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Welcome to #NosgothicPillars

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#NosgothicPillars is for fans of Legacy of Kain series to submit their art and suggest faves. Please come in and make yourself at home in our humble stronghold. Here's how to join:

send a message to the founder :iconcoyoteofthesands: or just click on the join our group button on the homepage of our group. Give a good reason as to why you want to join

~Here are the rules of #NosgothicPillars~
1. No slamming the series
2. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS MALEVOLENT, do NOT submit or suggest any pictures of YAOI/YURI, especially ones involving kain with another guy. do that and i WILL kick you out of the group along with your contributed deviation/suggested fav. and please note that kain has no heart so romantic/sexual pairings of him with a woman (or a man :iconiseewhatyoudidthere: ) is out of the question! Also, a word to the members of our affilates, just because you're not part of the group, doesnt mean that yaoi/yuri pictures are acceptable.
3. please respect the artwork of other members
4. all pictures submitted will be reviewed
5. Submitting deviations to the Featured and Contest folders has been disabled. Whenever the group holds a contest, a folder will be created. at the end of the contest, all entries will be moved to the Contest Entries folder for archive purposes.
6. Submit your OWN art! Do NOT submit art that isnt yours (this includes pictures of official lok artwork from the official website, and textures from in game models that have/have not been altered)! doing so will result in having the stolen picture removed and the culprit will be either kicked out of the club or be stripped of special priviledges. :iconnosgothicpillars: is against all forms of art theft. Our staff (myself and the contributors) can tell if a submission contains art theft.
7. If you want to submit fanfiction, PLEASE make sure it is tasteful and does NOT rape the storyline or its characters. Also, make sure any canon characters included in said fanfiction STAY IN CHARACTER. Note: this mostly applies to rabid fangirls who drool at anything involving yaoi.

If you have any questions, please contact :iconcoyoteofthesands:

if you wish to upgrade from a member to a contributor, please contact one of the following:

club icon by: :iconkainthevampirelord:

Scribes of the Citadel

Gallery Folders

Hope by KainTheVampireLord
Contest Entries
Pillars avvie by KainTheVampireLord
Blood Omen
Vorador by sangwiss16
legacy of kain, Kain by Rasmussen891
Legacy Of Kain Raziel by Rasmussen891
Legacy Of Kain Ariel by Rasmussen891
Blood Omen 2
Kain by Arkeresia
Umah clay model by Anubuis
Kain and Umah by Klessidra
I Am Nosgoth... by 3D-Fantasy-Art
Soul Reaver
Peace and Love by OneAboveHell
The fate of Nosgoth by Dark-thief
Raziel sketch by Reenave

Mature Content

Alternative Ending by OneAboveHell
Soul Reaver 2
Chibi Sarafan Raziel by TheJewelOfIsis
Chibi Janos Audron by TheJewelOfIsis
fire demons slaughter by Anubuis
SoulReaver2- Inside page -inks by VTomi
janos by sangwiss16
Raziel by Klessidra
You are a parasite... by Hakadirune
Fan Characters
Glyphs Technology 2 concept by OneAboveHell
Sketch - No Reference by OneAboveHell
The Demon Ascension by OneAboveHell
Unearthly Guardian by OneAboveHell
Fun Stuff
Clan's Armor by OneAboveHell
Raziel Sticker pack by OneAboveHell
Soul Reaver - Need for a hug by AngyValentine
ANGRY VAMPIRES!!! by Klessidra
Raziel Face Sculpt by SketchMcDraw
Raziel Face Sculpt - Moulding by SketchMcDraw
Raziel Face Cast - Painting 2 by SketchMcDraw
Raziel Mask - Complete by SketchMcDraw
You are approaching me, lieutenant Raziel? by OneAboveHell
Humourous Comics
EndGame by OneAboveHell
Crossover Contest
Fatherly Love by Klessidra

Recent Journal Entries

Exploring the Underworld of Nosgoth

You're not here because you're not logged in
A question a lot of you were probably thinking. Well I'm going to answer it... I have been busy and mostly spending my time on Fur Affinity. Fear not, I am still your leader, and like I mentioned before, :iconladynightvamp: will handle things in my absence!

Have a pleasant New Year.
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If you wish to become a contributor, please notify either the founder or one of the contributors







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The place for Legacy of Kain fans to come together and share their artwork. Contribute LOK fanart, suggest Lok favorites, and tell your friends about us.
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