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Advocate Disney: Dumbo



A start of a new series called 'Advocate Disney.'

*The following analysis is my opinionated viewpoint, not fact.*

One thing i've always admired about the very early Disney classics (apart from the impressive animation and inspiring storytelling) is that they've always been big on Animal Rights. You may notice that a few of their films, mainly the ones that feature animal characters, base the film around a certain animal commodity that they feel they need to spread awareness about. And they do so by reaching out to kids. Dumbo was the first, but not the last Disney film to do this. I won't list the other films just yet (but some of you may be able to guess some of them, there are currently seven that i know of).

Released in 1941, Dumbo was Disney's 4th animated feature. I trust that most of you know this story, so i won't bother explaining the plot. The very basic moral of this story is obviously 'believe in yourself' and that what you think is a huge flaw may in fact be a gift etc. But this film also explores the plight of circus elephants. And personally, i believe they portrayed the issue very well. Particularly when Dumbo's mother is chained in solitary confinement, after being condemned as dangerous because of an angry rampage after people made fun of her baby's big ears. The scene that followed became one of Disney's saddest moments in their history. The scene known as 'Baby Mine' where Dumbo is cradled by his captive mother through the bars of her prison, with tears running down his face (and the face of everyone else who watches this scene).

On a side note, i always wondered why Dumbo and his mother were the only characters that couldn't speak (except for Mrs. Jumbo's one line at the beginning). But i think i may have figured that out. This is just my opinion, but i think it's because they were trying to convey the message that animals suffer in silence, so Disney decided to mute the two characters that suffer the most in this film. I don't know, it's a thought. Let me know what you think about it.
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Oh don’t cry Dumbo, I will help you reunite with your mama. (hugs him)