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Pokemon sprite tribute : Kalos Dex [Complete!]

By Noscium
New presentation and add all the missed megas.


Such a great adventure! I'm not really a pokemon spriter but this project was so interesting and funny to do.
I srlsy dunno if I continue to make pokemon pixel art after this. I have a lot of Idea for personal project and it can be interesting to work on it now (I don't want to have a pokemon overdose XD).


Ok so these sprite are free to use, you can take them for a game,avatar,t-card,fuse or whatever, I don't really care.
I made these sprite for everyone.

So please don't ask me if you want use my 6g pokemon sprite, they're free.
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These look so much better than the ones used in Delta Emerald....
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Idk delta emerald, but these are really old and not that good, I didn't even had enough gu référence for some of these pokemon since I was working with bad quality leaked picture lol. 
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Man these sprites are outdated. I mean they look good but boy has time not been nice to these.
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I wouldn't dare to say they look good nowadays lol.  Well some are still nice, furfrou, mega garchomp, mega venusaur and some other are decent, but all the rest is almost garbage tier now.

It was 6 years ago, I had no art fundemmentals at all back in those days.

If I work on the new generation sprite, I'm pretty sure I will be able to reproduce the gamefreak style without problem, and make them looks like official sprite.
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Why is Goodra white?
abstractooff's avatar
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SupposedlyWeirdGuy's avatar
try doing ash's greninja
Phanderr's avatar
ok now we need sun and moon
AnnaSofia7's avatar
You then realize there aren't that many pokemon made in the kalos region.
SupposedlyWeirdGuy's avatar
cuz yveltal destroyed a lot of pokemon after the great war 
AnnaSofia7's avatar
Nah, itz cuz gamefreak/nintendo's lazy
i know that they are free to use, but im asking for permission anyway. may i use these? 
MetallicMilotic's avatar
These are incredible. 
Grechander's avatar
Did you did the other generations?
TheNarsHowlTao's avatar
Oh my gosh, these are beautiful! :DDDDD
AuraJem13's avatar
Even though the sprites are free and I will give credit, could I please have permission to use your sprites?
UnenthusiasticXsoqja's avatar
Thank you very, very much.
MakotoNeptunus's avatar
If you don't mind, could I use these in a comic?
Oh, never mind, I just saw you said it's free to use.
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