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Stormtrooper : The Force Awakens

Illustrator CS6
Inspired by Hydro74's helmets.

The Force Awakens

:edit: Indeed, big mistake, they are not clones any more.
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Beautiful job! Is it ok if I use this image for a personal (non commercial) project? - I am basically trying to recreate the image using only data(numbers).
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Yes, it's ok.
I will be curious to see the result. ;)
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That guy in Star Wars IV who stops the other guys from blasting C3PO and R2D2 when they are in the escape pod because "there are no lifeforms" is actually the man who caused the Empire's downfall. He killed the empire with his love of being cost-effective and saving money on laser beams.
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I love it !! very beautiful !
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im gonna be calling them smileytroopers from now on... just sayin. cool peice :D
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That's so true! We can see a smiley face on this helmet! haha :D
Thanks JazzMan! o/
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nice very nice :) (Smile) 
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Thank you Alexandra! :)
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but they aren't clones any more. 
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I made the changes. :) (Smile) 
I think I slipped my mind when I created it!

Sorry for all fans! o/
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it was a pretty bad ass idea though.
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;) (Wink) thanks TTLee!
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Thank you CMF!:happybounce: 
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Bien ça Norzeele ! Par contre je pense pas que ce soit encore des clones, mais on verra quand le film sortira ils en ont ptet refait (les usines de clonage ont été perdues entre l'épisode 3 et 4 normalement).
Norzeele's avatar
Effectivement, belle erreur de ma part !
Je pense être resté dans une petite bulle "clone" quand j'ai crée cet petit casque !

Merci encore Martin! I hope you are fine!?
Cheers :)
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Ahah ben qui sait, vu qu'ils changent toute l'histoire (exit l'univers étendu), ils vont peut être nous refaire des clones. On verra bien l'an prochain ! (il me tarde putain !!).

Sinon oui ça va bien, on va lancer la deuxième Expo de GW, tu pourras participer bien sûr si tu veux ;)
Norzeele's avatar
Le Monde entier l'attend ! :D
Cool, je vais aller jeter un oeil sur le fofo !
Il faudrait que je m'investisse plus !

à bientôt mec !
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On se tient au courant ;)
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Those colors are like the best colors ever, I love this design, great job~
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It's my trademark! :D (Big Grin) 
Thank you 'Pal!
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