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Literal Lion King - Kovu's Scar
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Published: March 15, 2014
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*First of all let me just clear things up by saying I KNOW IT'S A KID'S MOVIE AND THAT'S WHY IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THIS. So please don't use that as an argument.*

Admittedly the blood is a little much, but this isn't really about the blood. Tell me i'm not the only one who has noticed this! How can a paw with five non-retractable claws strike that hard ACROSS one's face, and only leave one mark DOWN the face?? The physics don't make sense here, even as a kid i was confused by this. :confused:
Even the first TLK movie got this one right, when Simba struck Shenzi there were marks ACROSS her face! That is until her scars magically disappeared in the next scene. -_-

This is another reason why i don't buy into most theories surrounding Scar getting his trademark wound by being scarred by another lion, for the same reason as i have illustrated. As much as i hate the 'water buffalo' (Boma) theory from the 'Six New Adventures' books (which I despise), i will admit it does make more sense physically.
I know they were going for the 'cruel irony' angle here, but to get a mark like that on Kovu's face, Zira would have to: extend one claw, keep his head still; make sure he keeps his eyes closed (so she doesn't scratch them out) and strike down his face in a perfect straight line. Which in the heat of the moment would look...ridiculous.

I know it's kind of stupid to try and put logic and physics in a Disney sequel, but i'm just pointing out something that has bothered me since childhood.

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (c) Toon Disney

*UPDATE* Wow! Looks like most people have noticed this in the movie! I'm quite relieved, at least i'm not going nuts then. :P

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madhorse12New Deviant
I like how the picture looks and my character Scarlet's scar is about the same way just not as fresh
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I think it would be better to just remove the scene because there's another problem. No matter what Zira did, the scar would NOT immediately be there. There would be a deep gash, (if she gave him a scar just like Scar's the right way), or gashes (if it looked like the image above), with blood coming out, forcing Kovu to keep his eye shut to keep the blood out of it. The scar would not appear until the tissue healed. That's how you get a scaflr in real life. The same goes for Scar and Kion in The Lion Guard.

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PaulJ505Hobbyist Digital Artist
For me, his scars should not even look the way you drew it. Looking at the direction in which he turned his head, which is in his right, not right and down, he should have horizontal scars going through the entire width of his eye. Sorry for english.
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AsjJohnsonHobbyist General Artist
Maybe he jerked away at the last second and only one of the claws actually landed? I've dodged a lot of close calls just from flinching from something speeding toward me.
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CheesyRapperDudeHobbyist General Artist
that's what I thought too! He would look so much cooler that way too
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MissFlowFlameHobbyist General Artist
Then I don't even wanna imagen what Mufasa should look like after the stampede, if we go literal :(

Edit: never mind, found it :0
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Even as a kid that stumped me. I really can't explain it, aside from the production team wanting to juxtapose Kovu to Scar, especially since this is THE LION KING we're talking about, which has more death and injury than you can shake an ostrich leg at.
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makaroscHobbyist Writer
Well scars are weird maybe that's just how it healed
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ChantalDRStudent General Artist
Yeah but it’s Disney, they have to make it suitable for kids.
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NostalgicChillsHobbyist Digital Artist
The first film had Simba scratch Shenzi across the face, and the appropriate three marks appeared. No blood obviously, but it's the shape of the scarring that I'm nitpicking, not the absence of blood. 
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ChantalDRStudent General Artist
Oh ok
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KeznenHobbyist General Artist
"extend one claw, keep his head still; make sure he keeps his eyes closed (so she doesn't scratch them out) and strike down his face in a perfect straight line"

This is part of what inspired Tass and I to make our theory on Scar's scar. A mark as clean as that definitely could not have been caused by something erratic like an attacking lion.

~ Louise
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Leopard897 General Artist
You're right. This is how Kovu should've look after a slash like that!
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I'm actually going to have this in my story. Zira slashes her claws across Kovu's face after he let my OC Jay get away, causing him to lose his eye.
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My cats always scratch me and some times is only one scratch...
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iBillieJoeArmstrongiHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah I used to be absolutely obsessed with Zira
So far as to make my stage name for my band 'Zira'
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WolfgardiansStudent Traditional Artist
god dam your right why havnt I noticed this in the movie
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Goldenstar134Hobbyist Digital Artist
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my cats manage to tag me pretty hard but somehow not every claw snags. Guess I can't really explain it well, but it might just be plausible. Maybe to do with the angle of her paw and the contour of his face?
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If they extend their claws then it's gonna hurt, if not then they're simply batting you away as a warning (assuming that it is a warning).
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Fire-EbonyHobbyist Traditional Artist
That wouldn't have been suitable for kids XD
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RisendeCabreHobbyist Digital Artist
A well-done recreation of that scene!  This bothered me too. XD Although, for my interest when I was a kid, I used to go through scenes on the original Lion King frame by frame to see how they moved (on VHS you could do that by simply holding down the pause button, IIRC, and it would slowly move through the frames for a bit).  I did it to this scene, and it turns out that Kovu moves his head up quickly as soon as Zira's paw is seen covering it, so the angle was accidentally right enough to scratch his eye...but played normally it DOES look like his movement is caused by her slap. x3  Animation can be a tricky thing.
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