The Tragic Trio - The Third Wheel
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I've come up with a name for this group, sorry it wasn't any of the suggestions you guys left me. They were really good, and i appreciate the input! So, thank you guys for giving it a shot :)

I love drawing these guys together! With Littlefoot in this group; there are so many possibilities.

We all know about 'third wheels'. When there is a friendship group of three members, a third wheel is almost inevitable. Not to say the third wheel is hated by the group, but often two members grow closer to each other and (sometimes without meaning to) shut the other one out. Particularly if that person happens to be a cold blooded, prehistoric giant! :shrug:

We've all been a third wheel at some stage in our lives. I've been one; twice! Sometimes we're the third wheel without even knowing it. It's unfair and degrading, sometimes even heartbreaking. But no one means for it to happen..it just does.

And let me get something straight here, i didn't pick Littlefoot to be the 'third wheel' because i dislike him or anything. I don't, i like Littlefoot! More than Bambi actually. But i picked him because he's the more realistic choice, he IS a freakin' dinosaur after all! And no doubt his size can/will cause some unintentional injuries to his small mammal friends. Of course one could argue that any one of them could be a third wheel. You could argue that Simba could be due to being a carnivore, or Bambi because of his boring personality (sorry Bambi fans but it's true). But i chose Littlefoot simply because of his size and passive/overly kind nature.

On a side note, i researched some new painting techniques for Paint Tool SAI! I love it! I'm going to use these techniques from now :D

I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome! :heart:

Simba, Bambi (c) Disney

Littlefoot (c) Don Bluth

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Is he really that big compared to the others?
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Dinosaurs brought into the modern day where there are Mammals.
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I'm surprised Simba wasn't getting stampede flashbacks :XD:
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TiteBayGirl|Hobbyist General Artist
"I can't feel my anything" - me every day :XD  
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xFlashbackFlashfacex's avatar
xFlashbackFlashfacex|Professional Digital Artist
When I first saw these I was all like “Littlefoot....Why does that name sound familiar?” Then I watched a TLBT commercial and they said “With Lovable Littlefoot.” And I was all like “OH”. Now I watch the movies all the time!
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Goldenstar134|Hobbyist Digital Artist
poor bambi 
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eclipsamoon00|Hobbyist Digital Artist
why the crossovers, everyone knows that they are bad
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NostalgicChills's avatar
NostalgicChillsEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think the tens of thousands of people who recently flocked to this crossover piece of mine:  The Tragic Trio - Stargazing by NostalgicChills  and commented/faved it; would heavily disagree with your rude comment. 

Not to mention the half a million people who viewed this crossover,  Circle of No by TsaoShin   and the 50,000 + people who faved it.

Crossovers aren't bad by default, you're just being negative (and unhelpful).
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gluestucks|Hobbyist General Artist
*Dabs* thats how you do it
kudos to you
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PoisonRose321|Hobbyist General Artist
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Mudstorm15|Hobbyist Writer
Good name
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kingspacegodzilla94|Student Artisan Crafter
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Shut up, fuckin spammer.
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shadow0042|Hobbyist Artist
Fake. I've seen these a million times and I'm haven't died
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xKyatrax|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is the 18th time I've seen this message, maybe even more
I've been waiting for my death since then
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AustralianMarcus|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Exactly! There's no gh-  Scary face 
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eclipsamoon00|Hobbyist Digital Artist
u trying 2 scare us?? well, it is NOT gonna work
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Warriorcatsfan21620|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I read this on MONDAY- and didn't die.
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AlicornPlayhouse|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just go away, Sudowudo, nobody gives a fuck about Clarissa.
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NostalgicChills|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fuck. Off. Don't spam people with this shit.
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Skyfirewolf|Hobbyist General Artist
I can't feel my anything...

*facepalms while dying of laughter*
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Hehe the way Simba is positioned. Looks like he's ready for a vet to stick a thermometer up his bum. lol 
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