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Okay, so...I was looking through Amazon (Australia) and found these:


Screenshot (177) by NostalgicChills

Screenshot (178) by NostalgicChills

Screenshot (179) by NostalgicChills

Screenshot (180) by NostalgicChills

I have no idea if these are real or not (most likely not). I know Disney is all about marketing, but really? They've gotten this far already before the film is even done? Before we even get a trailer? I'm not shitting you guys around, these are legit on Amazon right now for preorder!…
I'm not sure about these designs either tbh. Simba and Nala look quite realistic, yet Timon and Pumbaa still look like their cartoony selves. So what do you guys think? Hoax/scam? Or real insights into the Lion King characters' new designs?
I'm opening commissions for the first time ever! Very excited, but also quite nervous..
I know by the looks of it; I can only draw TLK/Disney stuff, but that's only due to limited examples of work. I can draw virtually any animal in virtually any style you want.

- PayPal only. $AUD if possible (I'm Australian). For American buyers, this means the exchange rate may cost an extra few dollars. I apologize for this, but there isn't much I can do about it. Here's a currency calculator if you need to work it out:…
- No point commissions, sorry. 
- Animals only

Please check out my prices and details below if you're interested! 

1. Traditional Sketch Commission: $3 for 1 character (extra $3 for every additional character
Traditional art only for this one, I only have a laptop touch pad to use for digital art, great for painting; not for sketching.
The examples given are quite rough, but commissions of this nature can be cleaned up if desired.
One Example:
Stampede by NostalgicChills
Other Examples:
'His name is Stitch.' by NostalgicChills   'I will avenge Scar...' by NostalgicChills   Be Prepared by NostalgicChills   'Brother...Help Me.' by NostalgicChills

2. Head Bust/Portrait Commission 1: $8 for 1 character (extra $7 for every additional character/s)
Fully colored, lineart outline, limited to no shading or lighting, simple background
One Example:
Commission - Cheezi's Mother by NostalgicChills

Other examples:
I'll Rise Above... by NostalgicChills    Mufasa by NostalgicChills   Commission for KashimusPrime - Kumba by NostalgicChills

3. Head Bust/Portrait Commission 2: $15 for 1 character (additional $5 for every additional character/s)
Fully colored, painted (no outline), shaded, lighting, simple background
One Example: 
The Past Can Hurt.. by NostalgicChills
Other Examples:
King Mufasa by NostalgicChills   Say A Prayer For Me (redone) by NostalgicChills   Teen Simba by NostalgicChills   Scar by NostalgicChills   I'm A Hound Dog! by NostalgicChills

4. Full Body Commission: $20 for 1 character (extra $10 for every additional character/s
Fully colored, shaded, lighting, simple-ish background
One Example:
Here Comes The Sun (Redone) by NostalgicChills
Other Examples:
Lea Halalela by NostalgicChills  Stitch's WTF? face by NostalgicChills   Drops Of Jupiter (Redone) by NostalgicChills

5. Portrait Commission 3: $27 for 2 characters interacting, or two shots of same character on one page ($10 extra for every additional character/s)
Fully colored, shaded, lighting, more complex background (if desired)
One Example:
My Little Makucha by NostalgicChills
Other examples:
Sorry Zira.. by NostalgicChills   Nuka - Design/Color Study by NostalgicChills  The Wicked And The Sane by NostalgicChills  Hello, Old Friend by NostalgicChills  

6. Comics: $14 per comic panel **maximum of six panels for one page, limit of three pages**
Fully colored, shaded, lighting, detailed backgrounds (if desired)
NO TEXT. I recently lost access to Photoshop on my other computer. Paint Tool SAI doesn't allow for adding text without access to Microsoft Word (which I don't have). So this is a limitation issue, rather than a personal one. 
If text is needed for the final product, tell me; and I'll give permission for you to add text onto the image. Additional prices may need to be added for complexity i.e. multiple characters, action scenes etc. 
This may be a high price, but each panel is a body of work in itself. Please understand this.

One Example:
A New Era - Redone by NostalgicChills

Other examples:
The Tragic Trio - Stargazing by NostalgicChills   If Only For A Night... by NostalgicChills  

7. Full Digital Commission: $43 for 1 character (additional $15 for every extra character/s) 
Fully colored, shaded, lighting, very detailed background
Example for $43 Commission:
Long Journey Home by NostalgicChills

Examples of a $58 Commission:

Delicate Balance by NostalgicChills

Once I Called You Brother by NostalgicChills



1) Changes:
I am willing to make four (small) changes to a commission free of charge. Any big change will come with a $2 fee. After the initial four small changes, I will be adding a fee of $2 for every additional change (fee depends on how big the change is). This is why you need to be VERY specific on what you want as soon as you book a commission. If it's an OC, I will need either: a reference sheet, an image, or at the very least a very detailed description of your character. You need to describe to me: what pose, expression, environment, scenario; and specifically anything you want right from the get-go. If you want changes to a drawing, please say so within the first two weeks of receiving it. After the said two weeks is up, I will NOT be making any changes.

2. Time:
My method for digital painting is very labor intensive, but it assures the best results. One drawing can take anywhere between one week, to three weeks; depending on complexity. Upon assessing all the details involved, I will estimate how long your individual commission will take, and try my hardest to stay true to it. Please do NOT nag me about when the drawing will be finished before the expected date of completion, it won't get it done any faster. Feel free to politely ask for an update after a week or so, but do not bombard me with impatient notes and messages. Respect is really all I'm asking for here.
While on the subject of rudeness, please do NOT contact me just to complain about my prices being too high for you. I'm sorry if my work is out of your price range, but the set prices are not negotiable. You won't be able to guilt me into changing/lowering them, so please don't try.

3. Payment:
I only accept PayPal at the moment for payment, point commissions are closed. 
Pre-payment only please. Too many terrible stories about artists getting scammed into free labor. I know trust is a two-way street, but I've been a member of this community for 6 years. My good reputation here means a lot to me, I would never intentionally tarnish it by stealing people's money. I wouldn't anyway out of ethics alone, but just saying; I have something to lose here. You can trust me.

4. Uploading:
Upon receiving completed commission, you own the right to upload and share it anywhere. But unless specifically stated otherwise, I too have the right to upload said work anywhere I choose.



- OCs in virtually any style you want (animals only please)
- Fan Art (animal characters highly preferred, note me for inquiries for characters who are non-animals)
- Lineart (note me for details/prices)
- Nature backgrounds (note me for details/prices)
- Realistic animals i.e. Wild animals, Pet portraits etc.
- NSFW (note me privately)

- Humans and/or man-made objects
- Pixel Art
- Canon Characters. Sorry, but Disney is insane when it comes to copyright law! I ain't putting my ass on the line. I won't draw canon characters for profit.
- Logos
- GIFS/Animations
- Hardcore gore. Some violence is fine, but nothing excessive (i.e. decapitations, disembowels etc.)
- Hate/spite art towards a particular person/group. Certain characters is fine (though not favorable), but nothing against real life people. I don't want to get wrapped up in any unnecessary dramas.
- I won't accurately recreate another artist's drawing. I have a strict policy against copying another artwork unless it's your own upon request. Please don't show me a drawing you found on this website (or elsewhere) and say "Draw this exactly as it is, but with my characters!" If you want me to draw something SIMILAR to another piece (reference sheets are obviously good to go; if not necessary), that's fine. But don't get annoyed if it's not the exact pose, and/or expressions as the drawing in question.

Thank you for looking! :heart:
I know many of you have probably seen this already, but Rob Minkoff has essentially stated that Scar never had a real name, still doesn't, and the one who gave him the Scar, was thought to be Mufasa himself (not 'Ahadi'): 

Skip to 7:23 to hear their discussion on Scar's name and backstory.

Yes, he's very vague. And yes, he does think it's just a cruel nickname, essentially theorizing that he indeed had a previous name. But one should note how he never mentions Taka or the 'six new adventure' books. One of panelists I think TRIES to mention it, but drivels off. I'm not at all saying all this to scream "SEE I TOLD YA'LL THEM BOOKS AIN'T CANON!!" But there are some people who wonder whether or not Disney moguls know about the books and just choose to ignore them. Well, it seems they know nothing about them, or at least Rob Minkoff doesn't. So, it looks like Kopa would be in the same boat here. I really hope the remake or maybe The Lion Guard can give us a different name for Scar.

Of course you can still use Taka as Scar's name if you want, but personally; this is good enough reason for myself to not use it again ever.

With that out of the way, it's really great to hear Rob talk about certain elements of the film that (to my knowledge) have never really been talked about before in detail. It's a great commentary for TLK fans to see, in an easy to watch format! :D
I know my art updates have been unforgivably slow and inconsistent lately, particularly on my 'recolor comic'. I apologize for this, but I assure you it's not due to decline of personal interest or having no time. I have been demotivated by an ailment that's all too common nowadays, that mental weed known as (severe) Anxiety. Most people have suffered some form of this condition at some point in their lives, usually for us introverts; 'social anxiety' is our Kryptonite. A little anxiety here and there is normal, it's just our brain trying to keep us out of danger. But when it becomes chronic and illogical beyond reason, that's when it becomes a real problem.

For those who don't know how chronic anxiety (usually) works, here's how it (metaphorically) goes: a toxic mental seed is planted at the back of your mind, usually (but not always) planted there from some sort of trauma. The seed grows (at varying speeds), and its roots, slowly but surely; strangle parts of your conscious mind. If left untreated, it can snowball into an almost constant state of unease in its sufferer. A vicious cycle of panic attacks and fear of panic attacks leaves the sufferer feeling out of control, and stuck in a loop. Activities that used to bring joy and excitement; can either become a chore, or slowly become a trigger for explosive stress for virtually no reason. For example, I myself used to love travel! Whether by car, train, bus or even planes. The speed and view of the world used to excite me and alone; keep me entertained for hours! Now they cause motion dizziness, and the compact space causes a sense of claustrophobia where there never was before. It's quite depressing honestly. The best you can consciously do to deal with it; is to keep your thoughts on a leash as it were, to stop them from wandering into stress inducing territory. Easier said than done sometimes. Everyday is met with dread and uncertainty, you lose yourself if you don't do something. 

So with that, after dancing around this for about a year, come this Thursday (from when this was posted), I'm going to a specialized therapy treatment. It will essentially explore my psychological layers to try and find the cause of my underlying stress. It won't be pleasant, but it needs to be done. I've had enough.

I'm not telling you all this for any kind of sympathy or shallow attention, I'm giving a reason for my inactivity, and perhaps even give a reader who might be experiencing something similar some closure...and a bit of a vent for myself, I guess. Anxiety is not uncommon, at all. But you don't have to just 'suck it up', it could get worse if you let it fester for too long, like I did. There is help out there. Talk to someone, do something about it. This can transcend to virtually any kind of mental condition that's hindering your quality of life. 

So, my art updates are going to be all over the place for a while I'm guessing. I have new artwork ready to go, but other projects may be taking a back seat for a while. When I kick my anxiety (and I know I will), I'll get the motivation to get back into it! Until then, a little understand can really help, thanks! :)
Yep, jumping on the bandwagon here.

A lot of you have probably heard by now that Disney is officially remaking The Lion King.… And some of you have gone completely ape-shit! Mostly people frothing at the mouths vowing to boycott the film before it even starts production. And if we’ve learned anything from the Ghostbusters remake controversy, this is going to be a long few years until it’s either finished and released, or production ceases for whatever reason.

I know this may sound hypocritical since I’ve ranted about Hollywood remaking classics into CGI nightmares for cold cash before, I don’t particularly care all THAT much. And while I see why people are going crazy, I’m going to take the same approach I took to when The Lion Guard was coming out…tranquil optimism. It might end up being really good, it might be just mediocre, or it may be utter shit. But I’m not going to judge it now, it’s not even in production yet. And I did enjoy what Jon Favreau did with The Jungle Book (that CGI was fricken’ awesome!). I look forward to seeing what they do with a universe that has such great potential to build on, I hope they take every opportunity with it. And hey, without rating restrictions as strict as 1990’s children’s media, this new film can be grittier and more mature! I’m all for that. So I call for calm, my fellow fans. The original movie is going to stay the same no matter what the end result will be. 

Sigh. I know I've talked about this a few times before, and I'm sure a lot of you are sick to death of this topic that has trended the Lion King fandom for the last few months...The Lion Guard.

Ever since the clips have been released, there have been very mixed reactions to it.
I understand fandoms are crazy as shit! But when it was first released, the Facebook post was bombarded by nostalgia cry babies screaming bloody murder over the whole thing! I understand if you have a genuine reason to hate on the series, like for example you don't like the animation style, or the characters (although, come on guys it was only a few minutes worth of footage!) But if it's just blind hate because it's different, this is what you sound like....

Popular franchises are going to evolve and change over time, it's inevitable. Get over it. Disney wants to try something new, just wait and see what happens; it may surprise you. Or don't, I don't really care what you do. Just please stop whining about a show for kids that hasn't even come out yet!
I myself am very rooted in my nostalgia (just look at my username) if anyone were to flare up about this, it would be me! But even I am excited for this series, it's fresh and new! It looks beautiful, it's upbeat, the music is good, and the characters (so far) seem pretty likable! And it's introducing TLK to the newer generation, that's very much its intention, and it's a great idea!

The YouTube clip of the preview had to disable comments because LK fans are crazy as balls! Just calm down, your precious film is going to stay the same regardless of what they do. 
I have never seen such a raw look at what it was like during the making of The Lion King! I had never seen this video before, and I can almost guarantee you haven't either! It was CBS special on the film just before its release in theaters in 1994 (although it stupidly gives away the spoiler of Mufasa's death for some reason!) They got secret looks into the animation department during the final 80 days of editing, and it is fascinating! It's only 14 minutes long, but quite in depth. Some of the info they tell; has been told a million times on other 'behind the scenes' featurettes, but there are moments in this video that I surely had never seen!
Take a look if you're interested :)

I can't wait to see Kopa NOT appear in The Lion Guard, so that the rabid fantards can get over it and move on with their lives already. I hate how a lot of them are religiously trying to shove Kopa where he doesn't belong, and never will belong.

Seriously. Enough. It's not happening, for a number of reasons:

1. Kopa was not Disney's creation to begin with. Fan authors created him with the laziest design and with a name that literally translates to 'cheating'. That would explain the fact that they just stuck a tuft on cub Simba's head and called it a new character.
2. Kopa was from a series of obscure books that the Disney company no doubt has forgotten about since they were released 21 years ago. And have never been referenced again.
3. He's NOT canon in the slightest. To expect Kopa to appear in The Lion Guard? Then why not expect Kula, Chumvi, Tojo and Malka to appear as well? They're just as much apart of the semi-canon as Kopa, if not more so; since they had more appearances in various comics.
4. Having Kopa appear in The Lion Guard will confuse the entirety of its target audience, which need I remind you is...TODDLERS. 

Enjoy Kopa within the book series, have fun making fan art of him, that's fine. But Disney wants nothing to do with him, and they never will. Get that through your skull already. Please. For your own good!

Sorry for the vent rant, but this needed to be said.
Thanks to all for my birthday wishes! I know this is the lazier way to thank you guys, but I think my computer would crash if I tried answering all messages individually! :P
I did indeed have a wonderful birthday! 

So thanks again, you guys are awesome and I treasure you all! :iconmonkeyloveplz:
I apologize for being a 'downer' with my angry journal recently, I've vented my anger of the issue, the last journal has been deleted. Just let the kid alone now, time to move on to a happier subject.

Australia and a few other countries have already had their Christmas Day, I hope all my Aussie and other foreign friends abroad had a great one; like i did!
But a lot of my dA friends and watchers are American I've noticed, so HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! And have a safe new year my beautiful dA friends!

Thanks for all your support throughout my three years here. :heart:
Thanks to all for the lovely birthday wishes! I had a great 21st birthday (which was actually yesterday, being from Australia; we're one day ahead of the U.S, and DeviantART's calendar apparently)
But the thought is more than appreciated! :D

Again, thanks to you all! xx
:heart: :iconhug1plz: :heart:
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccckkk!!

No internet for three weeks, finally we have it back! I missed you all so much!! :iconhappytearsplz:
I apologize that i haven't been able to upload anything or really talk to people lately. We moved house two weeks ago and we are STILL unable to get internet access to our home computers! :X
I'm writing this journal from a public library computer.

Since our broadband company is pathetic and slow at doing anything useful at all, i'm still unsure about when we will have internet again. I promise though, once our internet famine is over; i'll go right back to uploading more works and meeting new friends.

Until then my dA friends, my availablity is limited. Hopefully this problem will be resolved very soon. :)
Ok, recently i decided to draw an overall tribute to some of the most underrated animated movies of all time. To help me put a list together, i asked you all to suggest movies for it. Many great films were suggested to me, thanks for the help guys! The list is done as you can see below. The tribute will be drawn up ASAP. IF you still want to make suggestions; you can. But they won't be drawn into the image, however; being the animation junkie that i am - feel free to suggest films that you think i should see. Preferably 2D animated movies, but CGI is ok too. :)

- Cats Don't Dance
- The Iron Giant
- The Last Unicorn
- Watership Down
- The Plague Dogs
- Felidae
- The Brave Little Toaster
- The Secret of Nimh
- Charlotte's Web
- Jungle Emperor Leo
- The Forgotten Toys
- All Dogs Go To Heaven
- Oliver & Company


*Films suggested for me to see:*

- The Pebble and the Penguin
- Help! I'm A Fish
- The Swan Princess
- We're Back: A Dinosaur Story
- FernGully

Over the past few weeks; i finally got to watch three animated films that i have been nagging me to see for years! Those films were: Balto, Balto 2: Wolf Quest and The Iron Giant.

Out of the three of them, there was one that completely blew the other two out of the water! That film; my friends, was The Iron Giant. This film is severely underrated, and it saddens me. Every fan of animation NEEDS to see this movie!

Balto i found to be a bit too predictable and cliche for my taste. It was the kind of film i had seen a million times, the 'underdog' story. And to be honest, i don't fully understand its cult following. My guess is the character designs, because yes; the characters look nice and quite memorable. But everything else....meh. Balto as a character was pretty ordinary, a kind 'go getter' who's down on his luck. Reminds me a lot of Disney's Aladdin. Just a generic nice 'guy', except he's a wolf/dog hybrid. Which by the way, was completely fabricated; the real Balto was just a normal husky. But anyway, even though i had never seen the film in its entirety; i could still very easily predict everything that was going to happen, HOW it was going to happen; and when. It was a decent movie, but it didn't really offer me anything new. So, i'm glad i saw it; but i don't think i'm going to see it again anytime soon.

Balto 2 kind of surprised me a little. After the first one didn't really interest me, i expected VERY little from the sequel. Animated sequels of famous films nearly always crash and burn. But this one wasn't too bad, i actually place it above the original. The story for a start was a lot more creative, and for once i actually couldn't predict where it was going to go. The themes were a lot more imaginative too! However, while Aleu looks pretty, i found her voice quite obnoxious. I know she's a teenager, but she sounds like she has a jelly bean stuck up her nose. Balto sounds very nasally too for some reason. Jenna is virtually useless in the sequel, kind of like Nala was in TLK2. Why can't sequel writers write better roles for mothers?? In fact, the underlying story reminded me a lot of The Lion King 2. The overprotective father of a teenage daughter, the daughter trying to break free from his tight grip, and the father eventually letting her go. Except in Lion King; Simba had to figuratively let her go, in Balto it was more literal. And of course there was no love interest plot point, and considering this was a story about a teenage girl; i respected the film for NOT going down that road. The animation obviously had a down-grade, but it's a sequel; so they get a free pass for that. Overall, it wasn't that bad. Especially for a sequel!

The Iron Giant. My god! People. You NEED to see this! I JUST finished watching this movie and i still can't get over it! Where has this film been my whole animation obssessed life?? It's brilliant! Please see this however you can, rent it, buy it, download it; i don't care! I'm left here wondering why THIS film doesn't have a cult following like Balto does! Even though i was aware of how it was gong to end...i cried anyway! It was directed by the wonderful Brad Bird, the same guy behind films like The Incredibles and Ratatouille. He was even an animator for The Plague Dogs! I can't really talk about this film yet, it's too fresh in my memory, i need some time to let it sink in; but please look it up! You won't regret it, i promise!

This weekend, i finally watched three Disney productions that had been nagging at me for a long time. I traveled to Sydney to see: Saving Mr. Banks, Frozen and The Lion King on Broadway. All three were brilliant in their own right! However, my least favourite; unfortunately was Frozen.

I'm definitely not suggesting that it was a bad film, it certainly wasn't. But i did have my own personal issues with it, issues that did stop me from really loving this film. I don't know, maybe it was hyped up for too long and just didn't live up to my high expectations. I mean, people were telling me that it was the greatest Disney film since The Lion King, so naturally i was really ready to adore it! I liked it, but i didn't LOVE it.

Everyone was saying that this film had really great characters, story, songs, visuals and comedy. Most i agree were great elements, but i have to disagree about it having great characters, i think it had ONE great character... Elsa. Probably one of the most compelling characters in Disney history! She really saved this film for me, i really wish she had more screen time. And i do think that that's one of my main issues with the movie, it was focusing on the wrong characters. I didn't care much for Anna and Kristoff, i'm sorry but i've seen these types of characters a thousand times! Anna was a clumsy, awkward ditz with a good heart, and Kristoff was hard working but also a good hearted man. And both were forced to go on an adventure together despite getting on each other's nerve, then they realize they DO like each other, but something stops them from being together and they mope about it, but then they realized they were meant for each other..AHH! I've seen it SOOO many times!! Why couldn't Disney change that formula for once, try switching it. Make it so they like each other, but then after spending too much time together; realize that they DON'T like each other. THAT would have been more interesting. Also did anyone else think that the pacing was a little rushed? Anna and Kristoff never really stopped to get to know each other and develop a chemistry, they wouldn't shut up for long enough! Tangled certainly comes to mind when i think about the formula for this movie, and yeah it's because it was made by the same people. But Tangled actually had a compelling couple. At least Rapunzel and Flynn stopped for a few scenes to really get to know each other, they shared their stories by the campfire, a real nice moment for both characters to develop a bond. Anna and Kristoff did no such bonding. At all.

The comedy too i found to be a 'hit and miss'. I couldn't help but question why they felt that they had to try and make it funny. I just don't think it had the right set up to be, it was a very dramatic situation caused by a very dramatic character. Did it really need to be 'funny'?

Alright bitch and moan, what DO i like about ths film? Of course, like i said; Elsa is a brilliant character! I love how complex and emotional she is, her love for her sister is very strong and it really shows well in this movie. And like most people, my favourite song from the filmwas 'Let It Go'. A beautiful character, with a beautiful voice!

The visuals too were spectacular! Animating ice couldn't have been an easy job, but Disney really pulled it off! The sequence for 'Let It Go' was gorgeous and really enjoyable.

Lastly, the ending. Yes, everyone is saying that this was the 'game changer' for Disney. Disney has finally put a much more realistic twist on what 'true love' really is, and i really respected the film for that. Even though i sort of knew where the ending was going to go, i still really enjoyed watching it. And yeah, for once the main couple didn't get married. We don't really know what became of them as a couple at the end, but i doubt many people cared.

So overall, i really did like it. I just had my personal problems with it, you can disagree with me; that's perfectly fine. But please don't be rude to me because i didn't tell you what you wanted to hear. I'm entitled to an opinion, as is everyone. So no rude comments please. I'm really glad i saw it, it was a good film, i just think it could have been a bit stronger. I definitely wouldn't call it 'The greatest Disney film since The Lion King' I still much prefer Tangled than Frozen. When Frozen comes out for DVD rentals, i'll probably watch it again, to see if perhaps i overlooked something. But until then, i stand by my review on this movie.