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Download includes:
     - .PSD files for photoshop and paint users
     - .TVPP for Tv Paint users
     - Animation has: 8 frames!!!
     - 1920pix X 1331pix
     - Frame rate: 15
     - I dont ask for it, but if anybody asks, tell them where did u get it
     - This animated cycle can be used for pretty much *anything* !
     - you may use it for learning, Reference sheets, Adopts, Icons, YCHs, Animation exercise, Individual frames can be used as individuals and such...
     - DO NOT sell it as it is or give it to anyone for free! Have some respect.

Dont like this base? Feel free to check my other BASES Arrow Green Left  

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Get this base and many others on Arrow left .:Bullet:. Patreon PATREONfor only 1$ tip! Heart Emoji Bullet Rainbow heart  

Base by NorthernRed 
Software TV Paint 10
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© 2018 - 2021 NorthernRed
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Used here, thank you! 
LYF - Open species sheet by YokaMycelium
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Hewwo it is possible to give you a tip or a ko-fi to get this base? I don't have points but I have paypal. I know you have the patreon option but I would feel bad joining only to get the base and then leaving ;u;
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Umm sure Message me :)
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this is a friggin snitch :0
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Hai! I'm just starting out animating but I don't know how to get DA to display the preview image as an animation, it doesn't move.
How do you make it do that? ^^
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Less than 150x150 px gif
NightFuryTerritory's avatar
If Navi was real XD
but still this is kewl
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bought it! /v\
may use on my adopt account duck-aderpts as well! 
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You should, if you've already bought it :3
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Is that the snitch? :gogryffindor:  Harry Potter?
Gooaba's avatar
Harry Potter 
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Is that the Snitch!? >W>
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be glad it’s not a bludger
Colourval's avatar
.00000000001% chance of breaking ur arm
Art-a-bod's avatar
Hm...try second year Harry. Turns it to a nearly 100% chance of getting a broken arm.
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i’ve had to fight a double-headed man and a triple-headed dog before, it should be no problem.
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Cerberus/ Fluffy & Professor Quirrell. 
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That’s right.
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(hi, just wanted to mention that the patreon link here just goes to the dashboard, not to your account!)
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(oo snap! Thank you!)
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