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What is this?
Its ''DAILY PATREON'' aka nonstop content specially made for my Patrons!
All tiers are included and of course, it will be available for everyone there.

*DAILY PATREON Content will not be available outside the Patreon!


What tier do i need to be in order to obtain DAILY PATREON content?
Any! All tiers are included and it is available for everyone.

Oh no! I missed some content, Is there still time to pledge?
YES! Whenever you pledge, you will have access to whole content, including stuff from very beginning.

What are the rules regarding content?
Full perms. You can edit/change anything you want, Make YCHs and adoptions (for profit).

Are there any options to get base filled, especially animated bases?
Yes, many people do YCH with my content, and you have full permission to take the base and ask/give someone to fill it for you.

-Can I use base outside the Patreon?
Yes, you can use this anytime and anywhere.

- What kind of content is/will be posted?
Animated bases, YCHs, icons, bases/linearts, feline and canine characters giveaways, sketches, etc!
DAILY PATREON by NorthernRed DAILY PATREON by NorthernRed DAILY PATREON by NorthernRed DAILY PATREON by NorthernRed
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Question, can my husband use this base as well by chance since we of course live in the same household / etc.? Wanted to ask first to be sure! I just signed up today and will be using some either way on my own but before letting him was gonna ask :heart: