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A new Beginning ch.6
Another night, another damp, misty morning.
They walked slowly, not wanting to get lost in the thick fog. Optimus forbade separation, he would prefer everyone to stay close, in case of an sudden threat.
Prowl was in the front, the twins followed him closely, staring intently into the white, dense fog, protecting Prime on the sides, who was again carrying the injured medic on his own back. Ratchet himself was quiet and calm. He did not protest anymore, he did not try to persuade Optimus to abandon him, he did not complain about pain and discomfort.
His silence worried Wheeljack. With each passing day of their journey, Wheeljack became more and more worried because he saw his old friend fade away more and more.
Once again, Wheeljack said sadly that the situation would look different if Ironhide lived.
Unfortunately black dorewolf was dead, and Ratchet had to understand that he should find a new reason for living as soon as possible.
Suddenly Prowl stopped, raised his tail, brushed the fu
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It is one of the most original and awsome idea I saw lately. Just look at it. Isn't a idea about carnivorus, dark alley, just ready to ...

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Favourite genre of music: pop, rock itp.

Hello everybody :)

How are you?

I decided that it is time for me to do this kind of journal.

I had many story idea in my haed. I will try to do most of them but I need a little help. To be exact I need a Transformers OC. It is not only for storys or comics pages. Sometimes I need a some nameless Transformer for one picture and I'm too lazy to create it by myself. That why I ask you for help.

I know that many TF fans have their own OC and it will be easier and faster to use them than create something myself. So If you are willing to borrow your OC to me please let me know in a coment.

But please keep in mind few things:

It is NOT A REQUEST information. I will not promice that I will ever draw your OC. So before you put your OC here keep that in mind.

Please give me only full created OC. I need the a colorfull picture, a full character descryption, the best references you had. If you want you OC to be part of a longer story I need all information you have. Otherwise don't be surprised when your so called autobot OC become a decepticon in my story.

The most important thing I need are:

  • The look. - there is no need for atlmode

  • The name.

  • Is he/she: Autobot, Decepticon or Neutral?

  • Is he/she: a warrior, a medic, a scientist, etc...?

But the more information you give me is better ;)

And the one important thing. Before you borrow me your oc pleas read and agree the rules. It is really important that you agree them because I don't want any fights later.


  • You agree to give me permission to do with your OC anything I want, that incude tortures and killing the OC when it is needed.

  • You agree to give me permission to change character look to G1.

  • You are willing to answer my question about your OC when I decide to use them in longer story.

  • You agree to let me change any relationship you OC had with canon character.

  • You agree to be patient.

  • I promice to credit you every time I use your OC.

You can always ask me if you want more information.

Thank you :)

Have a nice day :hug:

P.S. Please spread the word to your friends. Thank you :hug:



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