Belated Junk 3 - New Morning

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It was a peaceful warm spring morning. Birds chirping, sun shining gloriously in through the huge windows onto the varnished floor and creeping up the edge of the auburn sateen bed sheets.

Not bright dawn, but not midday. Just a nice middle morning around eight o’clock. The crimson haired guy occupying the bed stirred in his sleep, rolling to one side. His tanned skin seemed darker when the sun hit his bare shoulders. He shifted again to his side and sniffed.

A different scent came to his nose, much different than his clean sheets. He could barely make out the tickling feeling from blond loose waved curls hitting the tip of his nose.

Wait a second… That smells like… He thought to himself as the hot sun and smell brought him to a better level of consciousness.

“Geno…?” He asked sleepily and peeked open his heavy eyes. He was greeted with white fair skin, closed eyes and the blond mass of curled hair snuggled up to his chest. Not again! “Aaaaieee!!!!!” He shouted, it so loud it shook the bed. “Geno, get out of my bed!!!!”

It was surprising how this shouting didn’t awaken the other instantly. It must be a routine thing; otherwise it should have awoken him instantly. The blond sat up and yawned slowly before looking with his ocean eyes at the furious emeralds starring back.

“Hn…?” he said sleepily.

“Out of my bed!!!” Shouted the red head again.

The sleepy one, named Geno, yawned again before flopping back down and snuggled up to the khaki shorts the other wore to sleep.

The red head twitched, closing his eyes as a hand went into a tightly clenched fist.
Okay… I’ll be nice.. I know he isn’t a morning person, he thought to himself trying to calm down. Oh who am I f-ing kidding?! This is the tenth night in a row!

He whammed his fist down onto the blond mop of hair. “Get up!!”

Geno sat up with that demonic glare a roommate always has when awoken from a peaceful and innocent sleep. The kind of glare that promises a deathly revenge later in the day.

“Up!” the red head ordered again; the glare apparently being routine also.

The blond got up with a grumble, so he was standing on the bed in his shorts and tank top. He shifted and stepped onto the red head’s gut, over him to the mattress and off the bed, stepping silently to the door.

“Grumpy old man…” the blond mumbled as he left.
Breakfast that morning started off routinely also.

Geno was down first. Dressed in white and gold colored pants with a sweatshirt covered in thin gold straps and buckles. His hair had been such a mess that morning he decided to brush most of it back from his face and tied it into a ponytail at the back of his head.

The red head came down a bit after Geno had settled at the small breakfast room table. He was dressed in blue jeans with black high boots and a tight deep dark red torso shirt, showing off his muscles that were smooth and toned.

Geno peeked his eye to the other and glared away, taking a bite out of the sandwich he'd made himself.

“You gotta stop getting into my bed...” the red head said suddenly, walking through the room to the kitchen.

“The sofa isn’t anywhere near comfortable.”

“You aren't living here yet, thus no bed for you.”

“I've been here a month, Yoru,” Geno answered and took another bite. “I am entitled to my own comfy bed.”

“Oh yeah? Says who?” the red head asked as he came back into the breakfast room with a slice of buttered toast.

The blond frowned and batted away Yoru’s hands when he moved to take out the hair tie. A loud screeching of a car’s breaks caught their ears as they peeked out the small window. Yoru’s eyes thinned, noting how the car was quickly parked before the man dressed in a white suit got out and hurried to the front door.

“Lord Manis is back~” Geno sang, happy to see the owner of the mansion, and ran to leave the room.

Yoru yelped, grabbed Geno’s collar and yanked him back. “He’s drunk and in a bad mood!”

“How can you tell..?” the blond asked with a curious expression, the kind a person gives you when they have no clue what you're saying.

The red head shook his head, looked up as the sound of the Lord who adopted him made brisk steps toward the kitchen. Lord Manis was a towering businessman dressed in white suites daily. As a CEO of a huge company in England, he was able to afford a huge mansion. His co-workers who’ve seen Yoru now and again since he was about ten never could understand why Manis would adopt him. The Lord surely gave no signs of being a good parental figure for Yoru, what with his terrible binge drinking habits and staying out late even when there was important work to be done. Yoru never minded much; the Lord had adopted him from a small orphanage and told him when they first met: ‘You’re so handsome you’ll do fine at anything.’

Yoru still didn’t mind much about the Lord. He was never home to pay much attention to anything Yoru did. As a result Yoru stayed late at school after joining a sword-techniques club in his freshman year of high school, and then joined a martial arts club to get him out of the house in the early mornings.

However, when Yoru suddenly brought home Geno, Manis seemed to take it as a personal offense. Manis stayed out ever more lately, drinking and coming home at unusual hours, even for him, totally wasted. It was amazing he hadn’t gotten a fine for driving drunk yet. Yoru barely even had a sober enough Lord to talk to about Geno moving in away from his bad family life.

“I just met you! There’s no reason why you should be crawling into my bed!” Yoru shouted to Geno suddenly.

The blond blinked, totally stupefied. “Wha..? You’ve known me a good month, you dork! And you’re the idiot who offered me to live here!”

“I didn’t think you’d be clinging all over me like some gay-thing,” Yoru argued back.

Geno shoved himself away from the other, “Oh, so if I were gay that automatically makes me a ‘thing’ and no longer human?”

Yoru reached and grabbed Geno’s arms, holding him forcefully hostage. The Lord scoffed at them as he walked by. He’d gotten used to their petty arguments by now, and honestly was wishing they’d stop.

Geno was punching and struggling to get free from Yoru’s hold, his grip cutting off the air to his lungs. “Y-Yoru!!” Geno gasped angrily. “I’m gonna kill you when I get free!”

“Shut up!” Yoru hissed in Geno’s ear.

It was another minute before the Lord went upstairs and Yoru dropped Geno to the floor, the blond gasping for air.

“Moron! I was gonna ask him about the bed--” Geno started, rubbing his throat.

“One, I didn’t hold you that tight, Geno.” Yoru said, straightening up. “Two, don't talk to him when I say no unless you want to get kicked out.”

“If I haven't moved in how can I get kicked out?”

“I'll lock everything and make sure you can't sneak into my bed anymore,” The red head threatened, knowing it’d mean something to Geno.

Geno just nodded with a pout. He didn’t like it when Yoru would argue back with him. It seemed to be like this all the time. In public, Geno would direct and tell Yoru what to do and how to do it. Yoru would soon get fed up with this direction and shout at Geno, usually appearing as the bad-guy, when he was just keeping Geno in line.

Several hours passed from the morning and Geno was sitting relaxed on the sofa in the living room. The room was decorated in huge expensive pots, murals and statues, so much that it felt more like a museum than a place for a teenager to sleep.

Yoru walked in and poked Geno’s nose. “Hey, came to check up on you.”

“Why? I’m just a thing~” Geno pouted, rolling away from Yoru into the back of the sofa.

Yoru rolled his emerald eyes, “Still pouting about that?” Geno didn’t answer. “Isn’t it time you went home anyway, Geno? You’ve been living here a month… Don’t your parents miss you?”

“Dunce!” Geno replied as he sat up. “You’re totally dumb. The first time we met I said my problem.”

“...Which was…?” Yoru asked slowly.

“My dad has a phobia of gays so he kicked me out and my mom was ashamed of my blond hair, remember?” Geno asked with a tilt of his head. Yoru nodded after a moment to think. “Anyways, I guess creeping into your bed is too much?”

“For someone who’s a muscular straight guy? Yeah.” Yoru nodded.

Geno laughed, stretching his arms. “You’re all talk. You have no sense of emotions.”

“Try me!” Yoru challenged.

Geno stood up and nodded. “Okay!” He poked Yoru’s nose.

“You two better be moving out!” Interrupted a loud shout from the Lord. He came walking down the stairs with a drunken glare at the two. “You two’ve woken me up for the last time! Get the hell out!”

“You’re the idiot who drank too much,” Yoru said as he crossed his arms.

“Take the blond shrimp with you and don’t come back, Yoru!” shouted the Lord again. “I want peace and quiet, and I can’t have that with a couple of teenaged boys making loud sounds at all hours of the day!”

“It’s midday dummy,” Geno said with a brow raised. Yoru shoved Geno toward the hall that lead to the foyer, silently saying ‘shut up!’.

“Yeah I’m going. Won’t be back.” Yoru called back.

The Lord chuckled as he started back up the stairs, “Good. More peace for me then.”
Yoru pulled on his dark brown coat in the foyer and took Geno out by the wrist. “You li'l… Now I’m kicked out also!”

“Great! We can get a place together!” Geno sang and clung to Yoru’s arm.

Yoru twitched and shook his arm, “Blondie, off!”

“You mean red-headed brute..” Geno whined as he released the arm and just followed behind Yoru as they began their walk off of the huge estate.

During their walk into town, the two argued about everything from what made the sky blue to what genes made Yoru’s eyes green. It was a friendly debate to them and kept them occupied, but the several people who took notice gave Yoru glares, as he appeared to be belittling Geno.

They had walked down the long dirt and gravel path of the huge estate to the highway and started into the city. Usually Yoru would jog that two miles and walk the last mile to the high school but when he started going to his junior classes with Geno they’d just leave earlier and walk.

The city was full of tourists walking everywhere and the crowds were thick. The two kept weaving in and out behind buildings and into the alleys to avoid the crowds. Neither one liked to be outside during the bright days, and most times spring days seemed hotter than summer’s. Broke and no place to stay, the two had to look for a small local hotel that if they explained their situation to the owner they’d be allowed to stay for the night.

Finally the two were sitting in a dingy dark hotel room; luckily for them the owner knew Lord Manis and gave them a room for free. It wasn’t a great room. The kind with roaches and cobwebs, along with an icky sofa with torn holes from no one wants to know what. Geno plopped himself down onto the bed after giving it a good kick to shake away any dust.

Yoru shook his head and took a seat on the ground next to the bed. “So, gay, why’d your dad kick you out?”

“Cause I am gay.”

“I don’t get it.”

“When you do, fill me in.” Geno answered, rolling to face Yoru. “Why do you care if I’m gay or not?”

“Cause I’m straight and’d like to stay that way,” Yoru said in a manly tone.

The blond laughed, “Well if you start to fall for me don’t feel downsized.”

He raised a brow, “Why..?”

“It’s still a relationship.” The blond shrugged, rolling onto his back. “Whether it’s friendship or love, it’s still a relationship. It doesn’t matter if you love each other as long as you get along well without killing each other.”

“You get that out of some gay magazine?”

“TV actually.”

Yoru waved his arms, “Must be hard being gay. Have to turn down all those pretty girls.”

“You see pretty girls, while all I see is material addicts obsessed with pounds of make-up and calories in water.” Yoru laughed at that. “Chemicals, trimming, primping, polishing… all for what? To be something fake?”

“I guess...” Yoru answered slowly. He couldn’t give a direct negative or positive remark to how girls obsessed with the way they looked because the few girls he’s dated were only to school dances and nothing more.

“I’d rather be myself and be comfortable, and if being myself is me being gay, then okay.” Geno closed his eyes.

“You have a strange outlook.” Yoru shrugged. “I’d rather strive to be heroic.”

“Ah but you’ve got a sharp temper,” Geno laughed. “You never know how to control it.”

“So I’m quick to beat someone to a pulp?”


“I’ll beat you soon enough!” Yoru glared.

Geno turned his head to look at Yoru, “Ya know I could beat you right back. I’ve got strategy, not just strength.”

“Let’s test that!” Yoru shouted, leaping up and tackling Geno.

Within mere moments the two were rolling around on the bed trying to hold each other’s arms from their own face. They weren’t wrestling out of anger towards each other, but rather because they were both frustrated that they had no place to call home and needed to get it off their mind. After a good half hour of wrestling with each other, the two were entwined and gasping for breath.

Geno had one leg pinned down by Yoru’s hip and the other stuck between Yoru’s calves. One of Yoru’s arms was back behind Geno’s ribs and held by the wrist under Geno’s elbow. Yoru’s other arm was holding Geno’s hand, as that arm had been pulled back over Yoru’s torso and held at full length. The top of Geno’s head was resting against Yoru’s chest and Yoru’s chin was on the back of Geno’s neck.

“Okay,” Yoru gasped after a moment to catch his breath, “Give up?”
Geno squirmed to get some limb of his body free to no avail, “N-no!”

The two both sighed heavily after a moment. It became obvious to each that they weren’t getting anywhere fast if one of them didn’t let go.

“Truce?” They both asked after another ten minutes, waiting for the other to give up first. “Truce.” They released each other.

Yoru rolled off the bed and stood on the floor and stretched out his arms. Geno just shifted and lay back down, doing a full body stretch before going limp. Then the blond just cracked up laughing. Yoru blinked, looking at Geno like he was insane while he ruffled his red hair to a decent feeling of comfort.

After a few minutes, Geno calmed down and stopped laughing but still had an odd smile. Yoru shifted and lay back onto the floorboards, “I do not understand you.”

“And you never will~” Geno closed his eyes with a laugh. Yoru looked in Geno’s direction, wondering if he’d break out into hysteria again, but he didn’t.

The two sat there in silence for a long time. Every now and then one would say something like: “Pluto is really cold.” Or “Cats have two voice boxes.” Random little things that neither one needed to know; just them saying it so the other knew he was still awake.

Yoru sat up and looked to Geno when he noticed he’d fallen asleep. “… Little kid…” He chuckled, “Too bad I can’t say my life has been as hard as yours has.” He shifted and rested his head next to Geno’s shoulder while still sitting on the dingy floor. “See? I have emotions. And right now I’m feeling vexed because what if I am starting to like you?” I’ve always been straight without question.

“Hn...” Geno rolled toward Yoru, making the other jump. “But I like pestering you…” he mumbled in his sleep.

The red head scowled, “Pestering? Oh, I’m sure you do.” Cuddling little butterball who’s got no idea how to even shut your mouth to drunkards. “Oh well… I’ll have to teach you.” Yoru then rested his head down again. “Maybe being gay wouldn’t be so bad.” With all his physical strength, Yoru couldn’t measure up to Geno’s strength of being openly gay. Geno’s courage to be a proud homosexual was admirable to Yoru.

Soon he fell asleep. Like how he slowly was awakened by the hot sun, he fell back to sleep from the cold stillness of the dark room; both times accompanied by Geno’s scent. The thoughts that went through his mind gave promise to the morning filled with the new hardship of homelessness and empty pockets. Though, as Yoru worried about paying for things, the scent of Geno came to his nose and into his lungs, finally filling his whole body. It was a sweet smell of mango shampoo mixed with apricot face scrub. It brought with it Geno’s own relaxed nature, and a silent warning to Yoru to calm down.

They were already bonded to each other, like a cat to his sunshine-induced naps. Not one necessarily wanting but needing each other. The cat is at peace with his sunshine, just as the two boys are at peace with each other. Like the weather, their moods and opinions about the other may change, but it still always will be them needing each other.
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:iconwatashiveracasan: finished it off for me. She added, edited and did a whole bunch to it to make it a complete short story for my two bois.

I must say I'm very impressed. And flattered. I've never seen her suffer and literally sweat on something written in so long! She was so moody too! She burnt me with coffee last week she wanted me to stop poking my nose in while she made it "perfect simple boy love!"

And personally think she did a FANTASTIC job. ^^ But she still gives me credit to originally making it- so go give love to her submission.

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kool so thats it i guess? O.o nice job both x3
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I'm still doing a lil more. Yoru and Geno are sort of in an AU with the RS series. But the next series will have them continuing from this series ^^
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:giggle: XD
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I got a 96A on it!