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:iconnorthernmyth:NorthernMyth posted a status
I woke up late for my driving lesson. Of which was at 10:20am. So I set an alarm for 9am so I could shower and in case I fell asleep of which I did. So some how I slept through all 3 of my alarms and woke up at like 10:25am. So I jump outta bed and literally throw what ever I could on, that being a black Warhammer t-shirt, grey sweat pants and my red vans I use to walk to the horses (of which are really dirty) and a winter themed Zip up Jumper/Jacket. No Bra, No Socks.

I feel really sorry for my instructor coz I haven't showered since Monday. But non the less I showed up and got it done.

Moral of the story: Shower the night before, also set more/ louder alarms.

My stories are wild And now I'm going back to bed

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