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Nereus App FoH [Updated version]

By Noscirm
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Art was done by the awesome AnatomicalAndrogyny! > u <
Fullbody ref found here:

Name: Nereus

Age: 15

Date of Birth: May 25th (Gemini)

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 124lbs

Gender: Male

Owned count: 6

Race: Zora

Class/Occupation: Recruit

Class Skills:
:bulletblue: Back Off - Allows the owner of the skill to block 1 attack without fail (limit 2 uses Per RP)
:bulletblue: Double Check - When chests appear during quests this skill can be activated to see if anything was left over. this can potentially grant, extra EXP, Rupees or small items. (no limit)

Race Skills:
   None as of yet.

Alliance: True Neutral


:bulletblue: Fish.
:bulletblue: Biting things (sometimes people too if they anger him).
:bulletgreen: Protecting the people he cares about.


:bulletred: Steel armor.
:bulletred: People outwitting him.
:bulletred: Being treated like a child (except for when he can abuse it for information).
:bulletred: Being referred to as 'little', 'short' or anything similar. (This is basically his berserk button, guaranteed biting, except for when you're Llyr)
:bulletred: Wolfos.

Personality: Unless given good reason to dislike someone, Nereus tends to be rather friendly to people. Sure, he is a master of snark and can be quite the jerk sometimes, but it's all just meant as friendly banter.

Nereus has a pretty short temper in general but he has an especially short temper whenever anyone treats him like a child (and he can't benefit from it) or calls him on his height. At that point that's where the 'intimidation' comes in. Piss him off too bad and the sharkteeth appear to take revenge on the owner of the words that triggered the berserk button. Yes. This shark-like Zora has sharkteeth. Big and sharp ones and he's not afraid to use them on you for that, in his eyes, nasty comment you made.

Now, Nereus isn't exactly opposed to the idea of money. While it's not as important to him anymore nowadays, it's still important for getting resources and sometimes even information. After all, the male also likes adventuring, and generally you will want to go prepared for something like that, especially with all the nasty things happening all around. Well, that and he can always sell off info he's managed to acquire which he thinks not a lot of others may have. Either way, money and information are key in all this and he knows how to make a living out of them.

So along with his sometimes explosive personality, the young (tiny) Zora also can be extremely vindictive and tends to hold grudges for a long time. There's a few people in his life that he holds rather deep grudges towards. Furthermore he has a rather strong hatred towards Wolfos for what they did to his twin sister.

Despite Nereus being fairly self-centered, if you manage to creep through the wall he has built around him, you might have an interesting, albeit explosive, friend. He does his best to try to protect anyone he deems important to himself, despite his small stature.

Bio: Ever since he was young, this one has loved adventuring, exploring caves and the like. He always used to do this with his twin sister, the two occasionally discovering stashes of rupees with which they'd sneak off to town and buy themselves some treats.

This would go on for a couple of years, up until a few days after Llyr had left to go on his own adventures, or to be antisocial some more, who knew. Either way, this day, Nereus' twin sister Nimue got hurt badly as the two had been exploring. A Wolfos had managed to corner the two Zora and as it had been about to lash at Nereus, his sister jumped in front, shielding him from the attack but getting hurt badly herself in the process. With some distraction they managed to escape the vicious creature, the male trying his best to help his sister. He wasn't a healer though and the only healer they had anywhere close to them had just left a few days ago.

Nimue managed to survive the attack but was left with heavy scarring on the side of her face, rendering her eye useless as it was damaged so badly. Because of this and the fact Llyr hadn't been there to help his sister, Nereus holds a deep grudge towards his older brother.

Now that his twin sister wasn't as capable anymore of adventuring as much, the boy decided to go out, traveling on his own to gather rupees and information all over Hyrule. Hopefully with these rupees or with some information he'd find he could get his sister's eye back and the two could start adventuring together once more.

And so he set out on this journey to help his sister, taking a large responsibility on his tiny shoulders.

During his travels through the land he's met a lot of people, out of which his older brother Llyr as well. Initially refusing to forgive him, over time he'd grown tired of being angry with his brother for essentially no good reason, which was something he knew, and decided to just get rid of his grudge. It was during one of their more recent conversations that Llyr and Nereus had a talk about Nimue, in which the young Zora realized that he was not going to be able to help his sister, as her injuries had been too severe and by now had passed the point where they could still be properly healed.

The boy has also been seen helping out here and there and even went on a couple of quests to help the resistance with the temples and whatnot.

Through this he's grown to rather dislike the resistance as a whole, though there are some people in it he deems redeemable in a sense. One of these people would be Cyril, a Rito who almost seems to be his exact opposite and yet, he considers as his absolute best friend.

Nowadays Nereus just kind of camps out and about, traveling here and there as he spends his days doing whatever he wants. Admittedly it gets kind of boring to him at times, but then again, that's why he has a certain feathered friend he can bother whenever and play pranks on him. After all, that's what good friends do to each other, right? Play pranks on each other and call each other names such as 'big nerd'. Right.

Other information:


:bulletgreen: Llyr: His older brother. Someone he holds a great respect for, and who he thinks deserves much more than he's actually getting.
:bulletgreen: Nimue: His twin sister. He shares a strong bond with her, as they are after all twins. Nereus is very protective of her.
:bulletgreen: Cyril: A Rito he's met a while back, and despite their major differences in personality, he considers the male as his absolute best friend and will do anything to protect him from harm. This is one of those friendships to him where he'd consider sacrificing himself, just to be able to save Cyril.
Bulletspring Ame: A Poe he's seen on quests a few times, and met in person once. She was actually rather nice, despite y'know, being a Poe. She got attacked by another, not so friendly Poe at some point, to which the sharklike Zora responded with biting the enemy so Ame could strike it down. Note to self, Poe blood is disgusting.
:bulletblue: Jerial: The Lady he met during one of the quests, who was being all flirty with his brother and all, but then also proceeded to hang all over another man. He seems nice, just..not sure what to think of him. Maybe he should get to know him some more first.
:bulletblue: Kahili: Another Rito he met, this one actually only shortly after he had left the domain. While he considers her a good friend, he also knows that with how clumsy and prone to getting in trouble she is, he doesn't want to get too involved. He's afraid he might die from heart failure if he sticks around her too much, with all the worrying and whatnot.
:bulletblue: Riku: One of the far more tolerable people he's met from the resistance. She's helped him deal with some issues in the past and seems to randomly show up from time to time. She's definitely one of the nicer people he knows.
Bulletgrey Sora: An asset. Or well, a possible asset to be more precise. He doesn't exactly like the male. He doesn't necessarily hate him per se, but definitely not one he'd put too much effort into saving either. In his eyes all Sora is, is a spineless pathetic coward.
Bulletgrey Jesse: An..interesting fellow. The two met when Nereus returned to his camp, finding Jesse scouring around the place to see if there were any valuables for him to steal. However instead of starting a conflict, the Zora just calmly approached him, even offered him food. It had been a long day and he didn't feel like fighting, plus that Jesse had failed in finding anything worthwhile anyway. While he doesn't necessarily see him as a foe, he definitely feels it would be far too early to see him as a friend. After all, he doesn't share much about himself.
Bulletgrey Tamara: While he's only seen this person a couple of times during quests, he had already developed a deep hatred for her. When everyone else was sparing the Guardian during the Ice Temple, this one here decided it would be nice to finish off the defenseless creature. While initially carrying quite the hatred for her, recent events involving a certain Zora made him realize there's apparently worse people out there.

Rp method: Skype (preferred), notes (I tend to forget about notes though. orz).
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NeelkanthandEllaHobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Long time no see :D

I was wondering do you still rp with your character from FoH? I was wondering if you still do I love to rp with you :D I'm also still rping both of my babies so I would let you pick who ever you like to rp with if you want to.
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I am just surprised that he would wear clothes.
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NoscirmHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not quite sure why this is surprising? It's not exactly a strange thing for a Zora to wear clothing.
Especially considering the fact there's been plenty of Zora wearing clothes in the games. Among others Lulu from the Indigo-Go's, King Zora from the Ocarina of Time, the Zoras from the Twilight Princess wearing armor and Queen Rutela looking like she's wearing it. Not to mention also from TP all the Zora wearing accesoires and jewelry. And of course lastly, Laruto from the Wind Waker game, who wears a full outfit.
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What I mean is originally this zora character was naked so I assumed that was his preference.
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NoscirmHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, nah.
He was originally designed as just an NPC, then given to me so he had a very basic and bland design. So he was recently changed to a more interesting look, which includes clothing. This also has more to do with his whole backstory and whatnot, involving his brother.
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Whoa! That's some updates he gets! Seriously, it's like he went from teenager to adult in one picture! And he looks so cool now!
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NoscirmHobbyist Digital Artist
Lolnope, still a teenager and underage. Now just imagine what kind of a difference it would be if he ever becomes an adult he never will. |D
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Sora-Kingdom3Student Digital Artist
He sure is, but I'm still impressed on how he looks more adult. But yeah, I guess on the inside he is still the same teenager. And no I can't imagine him being a real adult in any way.
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NoscirmHobbyist Digital Artist
Lol yeah, he looks somewhat more adult, though I definitely still see plenty of teenager in him he's quite the anarchist after all |D. But yeah, he's definitely not gonna act like an adult anytime soon, if it's up to him lol
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Turning pruttier and pruttierrrrr
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Riiiiiiiiiiiiight?!?! Andi did an amazing job ;u;
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YASSSS GURL :lovely: 
Nereus looks so absolutely amazing. I will never stop fangirling over this update.

nor will i ever stop crying over the Cyreus friendship TwT the OCD duckling loves his psycho shark too pink heart bullet 
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NoscirmHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think either of us will ever stop fangirling over it. I have to say, he almost looks prettier than my fashionista, and that's saying something |D

and d'awwww, you're too kind. Nereus will totally be protective over Cyril, like an older bigger brother despite the fact he's shorter and younger XD
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