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Asami Sato

This print is for sale on ETSY!…

Here is Asami!

I'm also on Tumblr!

First was Beifong;
Second was Tenzin;
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You art is so smooth and beautiful. I love it! ^_^
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this is really awesome thank you for your talent.
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this is so beautiful! <3 I love them all of these prints but this is probably my fave. I have such a soft spot for her character hahaha.
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Awesome character! I'll add it to my faves on Etsy. =]
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The more I look at Asami's background and resources, the more I realise that she could be the Avatar-verse's version of Tony Stark.

Her father's betrayal and madness tore the world from under her but also provided her with the tools she needed to restore the family's name and honour. She would no longer be the glamorous daughter of the inventor, she would become an inventor herself. She would show the world what a non-bender could do if they focussed their mind and efforts. She would clothe herself with armour and soar alongside her friends in the defence of their cities.

She would become the mother of the art of machine-bending.

She was the Iron Maiden.
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I love this, and yes, I totally agree! :D
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I love how all the characters have their own themed background compatible with character. Very nice touch.
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¡Awww, me encanta! ¡Se ve hermosa!
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Awesome job!:winner:
Keep it up!=)
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Oh I love her "element" ;D Clever!
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I love it! great job! :D
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Very nice work :D
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This rocks! I love what you do for the backgrounds of these pieces, they're just right for each character.
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Wow! This is amazing!
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