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Water Tribe 447

This is it.
The end.

It is an open ending- Zhao's misadventures with spirits could continue, but I'll end it there. It's a good place to stop.

Thank you everyone, for reading this long, very long, too long exercise in storytelling (now if I can make as many pages for my personal projects...).

The Avatar universe belongs to Mike, Bryan, Nickelodeon-Viacom-MTV.
All the characters belong to them, but a few of the extras are my own creation.
Art by :iconrufftoon:

Previous: [link]

Start of Chapter 1: [link]
Start of Chapter 2: [link]
Start of Chapter 3: [link]
Start of Chapter 4: [link]
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I 100% accept this comic as cannon and no one else can tell me otherwise. Who's with me!

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Will you link this one to the new story you started?

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I just read through this for the first time in a decade. In one sitting. All the excitement was brought back to me, all the joy it initially brought me, all the happy memories in the fandom <3

Now, there's a link to part 5 somewhere...

rufftoon's avatar

Thank you for reading!...Again, ha ha! I'm glad it somewhat holds up.

Good suggestion about a link to part 5. I had not even thought of it.

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Thank you for making this story I absolutely loved it
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I neglegted all my schol work for this comic and it was totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so so much for creating this work♥♥♥

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Made it through in a day, what a roller coaster of ups and downs! Fantastic work!
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Just if anyone wants to know, dere is continueation of it:

Water Tribe 5 001
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I've just finished your fan-fic of a changed Zhao.  I like this!  I've enjoyed it!  And I hope that someday you will continue the story!  I like to see more of this hero Zhao!  :)
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Damn you for forcing me stay awake all the night to read that :D

Damn good stuff!
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As good as the first time I read it :3
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just read it after i saw new ones made.
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Just read through this again after a long, long time. As excellent as I remember. 
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This was a fun story to read through again, kudo's for such an amazing fan made comic. nearly 10 years later i doubt this will get picked up again, but it's a fun world and story to imagine.
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I just found this work. Super awesome and believable... I think this comics is going to be one of my personal after-ATLA supplements. Really interesting potrayal of Zhao.. I kinda hope he gets his redemption in the end of this comic.. but we got this open ending...hehe. But this is okay too.. I prefer open ending nowadays because it makes the fandom alive somehow XD

Thank you very much for drawing Azula, Zuko and Iroh... I am so happy whenever saw familiar faces in your comics. Thank you for making this.. so glad one of ATLA storyboard artist making this awesome work!
PS: (can you believe almost 10 years later and people still into ATLA? Hehe).
 (This was a very interesting series, a good amount of fun. With that said, I disagree entirely with the statement of this being a good place to stop. Frankly, I hate open-ended endings. Too much like the actual life that I try to get away from. Still, it was fascinating while it was going, an interesting read.)
I hope someday we get a sequel. I will be looking forward to the future of Lao, and Zhao. I remember when I first saw this comic and I didn't too much of it other than Zhao was alive, but now looking at it not only is the art professional and astounding at best. You brought something out of the redemption in one character and combined with the interaction of the OCs characters and the canon characters. All of it was well thought out and the little spits with Lao and the other Fire Nations soldiers shit hilarious! Yes you did amazing work Rufftoon and you captured Zhao and Azula perfectly and I wouldn't be surprised if you character of Lao had been used to inspire at least one or two of the Korra characters. And the ending strip ties epicly with the original series, having La surface from the water "pursuing" Zuko's ship without the bond with Aang. It makes one think that perhaps the Water spirits will free Zhao before heading to the Fire Nation and he just lays in refuge someplace. I don't honestly know, but I excited to find out (if you ever come back to doing a sequel to this comic); really would love to know what you would do next with this.

Makes me wish that Zhao had been given this kinda foreground instead of being bent to walk around as a mindless raging aged man, entitling himself as the "Moonslayer" and his sole purpose to kill Aang; trapped for an "eternity" in the Fog of Lost Souls. That was a fate worse than death itself and I feel as if he had gotten some wasted potential in his cameo. I am glad he was given some redemption, though I really don't like how touchy the Water Tribes always are this was exactly the same with Sokka and Katara's tribe always being "cold shouldered", holding on to a bitter grudge and never letting go of what happened to them and not wanting to admit a sign of thanks for forgiveness; you captured that 100% at the end of this comic and I know Zhao did ravage their city once, but I would at least cut him some slack if I was in this comic (but hey that's just me ~Tenzin Shrug). On the sidelines there some damaged goods, more importantly on how Lao got pretty much away with everything (yeah I kinda hate, Lao can't bark me up for that). But do like his character and the design you chose for him, he's like a the polar opposite of Zhao I would think, but the upcoming birth of inspiration for Korra characters, namely Varrick and Two-toed Ping.  Though I hate the guy I kinda admire his intelligence (despite being brain damaged) and his snarky scumbagginess, but I wouldn't have mind if you broke that DAMN urn to myself or some other fans the relief he won, but lost. Cold yes, but I think it well needed ~America (Explains) [V5] legend of korra gif after all there needed to be some balance I say with who wins and who loses and like Zhao said..."I have no regrets"legend of korra gif  

All that side I could reread all over again and in fact I just might; you've given the best comic entertainment yet in an Avatar fan-comic and I thank you for that NoSelfControl and very much to rufftoon as well. So great, job and keep up the good work and thank you again for these glorious memories ~ Monkey D. Luffy (Smile) [V2] Haruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up 
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I hope we'll get a sequel but the artist hasn't been on deviant art for years
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no there is a sequel. Scroll to the top of the comments.

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This is legitimately one of the most epic things I've ever seen. (And I'm not even really a Zhao fan.)

Fantastic, professional-level artwork throughout, completely in-character portrayals of the canon characters, very well-thought out and engaging OCs, great humor and story pacing--I don't think I've ever seen a fancomic quite like this one. (And I doubt I'll ever see one again.)  I don't know if I'll ever get over how amazing this is. 

On a complete side note--if I'm remembering right, you worked on the art for some of the official Avatar free comics.  I heard recently that Gurihiru, the team who did the art for the official comics from Dark Horse [The Promise, The Search, etc.] just finished up the last comic they'll be working on.  I'm not actually sure if the ATLA comics will be continuing, and I'm sure you already have your own things you're working on now, plus loads of new work lined up on more current projects, but I know if there were some remote possibility in the wide universe you had an inkling to come back to drawing Avatar again on the official comics, you would definitely have my vote. :J

Anyway, again, absolutely love this, I don't even have the words.

(Oh, and in case anyone looking at this comic is wondering what people are saying in the comments about there being more material after this, I think maybe they're talking about this:…)
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Could it be that there are a few pages (p. 13; 41; 56; 99) missing? Or am I just blind?
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Do you mean for the main comic here on this site, or the unfinished material that comes after in the journal?  (I'm pretty sure all the pages from the comic here on this site are all here, at least they were when I was reading this comic last year, though you might have to get to them from the 'next/previous' links.  As for what's on the journal, I admit, I wasn't entirely sure if all the pages there were in the proper order, since the story is kind of in an early-draft stage, with summaries and such, and not completed. So I'm not sure.)
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