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Acrylic - Brown Dog

Medium: Acrylic
Paper: Acrilico Pittura Cold Pressed 400g/m 185IBs
Size:15″ × 11.3/4" (375 × 275mm)
Duration: 3 hours

Just finished a practice painting in acrylic for a painting demonstration and workshop I’m giving at my local drawing class in Rothbury. I like to scribble a practice piece before I actually give the demonstration (just in case it goes horribly wrong, then I can quickly distract the class and replace my disaster with the with one what I did before LOL).

Anywhoo, this painting took me just over three hours, which fits in nicely with the three hours I have for my class. I’ll can put a more detailed tutorial together if anyone wants, as I have all the steps from start to finish.
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I have featured your work here:[link] :rose:
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Stunning work!
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I love it!
It looks so real . I always wanted to learn how to work mith acrylic , oil paint and others but in school they don't teach it .
could you give me any advice ?
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Thank you for your kind comments, the only real advice I can give you is just start and have a go, something not too large or complicated, something simple and just practice and practice till your happy with your efforts, the secret is in the practice.
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