flesh. Coming from the golden armbands were light very opaque pink ribbons of sateen, but it was just translucent enough to give a hint of the arm beneath. A golden broach with a small ruby jewel inlaid in the center of it held his pink skirt wrapped around his hips. The pink fabric came out of the broach in two long ribbons that were tied around his hips and then fell out as a skirt to his knees in an uneven way. Beneath his skirt, dark chocolate brown loose pants could be seen, cut neatly at the base. And his feet bare.

“Very cute…” Koronli smiled a bit, studying the face. Under the right eye was a black tattoo of a single wing, the base at the outer tip of his eye. “Ok, let’s get you out of here.” Koronli nodded, lifting up the Prince onto his back.

“Damn! He’s heavier than I thought!” Koronli complained as he walked slowly to the glowing light. “C’mon glowy light thingy…” The light surrounded all of Koronli and a moment later he was standing under a tree overlooking the city.

“Well, this’ll be interesting…” Koronli said to himself as he turned from the city and started down the hill. “Mackville shouldn’t mind me dropping by suddenly…. After all, I know the mayor~” Koronli blinked, realizing as he walked that talking to a comatose Prince didn’t do much good.

By the middle of the night, Koronli was inside the city again and sitting on the edge of a warm bed next to the prince who was tucked inside it. A tall man with silver short hair dressed in copper plated armor paced in front of him, his boots making loud clunking sounds with each step.

“Let me get this straight.” Said the hume, thinking as he paced. “You and Abandon went and snuck into the palace ruins. Snuck out, went into VanDale and lost the Elf and Abandon. Then you went and snuck away, after she told you to stay put, and went into VanJosen and spoke with the Elder alone and got the Prince?”

“…Pretty impressive huh?” Koronli asked, trying to make light of the subject.

The hume glared at him. “Do you know how hard it’ll be to get them out of there without telling the guards?”

“But you’re the leader of the Resistance, can’t you do something?” Koronli asked.

“Second leader, below Abandon.” He corrected. “I can’t believe you left her behind!”

“I was curious!”

“Good thing you’re not a cat, eh?” he laughed. Koronli lowered his eyes. “It’ll be at least three days before we can get even one hume in to get word to her.”

Koronli looked to the floor. “Sorry…”

“It’s fine.” He sighed. “Change and get some rest. We’ll talk about this in the morning.” He waved and started out of the room.

“H-hey, Mackwell.” Koronli asked, looking up to the man. “I found something in the Prince’s bedroom…”

“And you didn’t tell my sister, why?” he asked, turning around crossing his arms.

“Didn’t occur to me.” Koronli shrugged, pulling out of his pocket the old envelope. “It was in a chest labeled 3773 Dream.”

“Odd.” Mackwell took the envelope. He turned it over and then handed it back to Koronli.


“Keep it.” He instructed. “Have the Prince open it when he awakens.” And he left the room.

Koronli sighed, looking to the sleeping Prince. “I wonder when that’ll be…” Ten minutes later he had changed into light brown leather sleeveless shirt and pants, lying next to the Prince in the bed.

“What’s your name?” Koronli whispered to the Prince.

It was a fact, that the Prince’s name had been lost to history. Only people knew of the legend, the fact that he existed and his last name. But, even history had altered the Prince’s gender and the facts wound differently.

The next morning, Koronli sat in the study room of the huge mansion drumming his fingers on the oak long table. He watched as Mackwell paced the red carpet next to the table, deep in thought.

“We’ll have to find out how to wake up the Prince… Any ideas?” Mackwell asked finally, looking to Koronli.

“Nope. The Elder told me it was my task to find out.” Koronli shrugged.

“Must be something obvious…”

“Where’s the biggest concentration of the aged rose?”


“Cause there might be the biggest flower.”

“What are you blabbering about,” Mackwell asked. Koronli explained of the tapestry in the Prince’s bedroom and of the legend speaking of the aged rose. “I see… Well I think that’s at Mount Kototama.”

“Mo-Mount Kototama?!” Koronli nearly fainted.

“Yeah. Why?”

Koronli cried, “I think that’s where we have to take the Prince for him to wake up.”

“Correction. You have to take him.”


“You left Abandon, you took him from the crystal, you brought him here.” Mackwell answered with a nod. “He’s your responsibility.”

“That’s cold,” Koronli glared.

“Such is life.” Mackwell waved his hand. “I’ll give you my horse to borrow. The mountain’s not far from here—“

“Yeah, it’s just the highest,” Koronli complained.

“Take the Prince today at noon with two side bags of bread and water.” Mackwell continued his instructions. “Once at the summit, lay him down in the flowers and then wait for it to rain.”

“How long’ll that be? It’s a drought,” Koronli answered.

“Use your imagination,” Mackwell laughed. “When he’s awake, bring him back here. We’ll figure out what to do with him then. And if you get stuck, send a Messang.”

“But Messang is so expensive.” Koronli whined.

Mackwell pulled out a money pouch and tossed it to Koronli. “Here. Should be enough for one Messang from there to here. Don’t waste it on anything else now.”

Koronli peaked into the pouch as he walked back toward the bedroom where the Prince was. “Seven thousand rubils?! Damn just how rich are Abandon and her brother?”

After changing into some heavy dark armor and pulling a turban around his head and face, Koronli wrapped the Prince up in a heavy trench coat that hung to his feet and tied it around his middle. A woman came to the doorway.

“Sir,” she nodded, dressed in a maid’s outfit. “Bartholmual is waiting for you in the courtyard.”

“That horse? Aw that one hates me. Can’t you get Mackwell to give me Bastion or Clara?”

“It’s Bartholmual.” She nodded and walked out of the room.

Koronli looked up to the ceiling, “I hate you, Mackwell.” He adjusted his belt a bit before pulling the Prince onto his back and left the room.

Down the halls and corridors he went to the front courtyard. He smiled a bit, happy to see that the white horse was all ready to go. Including the side bags tied to him filled with water bottles and bread loafs. Koronli got the Prince on carefully and then got on himself with the Prince in front of him.

“Now, listen, Bartholmual.” Koronli looked to the horse’s head. “I don’t like you any more than you like me. So let’s just call it a truce until we get back here, huh? For the Prince here. Okay?”

The horse nodded a bit and started his trot on out of the courtyard. A few minutes and they were through the city and leaving down the stone path east toward the mountain range. Obviously the horse knew where he was going; Mackwell training there all the time with his heavy swords probably helped.
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Comatose ch2
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