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Brushed Metal

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The last brushed metal icon i made went over fairly well, so i threw some more together. The psd is included; if you make an icon please share it!
I may add more if I have requests for specific icons.
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meatpandaProfessional Digital Artist
I've done Garageband, Reason, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, Skype, Apache OpenOffice, MuseScore, Audacity, Chrome, Firefox, Notes, iPhoto, and Steam so far. Planning to do all of the applications on my computer, but those ones are here for now :
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fredderik-collinsProfessional Artist
cool, need more of them. Need Firefox, Calendar, reminder, all of Adobe, Skype, Fonts, Contacts, all of iWorks, iMovie, iBooks, Preview, iPhoto and more...

very simple and cool icons
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where do u download
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wow, impressive, thanks
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Does anyone know if there is more of these for all of the mac applications? Feels strange to just have 8 icons looking great and the rest just...flat and boring.
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looks good.... thanks for sharing....
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These are awesome would you be able to make them for all of the icons, i.e.... Reminders, Trash, contacts, Dictionary, istudiez Pro…
Thank You
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I had just made 5 icons like these and then I decided to check if someone else had made them, I felt kind of sad as I wasn't the only one, but I will continue making more:) so far only icon that I made that isn't already here is Skype
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thanks a lot man~~
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Hey Men!

Could you please make a couple i icons more?

Like : Aperture, Ical Google Chrome an Transmission?

Thank you in advance!
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Can you make a plain version without a picture on it? Thanks!
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ChibikkoBluePencilHobbyist Traditional Artist
I just can said: LOVELY thanks a lot :D
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Fantastic. Beautiful to behold.
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Avesome job!!!!thank you very much!!!
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You are awesome , thanks ,
I was just going to start making a collection of my own, man i am i lucky checked around first you saved me a ton of time.
I will share what ever i make that i need .
Here are some ideas matching wallpaper with lion on it and brushed metal folders to complete the look
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lfmp2011 Filmographer
el metal esta bien y hay muchos iconos
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woah awesome :)
request: System Preferences, Skype, Stickies, Appzapper, Socialite (just some drink glyph), Cloud, Windows glyph, iChat, Download icon ... big thanks
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LeMasslHobbyist Writer
Nice Icons....but a Tutorial would be nice. Wanted to make Icons for Microsoft Office 2011, iWork, Evernote and Clean My Mac..but I don´t know how :(
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I love these! Thank you so much!
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very nice
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Where did you get the glyphs? BTW this is great!
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NoSmokingBanditHobbyist Digital Artist
They were partly drawn with the pen tool by hand, and others were taking from stock images via google image search. Some are resources i've had around for a while and i have no idea where they came from :D
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