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:iconnorthernmyth:NorthernMyth posted a status
So ... We have figured out what is up with Tango and this lump on her stomach. Her owner has been up the past few days to see whats happening so and so forth.
She's got a heavy case of sweet-itch on her face and under-barrel. At some point she has scratched so hard that she's lightly broken the skin and its became septic.

Our plan of action is to get Anti-histamines and give her a bath. But problem being its below 10 degrees out side and well she will probably lend up freezing. I've also mentioned clipping her to make it more comfortable for her.

My first loan pony Freckles had a really severe case of sweet itch resulting in her being full body clipped twice a year and having her mane hogged, plus scubbing her down every month in spring, summer and autumn. And spraying her down with naf-off one or twice every day. Not to mention she was fed with like 3 scoops of galic powder in her feed.

I brought her in today so I could clean the "lump" with shampoo and then groomed her. I got to her belly of which I started brushing with a normal dandy brush and she looked as if she was enjoying it, so I started scratching her with the metal curry comb and she stretched right out and put her head into the air while wiggling her lip. It's still really thick with her winter coat under there and it was honestly like I just shaved a sheep with all the fluff floating about. Once I stopped scratching her I brushed some sweet-itch cream all over her under-barrel and put her back in the paddock.

Just hoping it will clear up soon so I can get her out and about to some show's and event.

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Atroquin Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Tango sounds like my loan made April, she gets WAY too hot and hasn't to be fully clipped and hogged come spring, she just got done last week as she's rubbed all the fur off her chest and face ;A; poor baby gets all itchy.

But you give them a full clip and she's perfectly fine - only issue is I tried to ride her yesterday when it was cold and raining and only managed one lap of the arena when it started hailing and wind and rain and had to rug her back up and turn her out again poor thing was frozen ;A; for sure keep pestering the owner to fully clip her

NorthernMyth Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yeah, its hard coz Tango is slowly rubbing at her face and I notice more each time I come up.
Its hard to wash her face and put fly spray on that area as she just tosses her head and is just
a typical pain in the ass.

Thankfully her belly has cleared up and is just a bit flaky and bald now. I've been putting
"kill-itch" on her which seemed to have done the job for now and gave her a bath.

April won't be so bad now with all this nice weather though, nice and hot for her.
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