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Title: Junk 04
Author: Elle Doki

It was that day that things became strange. A young man with curled blond hair started attending our school. But you see, no one wanted to go near him and nasty rumors were spoken about him.

For you see, that very day, that very hour, that he arrived... A girl died on the top of the school, and he was the last one seen walking up there.

Some jocks thought it'd be a funny thing to lock him in one of the bathrooms downstairs where there was only a small single window high up, hard to get to, let alone out of. They never imagined that a fire would break out in the science lab.

The school campus was evacuated to a safe distance. Only quiet whispers began then. "Where's the blond?" "Where's the murderer?" "Did he start the fire?" "Why isn't he here?"

"We trapped that pansy inside," said one of the jocks, sounding like he was worried about the teen's safety. But I could tell it was all an act.

I looked at my dark purple bangs that flew into my face from cause of the gentle wind. I remembered the day I started school here; they weren't any more kind to me. Tall, cool looking and a good sense of style, and withdrawn from people. It pulled the girls to me, but the boys thought I was strange because of my hair color and played all sorts of terrible tricks on me.

It only took me a moment's thought before I ran from the crowd to the school. I ran around it, hoping to find or to hear the sounds of someone crying for help.

When I thought he'd already been burned alive... I heard it. A soft banging on glass near my feet. I looked down to see two flat hands banging on the glass and the soft cries for help.

I knelt down to see the blond's face, his blue eyes through the smoked glass. "Duck!!" I shouted before I kicked in the glass. I reached down with both hands and grabbed his wrists, pulling him up. He was crying and begging for me not to let go.

"I can't fit!" he cried after a minute, only his head and shoulders through the window.

"This'll hurt.." I said and yanked him harshly up and through the glass. It was an expected yelp of pain from him as the glass tore through his shirt and pants, cutting into his skin. We toppled backwards, him ontop of me in my embrace.

Several hours later I was sitting in the front lobby of a hospital next to an ER when a doctor came out. I stood up as my homeroom teacher walked over, and they spoke in hushed tones. The doctor left and the teacher came to me.

"Yoru, what you did was noble..." the teacher started, "If you hadn't have pulled him he'd be dead now." He saw my look of unfading indifference. "He'll be in here for a while... He's still in critical conditions from the burns on him, not from the cuts... You can go see him if you want." I didn't say anything, just looked the teacher in the eye. "He's in room 205...."

I just walked over to the stairs and up them and then down the hall and waited at the room's door. Soon after the blond was carried to the room on a stretcher. After the nurses set him up, they allowed me to go inside and see him.

Around his forehead were bandage wraps, down to his arms and around his neck and some even to his ribs I could tell. It looked like he got cut from the stray glass more than he was burned. That thought made my heart heavy as I fell to sit beside him.

I didn't notice when I fell asleep, but I awoke hearing the sudden steadiness of the heart monitor's beep. I looked to the blond. He was struggling to pull the IV from his arm.

"Hey you shouldn't do that," I said.

"I hate needles.. Get it out..." was all he said softly.

I saw the terrified look in his blue eyes and did as told, carefully removing the needle. Then I turned off the heart monitor machine.

"Are.. you okay?"

"You're the one who pulled me through the window, right?"



"Don't mention it."

I didn't mean to, but my voice made me come off during that conversation as annoyed or uncaring. Either one it was, he stopped wanting to talk. Even when I asked for his name he just shook his head.
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